Dubai Porta Potty – Instagram Models Exposed

You are probably here because you are curious about the trending Dubai Porta Potty stories on the internet featuring the so-called “Dubai Porta Potty women”. Some have even started referring to them as “Dubai Poop Instagram Models”.

Or perhaps you haven't actually heard about the Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models.


Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models.

What Exactly is a Dubai Porta Potty?

TikTok content creator @ebrahim_ka explained the trend to his one million followers. “Supposedly Instagram models and other female influencers are receiving messages from wealthy Arab men, offering them up to $1m for the opportunity of defecating on their faces.”

It’s about shitting on faces. The mouth is the Porta Potty. That is all.

Anyway, in response to those that see all of this as a hoax, let me insert a quote from an anonymous Instagram model who decided to tell Atlanta Celebrity News* about her experiences with Saudi Royals.

She says:

‘I’ve literally been ****** on and **** on so many times I just don’t understand why they like it (after the third time you get **** on you get used to it). I’ve had to have *** with a German Shepard dog in front of [Saudi Royalty]. I’ve got paid to eat ****. I’ve got paid to get beat up. I even had to stick a live salmon in some 65 year old man’s ***. I’ve had *** with 14 year old boys to make them men. I’ve smeared my face with their ****. So to all of you ladies that are going to bash me, I’m 24 years old and have 1 million dollars liquid in my bank account. I’m now retired and can have normal *** with whoever I want.’


Surprising the lengths humans can go for money.

One anonymous woman, who wished to become wealthy, was taken to Dubai by her rich friend for a weekend getaway which was paid by her friend.

She revealed that her colleague is an expensive high-end escort and while in Dubai, she was approached by some high class residents who wanted to use her and her friend.

Well, she witnessed things happen, and narrated the horror of how she was humiliated and shocked by the means that funded her friend's luxury lifestyle. This is where it all begins with the Porta Potty.

If you follow the world of social media, you may have noticed that a Dubai Porta Potty trend has been making its rounds.

You may have equally been lucky to see a famous Instagram model admit to being a Dubai Porta Potty.

This trend has made its way into YouTube and Instagram videos. But what exactly is this stuff? Has this new escort trend caught on in other countries?

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And how about the reaction on social media where it was first exposed?

Let us first find out some of the things we should know about Porta Potties in Dubai.

There was a recent viral video of a young woman on Instagram filmed doing weird s**t that gained massive attention. The video went viral after an MMS of this lady leaked online, and her spoil was soon followed by similar accounts of other influencers and rich Dubai citizens.

You can watch the disturbing YouTube Video here.


Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models Clip


These reactions revealed that whatever was happening in the video was no new thing, a least among the circles of famous social media celebrities.

In the viral video, the lady was filmed being peed and pooped onto the face, allegedly in exchange for an attractive amount of money.

The female traveler claimed she was just visiting the UAE for a weekend break with her friend (you now have links to my first story in paragraph one).

She decried the “racist” nature of the video, as is the case with all other similar leaked videos, these rich men are always not identifiable, eliminating all proof that the men in the videos are actually Arabs in the first place.

The girl behind the clip was later known to be named Porta. The term Porta Potty was birthed from here, with potty added to appeal to the toiletry connotations drawn from the happenings of the video.

Just after this, another Instagram model who goes by the name Ebrahim_ka, confessed to being a Porta Potty in Dubai.

She claims that some of the world’s rich men who fly to Dubai to seduce these models are actually Arab males who poop and pee inside their mouths!

The men reportedly pay the models thousands of dollars to take advantage of the models’ lust and provide them with sexual content.

Must be exciting that people are now eating shit for money and content!

Anyway, the model revealed that she gets paid by rich men who fly her out to perform this act.

There have also been several other reports of other social media influencers engaging in Porta Potty encounters with wealthy men in Dubai, while others have confessed to getting messages from these wealthy Dubai men who are offering

them huge sums of money to get a luxury treat of their shit.



Probably now thinking of that twitter influencer always having luxury get-aways in Dubai…haha…raises eyebrows, right? Let’s not think too much!

Anyhow, despite their bizarreness, The Porta Potty videos went viral in just a short amount of time, spreading to thousands of viewers across the globe, and receiving a milliard of mixed reactions.

Many people believe that Instagram influencers are living the life of their dreams out of this trade, thus the conviction that there is no such thing as a perfect life in the social media world.

The videos have become popular enough to cause an outrage in the social media world.

Many people have reacted with apprehension, expressing their displeasure at seeing a video that appears to be of a potentially sensitive nature.

Some others have surprisingly defended the women who work as Porta Potties. My body, my life, my choices…

But is there any positive to this trade? Yeah! This is an incredibly lucrative career where women are making decent amounts of money to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of royalty.

You cannot fathom taking home $40k from Slaylebrity at the end of every other week.

The only major, yet not surprising downside, is that those who are willing to serve these men sometimes do not get the promised amounts.

Whatever your thoughts, even when this trend sounds ridiculous enough, it can only get worse than you could imagine.

This act, with all its disgusting undertones, is actually done to derive sexual pleasure! Yikes! Yes,Porta Potties are just another odd way to have intercourse (the millennial way…haha), and the women involved are reportedly getting the best of both worlds.

They are allegedly getting paid over $50K for a night’s experience.

The Porta Potty service in Dubai has been the subject of several recent media reports. One of them details the sex trade with the Dubai Porta Potty ladies.

The girls have been reported to engage in despicable acts with wealthy Arab men, including defecating in their mouths and having sex with animals.

This information was allegedly leaked by a young lady on Facebook, where she spilled the beans about her experience with the service.

She reportedly lost 30,000 dollars after refusing to participate in this gross act.

The Porta Potty business is run by women from all walks of life. Some are from wealthy families, while others come from lower-income households.

Some of the women work in this service because their current financial situation is unsatisfactory and they are keen on earning quick money, while others are just pursuing their canal fantasies.

The African Insider covered a Porta Potty confession of an Instagram model that you can watch on the Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models video below:


Why is the Dubai Porta Potty trend problematic?

Tiktoker @ebrahim_ka goes onto explain why the heightened conversation around this trend could be leading to people developing racist assumptions about Arab men.

He quotes one influencer as saying: “All rich men in Dubai fly girls out to do this. They are disgusting. All of them have the same fetish.”

He thinks that those who make these kind of statements are racist. “You are generalising every Arab man in Dubai.”


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Dubai Porta Potty Confessions

There are numerous videos on YouTube of individuals that have allegedly been part of the Dubai Porta Potty business who have come out to share their experiences.

Here are some of the Dubai Porta Potty confessions.


Dubai Porta Potty Instagram Models Exposed in Leaked video



The Moral Ground – My personal take on the Dubai Porta Potty Business

People will argue all they want but prostitution and all these new, seemingly ugly modes of sexual pleasure have always been part of human civilization, and will continue to exist for as long as we humans live.

The key is to regulate the industry and prevent abuse of participants. Nevada sex markets, for example, follow best practices, such as preventing males from harassing the women, and vice-versa (the vice-versa is actually a much ignored version of the law).

While all these acts are actually illegal in Dubai, Dubai’s posterity against these vices looks all sham as sex for money remains a legitimate business, and a common thing in nearly every bar there.

The demand for sex workers in Dubai is actually high, and I believe the government should openly do more to protect the interests of the women who are willing to work for it, instead of hiding behind the curtains and pretending like no such thing is happening on their territory.

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From the other perspective, human trafficking and prostitution are both evils, and the government must be seen to do something to end these atrocities.

This is an essential step towards protecting female freedom. What I am actually against is the neutral card the government seems to be playing.

When it comes to morals, you are either cold or warm, not lukewarm.

However, preventing these crimes is also difficult unless Dubai's government takes a holistic approach to the problem.

Dubai government must balance the desire for a paycheck with the needs of those in need.

Social status is also closely tied to salary in Dubai, and as such, foreigners tend to want to maintain good relationships with Emiratis, and sometimes keep quiet to these evils committed against them.

The Emirati girls are unlikely to be able to play pulling games. As a result, it is most foreign girls that are employed as prostitutes and are more likely to be willing to work for money.

These then have the opportunity to earn a living and raise their families. However, despite this advantage, and any other that may exist, it's just hard to justify such a lifestyle.