Donald Trump Begs Facebook for Reinstatement

Former President Donald Trump, the presumptuous Republican nominee for the upcoming 2024 election, is angling to reach a broader audience – and he's focused on returning to Facebook after the social media giant banned him from its platform in 2021.

Trump's campaign team has reportedly reached out to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, asking for the official account of Trump to be reinstated.

As the 2024 campaign season quickly approaches, Trump and his team is undoubtedly trying to maximize his social media reach, as Trump has primarily focused on posting on Truth Social, a platform that Trump himself has an ownership stake in. Reports also claim that Trump is preparing a return to Twitter as well – and campaign advisers are “workshopping ideas for his first tweet.”

It's par for the course for social media users to react to nearly all news regarding Donald Trump, and today has been no different. Both ends of the political spectrum have taken to Twitter to make their opinions heard.

User AndyOstroy has taken this opportunity to call Trump every name in the book:

This particular user thinks there's nothing wrong with Trump's return to platforms like Facebook and Twitter:

Twitter user adgirlMM thinks Trump is a con man, as she isn't shy about her feelings on Trump's reasons for wanting to rejoin Facebook.

User RealMattCouch points out that a lot of potential bot accounts have surfaced in the wake of this lastest Trump news:

This user admits that Trump won't appear on his own social media timeline, but he's worried the mainstream media will amplify any and all of the former President's thoughts.

User Th3LoganRiley puts it simply, saying Trump can't run a successful campaign unless he is part of the Twitter ecosystem.

57 million is bigger than 1.7 million, as Twitter user CraigChamberlain points out in this post, commending Trump and his team for the attempt to re-platform:


There are some users, like KC4Gr8NESS, who simply can't wait to see the reaction that liberals will have to everything that Trump posts on Twitter:

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