Dong Chim

We cannot agree more that South Korea's at their prime right now! From Blackpink and BTS going global, to Squid game in Netflix, the entertainment industry of the country has been gaining their much-deserved attention and awards.

Let's talk more about their culture specifically, one of their most popular and hilarious pranks of all time, Dong Chim.

What is Ddong Chim in Korean?

“Ddong Chim” translates to “poop-needle” in English. The meaning was very specific and literal for a prank.  It is also known as Kancho in Japan which translates to Enema. 

Dong Chim (also called as Ddong Chim) is a prank and a game in Korea wherein the hands are clasped together in the shape of a gun (imaginary, of course!) on which the attacker will attempt to poke the unsuspecting victim's anus.

Is Dong Chim a real thing?

This may seem weird to you, but yes! Dong Chim is real. The prank is all over Asia, and was even featured and shown to different English shows such as Kim’s Convenience.

It may be the first time you have heard of this or unfortunately someone who has already experienced being poked first-hand. Due to its popularity, there was even a statue made just to commemorate this prank!

The statue is reportedly located in the Dodu-Dong area in Jeju Island. Check this picture below so you can visualize how Dong Chim really works!

dong Chim South korea

Ddong Chim Origin

This prank's origin is not very clear. Though what I am going to include in this article, are some of the hear-say and research that I have come up with.

It was said to be adapted through a Karate Style (Yes, you've read it right!) known as Shourinji Kenpo. There was even a movie documented by Kyokushin Karate founder and Martial arts master Masutatsu Oyama performing his style. Well, it is not exactly the same, but you will see some similarities.

Others say it originated from a manga and anime titled Toiretto Hakase, or popularly known as Dr. Toilet.

Wherever it came from, it is not for faint-hearted and quick-tempered people. If you are a teacher in Korea and Japan, you should be prepared for the kids attempting to “Dong Chim” you!

Asian Versions

As I have written above, Japan has their own version of this prank. If you have ever watched a Japanese game show, you will find out how bizarre their games are!

Check out this Arcade game developed by TaffSystem. It features character players you can “punish” by poking this artificial ram with a plastic gun finger! What's fun here is you can even see your chosen victim's expression on the screen, depending on how hard you poke!

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga game in an arcade center in Japan

Kind of disgusting but is very hilarious! If you play well, this arcade unit even gives you a small plastic trophy in the form of feces. (Excuse my language!)

Seems like the “Dong Chim” or “Kancho” virus had spread out to other Asian countries. This prank also has a Taiwanese version called “Qiannan sha”, which was based on the Jutsu technique in Naruto anime.

In the Philippines, this prank was called “Kame Hame wave” and is popular from Elementary school kids up until High School. From one of the most renowned anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z.

If the Asian versions aren’t enough for you, did you know that English countries also had a similar prank? It was called “Goosing”. But in this version, you will stand behind your unsuspecting victim, with curled hands, you're going to grab hold of their genitals.

Korean Case

Around 2015, an issue circulated in South Korea regarding a case against a man accused of “Dong chiming” a seven-year-old girl at her elementary school.

The man, who was the elementary school's janitor, was cleaning at that moment, when he noticed the child splashing or playing with water while washing her hands.

In an attempt to stop and frighten the child, he then decided to “Dong Chim” the girl and tried to poke her belly.

Though it was confirmed that the man does not have any intention of sexual harassment, the act was recognized as a “molestation which caused humiliation as she is young and vulnerable, and though it was done in fun, it was also done against her will.”

With this court decision, he was sentenced to more than two years in prison and a three-year suspension at work.

Well, it seems like before you do this prank on someone, you should always consider checking first if they are someone who will not take this seriously.

People will always have their own reaction to this. Some will run, do their own revenge, and poke you back, while some will get mad, irritated, and humiliated. Think before you “Dong Chim” or else you might end up in a mess or worse in jail!


This may be one of the most bizarre things you'll see in Korea (if not, in Asia). This prank has been passed on from generations to another and is still happening up until now.

Dong Chim was a part of some of Asian kid's childhood. Though of course, being a culture does not mean it is alright to do it all the time.

We can always have fun but let us not forget to always take consideration of other people's personal privacy bubbles.

This may also be dangerous for some people's health. Again, as I have mentioned earlier, let us think before “Dong Chiming” someone!