Man Uses Weird Hack To Dry His Car, and His Results Are on Point

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Have you ever been hours deep into a car detailing project, and when you get to the final drying steps, you're left with water spots and towel streaks that make the whole process all or not?

Getting the drying stage of a car wash done correctly can be a pain if you don't know what you're doing. There's nothing more frustrating than leaving the car wash with a car covered in water spots.

His Genius Solution

This TikTok creator understands my frustration, and I imagine he was in the same situation I was in–looking around his garage for the perfect tool to dry his car without leaving any terrible water spots behind. 

What tool did he grab? His trusty leaf blower. You'll be hooked once you see his results. 

@imemezy How have i just fpund this out, what a brilliant way to use a leafblower. #iwastodayyearsold #car #carwash #wash #dry #wow #valet #cardetailing #detailing #tips #hack #trick ♬ original sound – Memezy


Instead of experimenting with various drying methods, from microfiber towels to expensive drying cloths, grab your multipurpose tool and get it done.

The Process: Leaf Blower Magic

Here's precisely what you can do to get a professional car washing job done at home: 

  • Wash Your Car: Start by giving your car a thorough wash. You can use your usual method. I prefer a two-bucket method to make sure that I'm not putting dirt back on my vehicle. 
  • Grab Your Leaf Blower: Once your car is nice and cleaned, you'll want to quickly grab your leaf blower before your vehicle has a chance to start drying. 
  • Begin Drying: This is easier if you stand a few feet from the car. Think of it as blowing the water off of your car paint. Start at the top, pushing all the water off, then section by section, push the water off toward the bottom where it can all drip to the ground. 
  • Mind the Details: This leaf blower trick is fantastic for getting into small places like your bumper, headlights, grille, tires, and side mirrors. You can cover all the tight areas that a towel might usually miss. 
  • Final Touches: You may need to use a microfiber cloth to hit any remaining water spots. You can achieve a perfect finish by 

This creator's trick may be unconventional, but you can acknowledge that it works pretty well. I might load up my leaf blower the next time I visit the car wash. 

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