Mastering Passive Income: 22 Smart Techniques To Start Earning Without Breaking a Sweat

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Do you like getting paid to do nothing? I know my answer is a firm yes! Check out these unique opportunities if you want to make money while you sleep. Is there a job out there that pays you to do nothing?

Yes and no. When you first start these jobs, you'll likely have to maintain your day job while earning some cash on the side. These side hustles can turn into long-term cash streams with a little hard work and luck. 

1. Get Paid for Sleeping and Testing Beds

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Remember when I asked if you wanted to make money while you slept? Now's your chance. Wakefit posted a job listing offering $1400 for someone to sleep eight hours a night for 100 nights. Their ideal candidate should be able to fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes of hitting the pillow. Along with the cash, Wakefit will provide their new hire with a mattress and fitness tracker you'll need to use while on the job. Talk about sweet dreams. 

2. Get Paid To Stand in Line

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All you have to do for this job is stand in line for someone to hold their place while waiting for tickets, restaurants, special events, and more. If you have a lot of patience and don't mind being on your feet, you can look for place-holding jobs on TaskRabbit. 

3. Get Paid To Download Apps

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There are tons of websites that will pay you to download and test apps.

Swagbucks, AppKarmaFeaturePoints, and Irazoo are all places where you can earn cash or gift cards for testing mobile applications, watching ads, and more. 

4. Get Paid To Sell Your Plasma

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I'm sure you've heard of blood donation, but did you know some agencies will pay you for your plasma? After drawing some blood, the agency will run it through a machine that separates the plasma from the rest of your blood. The expected pay is between $20 and $50. Take a look at donation centers in your area that offer cash. Saving lives and earning money: all in a day's work. 

5. Get Paid To Taste Food

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Foodies, listen up: did you know you can work as a food taster and earn between $30,000 and $60,000 annually? Although these gigs are rare, you can get paid to sample, taste, and provide feedback on food from restaurants and food and beverage companies. 

6. Get Paid To Listen to Music

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Do you love listening to music? What about giving your opinion about new bands or songs? If you have a passion for beautiful lyrics and catchy melodies, there are sites where artists will pay you to listen to their music. Slice the Pie and HitPredictor are two such places. 

7. Get Paid to House Sit

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Everyone needs a vacation now and then, but it can be nerve-wracking to leave your house. The last thing you want to return to is a Home Alone-style break-in. Luckily, you can fill the need of a concerned homeowner by staying at their house while they enjoy their time away. In their absence, you'll take care of the home and ensure catastrophes remain far from the front door. TrustedHouseSitters is a great spot to land one of these jobs. 

8. Get Paid To Be a Friend

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Although it's immoral to pretend to be someone's friend, this gig involves the full knowledge and consent of the other party. In other words, your employer knows you're not being fake because they're paying you to hang out. Some people are desperate to have someone around to listen to their struggles, celebrate their high moments, and act as a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, you won't have to meet them in person by signing up to be someone's online friend.

9. Make Money by Collecting Cash Back Rewards

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This is getting paid to do nothing. While shopping, you can rank up sweet rewards by sharing your spending habits with various websites. Whether you go with Rakuten, TopCashBack, or MyPoints, you will be rewarded with cashback you can use to keep your shopping spree rolling. 

10. Get Paid by Babysitting

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If you love kids, you can make money by babysitting. To boost your funds, you can offer to sit more than one child at a time. While this position isn't for everyone, working with kids is rewarding, fun, and lucrative. If you like this job, you can sign up on You will be subject to a background check before you take on babysitting jobs. 

11. Get Paid To Walk

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I know what you're thinking- getting paid to walk? Granted, this is a physical activity, so you're not technically doing “nothing,” but if walking is already a part of your daily routine, you can download an app or two that will pay you for your steps. Sweatcoin is one option available on iPhone and Android. 

12. Get Paid To Walk Dogs

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Similar to babysitting, if you are already walking your dogs, why not make money by walking dogs for others? This job is perfect for any animal lover. Sign up and get paid to hang out with some furry friends on Rover. You can even get certified in pet care to give your clients some peace of mind. Again, you will be subject to a background check before you can get to work. 

13. Get Paid To Read Books

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This job is any bookworm's dream. If reading books is your passion, you can join sites like Kirkus Media and make money by reading their suggested books. You will have to write a review on your thoughts after reading, but if you're a big reader, you were probably planning on writing a review anyway. This can be lucrative, with some agencies, like the Women’s Review of Books blog, paying $1oo per review. 

14. Get Paid To Complete Research Surveys Between $100-$150

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If you'd like to participate in scientific research, you can take surveys and complete tests for a good amount of cash. These surveys are created by researchers gathering information to write papers, start clinical trials, and more. You may not qualify for every task, though some payouts are as big as $150 if you find a match. 

See if you're a fit by checking User Interviews, FieldWork, or FocusGroup. 

15. Get Paid To Be a Mystery Shopper

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If you've dreamed of being a spy, becoming a mystery shopper is probably as close as you will get. In this job, you're going undercover to help specific companies collect feedback about their products and services. One day, they may ask you to visit newly opened restaurants and order food to check for quality control and customer service. Once you're done, you'll have to provide feedback on your experience. Sign up on Marketforce and SecretShopper to start your espionage career. 

16. Get Paid to Rent Your Car

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If you don't drive often or travel a lot for work, you can make money by letting others rent your car. Sites like Turo can help you rent your car while you're away. 

17. Get Paid to Rent Your RV

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You could be sitting on a gold mine if you have an RV. Like renting out your car, you'll allow customers to rent your RV for a weekend trip, a week-long getaway, or even a cross-country road trip. If you charge the adventurers $150 a day, you'll have a nice nest egg to enjoy upon their return. Sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy are perfect places to list your RV. 

18. Get Paid to Rent Your Extra Room

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If you have a room and you are willing to rent it, turn it into an Airbnb.  Travelers are always looking for affordable accommodations, and if you don't mind strangers walking around your home, you'll be meeting a need and getting some extra cash, too. 

19. Get Paid To Store People's Belongings 

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If you don't want someone to share your space but are okay with them keeping their stuff in your basement, you can earn cash from people looking for extra space to store luggage and sealed boxes. You won't meet anyone face-to-face; you'll simply take their secured items and place them in your storage area. Neighbor can help you get started. 

20. Get Paid To Lend Money

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If you have extra money and don't know how to invest it, you can use the lending club. This peer-to-peer lending service has an excellent return rate- much better than bank interest. Ensure you know the risks and enjoy watching your bank account go up. 

21. Get Paid To Play Video Games

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If you're a gamer, the excellent news is that you can make money from your hobby. Many game developers are always looking for game testers to find bugs or issues in their products before they release them to the general public. Ever-popular Blizzard Entertainment is one such company. 

22. Get Paid To Watch Ads and Videos Online

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You can make money by watching ads if you want to turn off your AdBlock software. Daily Rewards and Inbox Dollars are two sites where you can sign up to start watching- and earning. 

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