Get Paid to Draw Online: 5 Easy Ways to Sell Drawings Online for Money

Get paid to draw through various online popular marketplaces

Gone are the days when painters with good drawing skills were unrecognized. In today's era, painters with good artistic skills are rated amongst the highest-paid earners worldwide.

Though not everybody shares the same fate, there are various options to sell drawings online for money. You may have good artistry skills, but marketing becomes a major challenge. But that is no longer a problem as the internet has opened doors for everybody to sell their skills.

I have put together all you need to understand about drawing for money online in this article.

We shall also look at where to upload drawings and earn money online. The tip I encourage artists to use is to go the extra mile and find potential clients, as there is always a customer willing to pay for your work.

5 Most Effective Ways to Get Paid to Draw Online

1. Sell your Drawings for Money Online

Various print-on-demand sites can print your drawings on wall art. But, the truth is not all consumers find it necessary to visit those sites when looking for art, canvas, and framed prints.

So, the best way to get paid for your artwork is by selling on the online marketplace or on your own website. Both these websites allow the selling of drawings, original paintings, and art prints.

Beware, you can get an online store asking you to take care of packaging, product listings, and shipping, whereas others offer print-on-demand services. All these details, you will learn in the description.

9 websites that pay for selling drawings online

1.     Creating your own drawing business

Selling drawings on a personal website is something that most artists consider. Why your own blog or website? First, as an artist, you may already own an online portfolio seeking potential employers and clients.

A personal website is BEST as you may have interacted with various people interested in your artwork and content. So, it is much easier to convert your portfolio to an e-commerce website. This will enable people to purchase your drawings with ease.

More so, you will use print-on-demand services to assist in printing posters and art print on demand. This means you will need a transport company to handle packaging and shipping.

Besides that, you will also need to link to Pay on Delivery (POD) services like Printify and Printful, which are easy to link on your e-commerce website. Well, managing your own website is like managing your own shop.

Also, if you host your artwork, it makes it easy to interact with customers. A contact page lets clients easily reach out to you and order/pay for the drawings.

Then, if you plan to handle packaging and shipping by yourself, create your shop section on your online store to allow clients to purchase your work directly.

If you have yet to have an online store, you are blocking your way to making money. Online business has become common in today's era leading to the growth of many web hosting sites like Bluehost, Hostgator, and more. You can get hosting services monthly at great discounts.

2.     Minted

Minted was established in 2008 to assist artists in sharing their artwork skills with the world. It is one of the best websites that has impressed art and design concepts through monthly competitions and challenges.

That is right! in minted, members vote for their favorite artwork. Winners are then awarded a Minted online storefront and cash prices.

There is always a design challenge that you can enter your drawings. Just follow the submission guidelines and look out for the new-minted design challenge.

3.     Artplode

Artplode is a commission-free website that allows artists to sell their art online. But, first, you must pay a flat fee of $60 for every listing. Don't worry, as you will keep all the profits without deductions.

However, you can't sell art prints on Artplode; this is a space for only original paintings and drawings. What makes Artplode best is, as an artist, you get to comfortably sell your originals from $1000 to $20,000+ which makes the listing fee worth the investment.

If you find it difficult to price your paintings, you can request assistance at a small fee from Artplode. This will also give you the best selling chance.

4.     ArtPal

ArtPal is home to over 175,000 artists. This platform helps artists with selling their art pieces online. Many artists choose ArtPal for their drawings as it's a free platform: NO membership fees and commission fees. The platform also has unlimited online space and free print-on-demand services.

If you have no idea how to sell online, I suggest considering ArtPal. It's easy to create an ArtPal account within minutes; therefore, you will start making money from your drawings in no time.

5.     Stock Vector artwork sites

Vector artwork has become common as many entrepreneurs and businesses opt for unique designs and illustrations for their digital products, website design, and social media marketing.

Though many people have always known the creative Market as the only place to turn their drawings into vector art and earn from it, there are also stock vector art sites to sell vector drawings.

Here are the best stock vector art sites for your art submissions;

6.     Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon is the most popular and largest online retailer worldwide. Most artists don't know that Amazon has a separate section, Amazon Handmade Section, selling original art, printed drawing, and original drawings. Amazon Handmade Section operates like Etsy.

To access it, you must sign up for an Amazon Seller Account. Ideally, you can start with the Individual Plan, which costs $0.99 per product sold. Once you join the Handmade program, creating your own shop becomes free.

7.     Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the most popular online marketplaces for artists, web designers, graphic designers, and photographic images. Most sellers focus on designing digital illustrations, vector art, and fonts.

To start selling on Creative Market is simple today. So, go the extra mile to turn your drawings into digital or vector artwork to make more money online.

8.     Etsy

Etsy is currently among the biggest online marketplace for creatives. So, if you are drawing for money online, establishing an Etsy shop is the best decision you can make. Many artists use Etsy to sell their paintings, crafts, photographs, custom jewelry, and drawings daily.

The best part is Etsy integrates with print-on-demand services so that you can sell your designed t-shirts and accessories alongside your originals and art prints. But, what most artists fail to do is apply Etsy SEO for marketing purposes. Etsy SEO increases your online store visibility, thus granting potential customers a chance to view your shop.

To become an Etsy seller, learn more on the Etsy seller page.

9.     eBay

You may have sold something on eBay once in a while, but you may not know about eBay's art section. Yes, just like Amazon and Etsy, eBay is one of the most trusted online marketplaces giving artists a platform to earn through their drawings.

Since you'll be selling through your own shop on eBay, learning the appropriate eBay SEO techniques is vital. This ensures your store's visibility reaches a greater audience, thus increasing your chances of making money.

2. Get Paid to Draw Tattoos Design

Do you have exceptional tattooing skills? It's time you get paid to draw various tattoos design. The high demand for tattoo designs makes it vital for artists to create unique designs.

Better still, you can sell your tattoo designs online. Some platforms buy tattoo sketches. Here is a quick list.

1. Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform to sell your tattoo designs. With proper tags, you can offer drawing services and get your artwork viewed worldwide. But, on Instagram, you won't sell your tattoo designs directly; you will upload images to attract buyers.

With appropriate Instagram marketing skills, your chances of meeting potential buyers will reach out in no time.

2. Create my Tattoo

In Create my Tattoo, there is a contest where artists describe an artistic tattoo idea in mind. After that, you proceed to draw and submit it. Winners qualify for a cash price at 87% net commission.

The contest begins at $20 the run for about 16 days. You may even end up winning $300 bucks. Create My Tattoo also has an online marketplace to enable you to sell designs worldwide and win cash prizes too.

3. Get Paid to Draw Cartoons

Drawing cartoons is dated back to the 19th century when Rudolph Dirks drew cartoons for the American newspaper. Animated cartoons came about in 1901. Recently, there have been many openings where you get paid to draw cartoons online.

Making money is now easier with various drawing jobs like newspaper strips, animated film reels, and comic books.

There is also a rise in drawing caricatures for money that you can venture into. But still, a gap is yet to be filled by a cartoonist in the world. Here is an online marketplace where cartoon drawing sells.

1. Noble Works

Start selling your funny artwork at Noble Works today. It is majorly designed for selling funny cards and also as a publisher. Maybe your cartoon drawing is what a company needs. To start accepting drawing jobs, you have to deliver written submissions through their own store.

Being an A+BBB accredited company, they accept submissions. Get in touch with Noble Work through their submission page to learn more.

2. Great Arrow

Great Arrow is your best place for cartoons and photographic submissions if you consider high-paying companies as cartoon artists. But, they only consider original artwork that complements modern pop cultures.

If you believe you're a talented artist with great drawings, follow the Great Arrow submission guidelines to submit your work.

4. Make Money Drawing Lines

What some artists don't see as an opportunity is drawing lines. As an artist, any time you get a drawing idea, you start with a sketch of lines or dots. Yes, you can own drawing businesses like amber lotus publishing by drawing lines.

Some well-known printmakers like Germany's Albrecht Durer were known for drawing images using lines. If this is your drawing style, then sell your arts here:

1. Shoebox Cards

Shoebox Cards is the leading humor card producer. Their cards range from funny and smart styles to soft and witty. If creating creative ideas is your niche, this is your chance to shine.

Beware, Shoebox cards don't accept unsolicited submissions of artwork, ideas, photography, or writing for their drawing cards online automatically or gift lines. You have to monitor their upcoming contests and then make a move.

2. Paper Cards

Are you searching for an outstanding artistic greeting card designer and distributor? Paper Cards is a trendy website for its exceptional art pieces in the industry. You can count on this platform to get your card sold if you have excellent skills.

The idea is to be aware of the latest trendy cultures and designs to make a kill on this website.

The good news for artists is you get the chance to submit written and drawing submissions. But first, get in touch with Paper Cards for submission guidelines as they do not post online.

5. Get Paid to Draw and Take Photos

Photographs have become essential in our lives; that's why you get other artists focusing on wall art pieces. To succeed as an artist and photographer, it's vital to have computer graphics, adobe illustrator, writing skills, or crown point graphics to reproduce photographic images.

You can take pictures and draw fine art to sell your drawings for money. First, you must understand how your drawing skills impact real-life applications. So, even considering traditional drawing jobs, you must know what to deliver. You can get a greeting card company in need of your unique prints. Here are some top companies

1. Palm Press

Palm Press reviews thousands of images taken by photographers worldwide. It's a good way to find potential buyers and earn passive income from your drawing gigs. Palm Press uses exceptional photographs to create greeting cards with photographic images.

To submit your drawings, share a link to your website or send a mail with 10 images to Palm Press. You can also submit your work physically.

2. Fotofolio

Fotofolio allows the publishing of t-shirts, fine arts, posters, and photographic postcards. The best thing is that Fotofolio accepts submissions from all street corners, schools, prisons, generally, everywhere.

FAQs About How to Get Paid to Draw

1. How do I get paid to draw?

Get paid for your artwork by selling digital stock artwork, working as a freelancer, teaching arts online, starting a YouTube channel, or creating a book. You can get paid to draw for money by collaborating with others like influencers to help your art go viral. Conduct thorough research to understand your collaborator's niche when collaborating with others.

2. Can you Get money by drawing?

You can make money by drawing online if you go the extra mile to reach potential customers. Drawing is a lucrative side hustle that can even become your full-time source of income if you monetize it.

The best part is you can make extra income if you sell drawings on online stores, Creative Market, Etsy, or by creating an online brand through famous social media platforms like Instagram.

3. How Much Money Can I make Drawing for Money Online?

How much you make online depends on the type of project you are doing and the marketing strategies used. For instance, a square inch of canvas can earn you between $5 to $10 whereas an expert, unique, and original piece of artwork can earn you up to six figures. Mind you, it's possible, especially when dealing with corporate and rich clients.

4. Where can I submit artwork for money?

It's now easier to submit or share your artwork with other art enthusiasts online. There are various online stores to sell your artwork submissions. That includes Etsy, Saatchi Art, Amazon, Shopify, FineArtAmerica, Society6, UGallery, Zazzle, and more.

Bottom Line

Suppose you had not made your move to get paid to draw online, then it's your time. There are lots of opportunities on the internet, and you can even become a millionaire in no time if you sell drawings online for money.

Now, you know various greeting card companies and how to start your own business online. There are lots of things that you can still venture on. You can even offer online courses and Market through various platforms or work as a freelance artist.

But, as much as there are so many websites to market your tiny prints, there are many online scams. Always check website authenticity.