Internet Facepalms: 15 Unbelievably Dumb Lies That Left Us Shaking Our Heads

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Some lies are so unbelievable that you wonder why the liar even bothered in the first place. We have all been there, listening to some made-up excuse that doesn't make any sense. Here are some examples of terrible lies that people have heard!

1. Corporate Greed

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Making the top of the list, on something we've all heard from employers, when they claimed to have record numbers that year, but the company is still going to stop raises and hiring. But don't worry, the company pizza party will stay happen to boost morale. 

2. Misspelled Vandalism

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One user's daughter got her hands on some spray paint and tried to get her brother in trouble by spray painting his name on the side of the house. Her mom didn't believe her for one minute because her daughter terribly misspelled her son's name.

3. Stolen Identity

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A bouncer at a nightclub carded a young-looking man to ensure he could legally enter the bar. But the ID the man pulled from his pocket just so happened to belong to the bouncer, who had lost it about three months prior. The young man didn't get into the club that night.

4. Titanic Tragedy

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A young man shares a hilarious story from when he was in sixth grade and his classmate claimed his parents died on the Titanic. For those of you who need a history refresher, the Titanic sank in 1912.

5. Shark Attack

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Kids tell the darnedest lies to try and impress each other, but if they go too hard, it backfires. While bragging to friends, one kid claimed that a shark chomped off his dad's arm but that, luckily, it grew back soon after.

6. I'm Wearing My Visibility Cloak

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One commenter writes about someone who claimed they know how to turn invisible. However, the person couldn't get their invisibility cloak to work that day, apparently.

7. Laundry Day

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Employers hear many crazy stories about why employees can't make their shifts. One shares a story about an employee who claimed he couldn't work because it was laundry day, and all of their clothes went in the washer at once before it broke. They then argued they couldn't make it to work because they were naked and every piece of clothing they owned was soaking wet.

8. Whoever Smelt It Dealt It

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Someone's sister known for her stinky farts always blamed her flatulence on her boyfriends. But one Christmas morning, she slipped up when she let one slip out and blamed it on her current beaux. 

9. Worm Barber

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To get out of trouble, kids often try to lie their way out. But they don't know their parents are much wiser and can see right through their fibs. One parent glanced at her three-year-old and thought his hair looked odd, only to stumble upon a clump of his hair hidden in a blanket. She asked him if he had cut his hair, and he replied that maybe a worm crawled into his hair and ate it!

10. I Found the Jet Skis in the Woods

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People who steal often have to lie to cover it up, just like this user's uncle who showed up at home with a jet ski, claiming he found it in the woods. But Grandpa saw through the lies and reported the theft to the police.

11. Broken Foot

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Students will lie about anything to get out of class. One teacher noticed a student at school in the morning but missed 4th period and was back in class by 6th period. When the teacher asked him why he had missed his earlier course, the student said he had broken his foot, which didn't look broken to them…

12. Eyes in the Back of Your Head

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One attention-seeking first grader told a tall tale about eyes in the back of her head that no one expected. She claimed she was born with her eyes in the back of her head, so she went to the doctors and took medicine that made them “migrate” back to the front.

13. Stitches

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Suppose you're trying to conceal the reason behind a trip to the emergency room. In that case, I don't recommend using this lie in your cover-up. One commenter says they knew a girl who got stitches on her foot, so they asked what happened. The girl replied that she had stepped on a piece of Bermuda triangle.

14. It Smells Good in Here

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Getting caught in a lie is embarrassing, especially when it's as stupid as this. One woman tells a story about an ex-roommate who claimed she was in a car crash in high school, which ultimately caused her to lose her sense of smell. But one day, she walked into their dorm room and said, “Ooh, it smells great in here!”

15. Parents Died on the Titanic

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According to one person online, one of their classmates told them that their parents died on the Titanic… either the classmate is immortal or this is a really big lie.

Source: Reddit.

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