Dr. Fauci Retires: Happy Trails or Good Riddance?

Dr. Anthony Fauci's last day as a federal employee of the United States came and went this past Saturday, marking an end to his career as the director N.I.H.’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

His 38-year career was marked by an oftentimes tumultuous relationship between himself and the American public over the last three years as the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the world.

Some Twitter users reacted to the news of Fauci's retirement with comments filled with well-wishes, while many users across social media used this opportunity to make their negative feelings known.

User Victorshi2020 offered heartfelt thanks to one of the most polarizing public figures in recent American history:

Others users weren't shy about wanting Fauci to be prosecuted over the way he handled the pandemic response via mandates:

This Twitter user decided that in the end, he will regard Fauci as an asset to the country as a whole:

User vanessasierra00 received a healthy amount of likes thanks to her skeptical feelings towards the job Fauci has done in the past three years.

Some users chose to take this time to express their gratitude towards him:

…While other users like TimRunsHisMouth wouldn't be surprised to see Fauci enter the private sector as soon as possible.

Dubbing Fauci “the world's super spreader of COVID misinformation,” Twitter user Ohio_buckeye_us sent the 82-year old off with a message of “Good Riddance Dr. Death.”

This user took this opportunity to take a playful jab at the newly-retired doctor by referencing Elon Musk's latest Twitter data dump that is scheduled to be released in the next few days:

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