Does Subway take EBT Cards? All FAQs Answered

Does Subway take EBT Cards? What products can I buy using EBT at Subway? All such questions are answered below!

Over the years the SNAP has changed a lot and millions of people in America have been using it in a variety of organizations. However, the EBT card has certain restrictions on it, due to which it cannot be used in certain stores and restaurants. 

What is EBT

EBT is an abbreviation of Electronic Benefits Transfer Card. This card is usually used to make payments to SNAP recipients. With the use of this electronic system, it is ensured that the SNAP recipients get the money faster and use the benefits easily and quicker.

Since June 2004, almost 50 states of America and DC, Virgin Island, Guam, Puerto Rico have been using an EBT. You get an EBT whenever you use food stamps and SNAP. Every month the benefits that you are eligible for are added to the EBT card. These benefits can be used at most grocery stores and other outlets.

How to use EBT card

Using food stamps in the olden days has been a cumbersome job. But using an EBT card is very simple, easy, and convenient. Payment for groceries and other items in the store has become quicker than before. Self-checks out facility are also available at many stores which makes payment easier. 

After all your shopping is done, make payment with the EBT card at the point of sale terminal. Either you do a self check out or you can also be assisted by the cashier. Once the cashier swaps the card and you put in the 4 digit pin, the payment gets approved immediately and the shopping is completed.

Not all stores accept the EBT card. But these days the number of stores accepting the card is increasing with most of the people preferring cashless payments. 

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Does Subway take EBT Cards?

Laws pertaining to every area are different and it depends upon the same if the EBT card is allowed in a store or not. It is to be noted though that most of the Subway stores allow payment through EBT cards. The purchase through EBT card is allowed only in the stores of Subway. While doing an online purchase and through Company’s application, you cannot use the EBT card.

In a state that does not have a restaurant meal program, then you can use an EBT card to purchase only cold items from Subway stores. Such items require to be cooked and prepared at home only.

SNAP programs are extended to Rhode, Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Arizona. Therefore it has become possible to avail of SNAP benefits at all the local restaurants in these states. 

What can you buy from Subway with an EBT Card?

Several restrictions are imposed while you use the EBT program. Sometimes it becomes tedious for the EBT card users. Some of the rules state that whenever you purchase through an EBT card, it should be a cold item even if it is a sandwich.

So it is like every cold prepared food is allowed for purchasing from Subway when you are doing it through an EBT card. This may include salad, sandwiches and some other items. The idea behind it is that the food purchased should be intended for home consumption and not for eating it immediately in the store. 

One can buy hot foods as well but they want to be eligible in the SNAP program or EBT program. It is clearly displayed in the store about the items that fall in the category of EBT program eligibility. In case of any doubts, the same can be confirmed by the cashier or the manager. In some special cases, the managers also allow buying the items that do not fall in the EBT card criteria.

What can't you buy with SNAP?

The EBT plan or the SNAP program has categorized some items to be purchased at Subway. Some items fall in the category of eligible while others do not fit in the criteria of the plan. For example, when you buy a non-food item from Subway you are not allowed to pay through an EBT card. Also, some other items such as alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, grooming items, cleaning supplies, paper, soap, pet food, cannot be purchased with the use of an EBT card. 

It is recommended that before you go ahead for shopping at Subway ensure what items can be purchased and the ones that are not eligible to buy through EBT card. Most of the items available at Subway fall in the purview of eligibility and so it is not a matter of worry. 

Where does Subway accept EBT cards?

The SNAP program has undergone a lot of changes and has become highly flexible in the period time. Many restaurants and chains of food supply did not allow payment through EBT cards. But with changing technology and legislation, this is now been a very essential part of many fast-food chains of restaurants. However, some state laws differ for different locations and so though the restaurants and food chains allow the use of EBT cards. But the locals restrict its use. 

Therefore meals from Subway stores in Rhode Island, Hawaii, California, or Arizona can be easily and quickly purchased with the use of an EBT card. The only criteria to fulfill is that the person has to register and qualify for the restaurant meal program.

Subway and EBT Benefits

Subway is popular in entire America for providing healthy food to people. And therefore it becomes a perfect match for the SNAP program. It does not provide unhealthy food similar to other fast-food chains. Therefore the several state legislations have made it clear to attach Subway purchasing with SNAP and EBT programs. 

However, before moving forward to any subway store, be sure about the local laws and the registration and qualification methods at the store. Also, assure that you are eligible for the restaurant meal program.

Conclusion: Subway EBT Policy

It all depends on the Franchise owner and the local laws if the EBT card plan gets applicable at a certain restaurant, store or not. Also, there are many food chains and restaurants such as Shake Shack, Drive-In, panda express, and many more that do not accept EBT cards. For being an EBT cardholder you have to be elderly, disabled, and homeless and have to follow certain rules to use the card.