Does Spotify Premium Student Work for High School?

Does Spotify Premium Student Work for High School

As a low-cost option, the Spotify Premium Student plan has grown quite popular. Does Spotify Premium Student work for high school? Many students wonder if they're eligible while they're still in high school. Here is the answer for all those high schoolers who want to join the Spotify Premium Student plan.

Spotify Premium Student costs 50% less than the regular Premium plan, and it includes Hulu (With Ads). If you are verified as a student through SheerID, Spotify will allow you to join their student plan. We will also guide you on how you can become verified as a student through third-party services.

Quick Answer: Those over 18 years old who are still in high school can join the Spotify Premium Student plan. It does depend on the country you're from; many US and Canadian schools are eligible for the Spotify Premium Student plan. Just visit SheerID and check whether your school is listed.

Does Spotify Premium Student Work for High School? Here Are the Criteria:

1. Enrollment: Students enrolled at an accredited college or university (and some high schools) can join Spotify's student plan. 

2. Age Requirement: As per Spotify's guidelines, you must be above 18 to join the Spotify Premium Student plan. With parental control, you can use the Spotify Premium Family plan if you are over 13.

3. SheerID Verification: Spotify uses a third-party student verification service called SheerID; just enter all the legally required information and wait for the verification.  

4. Geographical Eligibility: There are many countries worldwide where the Spotify Premium Student plan has yet to be launched. Also, some countries have different rules and regulations about the student plan. 

5. Ability to Pay For the Subscription: The Spotify Premium Student plan is discounted, but it's not free. Before joining, ensure you have enough pocket money to buy a Spotify student plan. 

Are High School Students Eligible for Spotify Premium Student?

Yes, high school students are eligible for the Spotify Premium Student plan, but it is not available at all schools. The plan's availability can vary depending on the country or region. 

Spotify's student plan is intended for college or university students over 18. Spotify uses a third-party verification service such as SheerID or UNiDAYS. Just visit the site and input your country and school name to check whether your school is eligible.

spotify student id verification process
Image Credit: SheerID.

If your school name is already listed on SheerID, upload valid documents for verification. SheerID will send you an email within 20 minutes. Sometimes, it will take up to six business days.

What Type of Documents Does a Student Need to Be Verified for Spotify?

Spotify uses SheerID for the verification process. They will need documents such as:

  • Official enrollment letter
  • Student ID
  • Current class schedule
  • Registration receipt 
  • Current transcript
Screenshot 84
Image Source: SheerID.

If you already had four years of the Spotify Premium Student plan as a college student, they might reject your re-verification process, because the average length of time spent in college is about four years in most countries. That's why Spotify often rejects re-verification for someone who had the student plan for four years already.

Benefits of the Spotify Premium Student Plan:

Spotify launched this student plan for discounted premium music service purposes. If you are a verified student, you can take the type of benefits we list below: 

1. Low Cost: The main reason to buy a student plan is that it will cost $5.99, half the price of individual plans.

2. Two or Three Months Free: Spotify provides extra free Premium access for students. A student account typically receives two months of free access to premium services. Sometimes, it goes up to three or even six months. 

3. Ad-Free Music: Like other premium plans, you can enjoy ad-free music with the Spotify Premium Student Plan. 

4. Offline Download Access: As a premium user, you can download up to 10,000 songs and access them without the internet.

5. Hulu Account Access: If you buy a student plan, you can access Hulu (With Ads). 

How Do You Apply for the Spotify Student Premium Plan?

If you are under 18, Spotify will likely reject you. Spotify offers discounts only to students ages 18 or older who attend a recognized college or university in the United States or other eligible countries. 

1. Spotify uses a third-party service, SheerID, to verify your eligibility during signup.

2. Visit the student verification page: Page link

3. Tap next to verify as a student,

verify your student id on spotify
Image Credit: Spotify.

4. Enter your name and email address, go to the University Name field, type your university's name, and press Next.

enter all details on sheerID
Image Credit: Spotify.

5. If your school is already in the system, they will let you know. “The school you have selected is already on our list.”

spotify student id verification process
Image Credit: Spotify.

Submit any required documents for verification. 

After that, complete the payment to gain access to your Spotify Premium Student account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it depends on your region, a student usually must be over 18 and from an eligible college/university to join Spotify student.

Yes, an 18-year-old high school student can open a Spotify Premium Student account. Make sure your school name is listed on SheerI,D because Spotify uses this third-party student verification service.

You may have submitted invalid documents, made spelling errors, or your submitted image may be too low-quality for them.

If you’re 18 and from an accredited college or university with the correct documents, apply again with those valid documents.