Dragonar Academy Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

It’s been seven years already since the first installment of Dragonar Academy and fans are getting hopeless for the Dragonar Academy Season 2. Even though the first season does not get a lot of viewers, there are larger groups of people still demanding the next series. However, to wait seven years for the next stories, fans are getting a cliffhanger sensation because the studio does not give us the official announcement of Dragonar Academy Season 2.

Dragonar Academy or also known as Seikoku no Dragonar in Japanese is actually a light novel series written by Shuku Muzuchi back in 2010. For five years, this light novel ran with a total of 20 volumes until November 2015. Next year, in 2011, this story got a manga adaptation that also ran for five years until December 2016 with a total of 13 volumes illustrated by Ran. From April to June 2014, C-Station studio decided to transform it into an anime adaptation produced by Ryoji Maru. Now fans are waiting for the sequel.

Dragonar Academy Season 1: Plotline

Dragonar Academy Season 2

On the continent of Arc Strada, civilians called Breeders raise and train their Pals, dragons bonded to Breeders via a magical link called the Astral Flow. Races of dragons are born from Breeders who are deemed worthy and marked with a Seikoku at a young age by the Mother Dragon at the Orphan Rite. Breeders may eventually achieve the rank of nobility by helping their Pal become a Maestro or Holy Dragon.

Learning to ride and tame dragons comes easy to most students at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy, except for Ash Blake, a first-year student who is known by his classmates as the problem child. Despite Ash having an unusually large seikoku that marks him as a future dragon master, his Pal had never appeared, until now. 

While challenging a fellow student, Princess Silvia Lautreamont, to a dragon race, Ash's dragon appears, but in a form different than any dragon ever seen before, a beautiful girl. Ash names her Eco and soon discovers that this new dragon has attitude to spare, as she promptly informs him that she is the master, and he, her servant. Ash's problems with dragon riding have only just begun.

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Renewal Status

Dragonar Academy Season 2

Usually, when an anime takes a long gap between the sequel, there are many possibilities that we can check. For C-Station, this anime is actually below average in terms of viewers, demand, and also selling stuff. The profit from selling DVDs and Blu-ray of this anime was very poor compared to other anime.

Also, the light novel and manga series of Seikoku no Dragonar ended years ago. While the original story was complete, there is no need for the anime adaptation since they can’t promote the light novel and the manga anymore. Dragonar Academy manga adaptation also did not survive for more than 15 volumes in 2016

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Source Material

Dragonar Academy Season 2

From the source material point of view, this story still has a lot to cover. C-Station Studio actually can make four more seasons because the first season of Dragonar Academy only covers the first 4 volumes. But, the source material is not the only factor for the anime to make a comeback into our screen. The studio probably thinking the next season of Dragonar Academy will not bring them much profit

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Release Date

Dragonar Academy Season 2

Dragonar Academy actually is a nice anime with a mix of fantasy, harem, and romance comedy included. But we don’t have a solid reason yet to bring Dragonar Academy Season 2 back. But, there is still a possibility for anything since the studio itself has not canceled or renewed it either. The fans can still be waiting, but the possibility is pretty thin compared to other anime.