EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Nothing is worse than having tons of important data saved on your computer and having that computer go kaput.

It has happened to the best of us. We work really hard on that perfect project for work. Those excel files that have all of our important passwords and data saved. What about those family photos you may have stored?

Unfortunately, our computers and laptops don't always uphold their end of the bargain.

That is where EaseUS comes in to play.

What exactly is EaseUS?

EaseUS free data recovery software is your second to none choice for quick but complete file recovery from Windows desktops, laptops, and other Windows-compatible devices.

It serves 100+ real-life data loss scenarios like deletion, formatting, RAW, etc. with a higher success rate than its competitors. The program is compatible with over 1,000 file types as well. That way, you won't have to worry about what is will or will not recover.

It's also pretty awesome that you can actually try out EaseUS for free! They provide a full 2GB for you to use free of charge.

What Kind of Recovery Does EaseUS Offer?

EaseUS specializes in several different forms of data recovery. Including formatted file recovery, storage media recovery, and emergency data recovery.

Formatted File Recovery has to do with recovering data from a formatted partition, hard drive, USB drive, memory card, or other storage devices. Whether you format the storage device accidentally or intentionally, the consequences are the same: All the files on the storage medium will be lost. The EaseUS data recovery wizard can take care of this issue for you and recover those lost files!

When it comes to Storage Media Recovery, this will put your mind at ease. It's quite upsetting when an HDD or external storage device gets damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides a high chance that it will retrieve files from internal/external HDD, USB drive, SD card, digital camera, video player, and other supported devices.

Last but not least is the Emergency Data Recovery. This may be the one we are most familiar with. Although these happen less frequently, disasters like file-infecting virus attacks, unexpected system crashes, and severe boot failures come with data loss issues. For this situation, you would want to try the pc data recovery tool. This will allow you to recover the files hidden and deleted by the malware or data lost because of accidental system shutdown.

And It Can Recover Photos and Video?

Yes, EaseUS can also help with lost videos and photos!

It is not a great feeling when you unexpectedly lose those memories due to faulty hardware. They can use data recovery competence to locate those lost or corrupted files. It also has the ability to repair image files and video files.

EaseUS file recovery software automatically detects the lost JPEG/JPG pictures and restores them to a good condition. It's able to extract and repair thumbnails of the selected .jpeg/.jpg files and take them out. You can even preview the repaired photos before the final recovery.

That same recovery software can also repair corrupt, damaged, and broken MP4 and MOV videos on cameras like Canon, GoPro, and DJI cameras. All you have to do is directly connect the camera, or take out the card, and connect it to your computer for a full video recovery and repair.

This is definitely a well-rounded recovery system that puts my mind at ease.  The last thing you want to lose is photos or videos that you can never retake.

The Bottom Line

Most of us tend not to take data recovery seriously until we have a hard drive that crashes. I know that was what really made the importance click for me.

Whether you have had a disaster loss happen, or you want to put your mind at ease, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent option to recover and undelete files.

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