EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review: Can it Save the Day? (Yes it Can!)

EaseUS has been in the business since 2004, providing customers with world case products and services to make their lives a little easier. But can Ease US Data Recovery Wizard Pro save the day when you accidentally delete a video off your hard drive that you really need? Good news — the answer is YES! 

The Data Recovery Wizard is available in three plans: Free, Pro, and Technician. With their free file recovery software, you are able to retrieve up to 2GB of deleted, hidden, or lost data. This is great if you're struggling with an SD card that has had a formatting issue and locked you out of those precious photos and videos you were holding onto. But, if you are working with data recovery regularly you should consider downloading the unlimited data recovery plans.

The plans can get a little expensive ($69.95/month or 149.95 for lifetime upgrades). But when you consider how much data you'll be able to recover without the stress, it's ultimately cost-effective. Compared to other data recovery programs, EaseUS comes with the backing of over 15 years of industry experience, free tech support, 530 million customers, and the assurance of 100% security.


How EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Pro Works

EaseUS offers software versions that cover both Windows and Mac data recovery.  The program recovers data lost on hard drives, USBs, memory cards, and more. If you've ever had a formatting error, virus attack, system crash, or unexpected power issues — you know how vital it is to have a program on hand to help with data recovery.

Setting up EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is simple enough. The program only takes up about 250 MB of memory and doesn't seem to exhaust too much CPU while running. Depending on the amount of data you have stored on your computer, including your potentially deleted files, don't be too surprised if a thorough scan of your hard drive takes up to ten hours. EaseUS is thorough, it leaves no file unturned in its pursuit of tracking down your lost data. This is a testament to the power of the program, where other recovery programs may do quick scans that come up empty-handed, EaseUS works to track down all of your deleted and lost data.

The best part is that the program allows you to preview the files you're recovering, so you don't get stuck recovering more than you need to.

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If you've misplaced a specific type of file, like a video, you're in luck! EaseUS has a full catalog of helpful tutorials to help you recover formated video files, partition your hard drive, or any number of other handy how-to tutorials.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of data recovery software programs out there, but EaseUS is the only program that is able to recover those hard-to-find deleted files. The program is user-friendly, easy to download, and impeccably thorough at doing its job. While there are no data recovery programs that recover everything — EaseUS comes the closest. Time-and-time again, Ease US Data Recovery Wizard Pro is able to detect files that competitors fail to discover. This program is easily worth the cost!

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