Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin, On The Art Of Delivering Beautiful, Natural-Looking Smile To Her Patients

Life is an art, and it is beautiful, whichever way you look. In dentistry, a leading cosmetic dentist in London, Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin, showcases the finesse and art of life by demonstrating creativity in her profession.

Using her digital smile technique, she uses her flair for creativity to allow her patients to have the perfect smile they've dreamed about.

“I’m a very creative person, and I love the art of being able to deliver a smile and design a smile,” she says. “I’ve always been very creative with things; I’ve found my niche, and in designing smiles, I think I have a good eye for it.”

For Dr. Martin, cosmetic dentistry isn’t merely a job; it’s her niche where she finds fulfillment because she’s creative at heart.

Her creative eye has made her one of the most sought-after celebrity dentists in the whole of the United Kingdom and beyond. Her clients come, not just from Europe, but worldwide, and Dr. Martin always leaves a lasting smile on their faces. There's no better reward for her than seeing a lovely smile delivered.

“I love the art of being able to deliver a smile and design a smile,” exclaims the highly trained dentist from the Canary Islands, Spain.

Martin enjoys providing patients with the most modern aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry approaches and has extensive experience creating beautiful, unique, and natural-looking smiles.

She is one of the few dentists who practice the DSD (digital smile design) concept approach, a highly effective cosmetic procedure. Typically, the process of designing a smile involves a process of scanning and letting the patient know ahead of the surgery what the outcome is going to be like. This helps them decide if they like to follow through or not.

As she explained, DSD is ‘being able – by intraoral scan – to show a patient how they could potentially look’ before the procedure is even performed. This technique benefits the doctor and patients since many patients can be nervous and worry about how they will look right after the surgery.

For her, affording the patient this foreknowledge is necessary to get them calm and relaxed enough for the operation. “I do it as my protocol. I always try a smile in a patient’s mouth before I even touch them,” she says.

By staying in tune with modern technology and techniques and employing the highest professional ethics and standard, Dr. Martin has become one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentists in the world.

Starring Role

She primarily works with celebrities to give them a perfect smile that suits their public image. But Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin says she keeps her cool when a popular client comes into her office for a consultation.

“They are normal human beings,” she says. “I don’t get star-struck by anyone that is a normal human being walking into the practice.”

The most important consideration and focus are always to deliver a great smile at the end of the day, regardless of the caliber of the patient being treated.

Martin says the emphasis is the result of the treatment, noting that delivering quality healthcare in dentistry can be quite expensive, which is why she is committed to giving the best to those who come through her door and need her help to sort out their dental troubles.

She explains, “I want the best in their mouth. It’s a costly profession; materials are expensive, labs are expensive. But doing things the right way and delivering the best that I can,” says Dr. Martin, which is precisely why she’s considered one of the best in the field today.

As one of the best, Sandra knowns her reputation comes with many responsibilities, like holding up the beacon for others in the profession and helping them become better practitioners of cosmetic dentistry. Martin has launched empowerment and capacity-building courses for dentists, educating them on the same principles and techniques that have placed her at the top.

Known as the ‘Veneer Course,’ the course is designed to be flexible so that dentists can learn on the go, and from the comfort of their homes.

“I’ve done many courses my life,” she points out, “and there wasn’t a course for dentists that they could watch in their home and understand how to do things.”

She notes that many of the courses she had to take required her to travel overseas on extended trips. This can be overwhelming for busy professionals and quite expensive as well. The Veneer courses save dentists money and time, even if they have to skip the expensive distant locales.

The course outline is comprehensive, detailed, and well-recorded. It covers everything they have to know from the beginning of cosmetic dentistry – patient consultation, photography, videography, how to prepare it to have cemented, and all the complications that can come with it.

Based in London, Dr. Sandra Garcia Martin is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist who gained her dental degree at The University of Barcelona in 2007 before going on to obtain her Master’s at the New York University (NYU), U.S. She also got an additional Masters’ degree in aesthetic dentistry at NYU, under the tutelage of renowned pioneers of modern dentistry, like Dr. Larry Rosenthal and Dr. Mike Apa.

After her studies, she moved to London, where she’s practiced for the last 15 years, built her profile, and established herself as a celebrity cosmetic dentist.

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