Is Dr. Fauci A Hero? His “Working” Days Are Over

When COVID-19 raged during the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci took center stage and overnight became a household name. As the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, he set the precedent for masks and implementing a vaccine regime as quickly as possible. Whether those measures actually did anything is still up for debate more than two years later.

Much like former President Donald Trump, some call Dr. Fauci a ‘hero' while others label him a ‘criminal.'

@Victorshi2020 had one of the most engaged Tweets, praising Dr. Fauci for his 40 years of service to America.

@harryjsisson will forever be grateful for Dr. Fauci's care.

@Michell33650674 is astounded that ‘bad people' have such anger toward ‘good people.'

@JonahTillman6 thinks Dr. Fauci is a national treasure for his dedication to mankind.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows; however, wishing Dr. Fauci a happy retirement. Plenty of Twitter users are as, if not more furious, with Dr. Fauci than with Donald Trump.

@PamelaHensley22 noted Dr. Fauci's last day, hoping he'd be arrested.

@KevinKileyCA wants to help Dr. Fauci with his ‘memory' problem.

@DFBHarvard wants everyone to remember Dr. Fauci and the vaccinated vs. boosted debate.

@nurudinho wants everyone to remember Dr. Fauci's statement from 2017.

@PureBlood33 posted another clip from Dr. Fauci about a ‘brand new pandemic.'

Whether Dr. Fauci is a hero or a villain will be up for debate for a while yet. And while it's a matter of perception and opinion, Fauci's deeds will stand or fall on their own merit. That won't stop Twitter or social media, for that matter, from arguing their point until Dr. Fauci is on some quiet beach enjoying his retirement and soaking up the rays.

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