Easy Auctions Tracker Review: How I Calculate Net Profit for eBay

If you sell on eBay and need a way to calculate net profit, Easy Auctions Tracker is the easiest and most accurate way I’ve found to do this. 

Until I started using this software a couple of months ago, I had to manually calculate each eBay sale using a free calculator on the internet. The calculator wasn’t quite 100% accurate, so I wasn’t getting the true net profit and it took about a minute or two for each item I sold. 

With Easy Auctions Tracker, I can import all of my eBay transactions with a click of a button. The software pulls in all of the associated eBay and Paypal fees and all I have to do is put in how much I paid for the items to get my net profit. 

I had no idea that Easy Auctions Tracker existed until someone in my eBay Facebook group told me about it. It has really helped my business out so I wanted to return the favor and maybe introduce some readers to the software.

I’ve tried GoDaddy Bookkeeping in the past but I didn’t like the interface. GoDaddy is a fine tool to use for taxes, but it doesn’t break things down for eBay transactions as Easy Auctions Tracker does. GoDaddy is also almost 3 times more expensive than Easy Auctions Tracker. 

Getting Started With Easy Auctions Tracker

To start with, Easy Auctions Tracker runs on Microsoft Excel. So you will need to have Excel on your computer if you want to use it. I’m not certain, but I’ve heard that the software only works on Windows computers. Something to do with the Macros doesn’t function properly on Mac Computers. 

The good news is that you can download a free trial of the software without entering your credit card information or any information for that matter. To try it out, download a trial version from this page and see if it works with your computer. 

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the trial version, you can easily get up and going by following the instructions on the “Setup & Instructions” tab. 

After you’ve got the app linked to your eBay account, you’re ready to rock and roll!

Pulling eBay Transactions

The main feature of the app is located on the “eBay Selling” tab. This is where you go to pull the transactions from eBay and get a clear overview of pretty much everything you could want to see about your eBay sales. 

Here’s a small section of the “eBay Selling” tab:  

Easy auctions tracker

So all you have to do to pull all of your eBay sales for a certain month is choose the month you want (you can only go back 90 days because that’s how long eBay keeps your info) and click “get all items”. 

Here’s the meat of the software and the beauty of what you can see with it:


All of this information is to the right of the picture above where the item titles are listed. I’m trying to zoom in with the photos so they’re close up enough that you can read what they say. 

So all I have to do to get my net profit is enter in what I paid for the item where it says “My Cost”. 

I keep a separate spreadsheet to track what I pay for every item I buy. I used Google sheets back when I was calculating my eBay fees manually, but these days I just use Google sheets to track my cost of goods sold. Every time I buy something, I enter a description of it and what I paid for it. 

When I enter in the cost in Easy Auctions Tracker, the spreadsheet automatically updates and shows the total numbers here:

This section of the spreadsheet pulls everything together to show you your totals for the month. 

I still need to enter in my costs and expenses for the month of July for this to show my true net profit, but other than that, the information is all here. I haven’t had any listing fees because all of my listings have been covered by my store subscription. 

Expenses are different than the cost of the items you sell and they’re on a different tab from “eBay selling”. Expenses include your eBay store subscription and any other expense you had for your eBay business. You can manually add expenses and it will update the totals section. 

Here’s my true net profit after updating my costs and expenses:Easy auctions tracker 4

I haven’t had any expenses other than my store subscription this month so that’s why it’s at an even $59.99. 


There are a lot of tabs within the Easy Auctions Tracker spreadsheet and one of the useful tabs is “profit & loss”. This shows a breakdown of your profits and losses for the month and you can take a screenshot for each month so you’ll have it at tax time. Here’s what my sheet looks like for July:

There’s really only one other tab that I pay attention to but there are a lot of other tabs within the spreadsheet. The last tab I’ll talk about is “Expenses”. In the totals section of the “eBay Selling” tab, when it says “total expenses” it’s pulling all information form the “expenses” tab. 

Here’s the “expenses” tab showing my one expense for the month so far:

You can enter any kind of expense on this tab and it will update the total numbers for the month. It’s really handy if you’ve got several expenses to subtract from your monthly profit. 

I like keeping things simple and while there are loads of other tabs I could look at with this software, the only 3 that I really need are “eBay Selling”, “Profit & Loss”, and “Expenses”.  These three tabs give me my true net profit and that’s all I really want to know. Be sure to download the free trial version and play with everything so you can decide if you like it or not. There are a lot of tabs to play with!


Easy Auctions  Tracker is the best solution I’ve come across for doing my eBay bookkeeping. It gives me my net profit accurately and at a cheaper price than any other software I’ve seen. 

With that being said, the spreadsheet is definitely not the sleekest application I’ve ever seen and I believe the spreadsheet was created by one guy and is a one-person company. If you have a bug or any kind of issue with the software, you’ll have to reach out to the owner and see if you can get a response.

The cheap price is nice, but you give up a little quality when you choose this software over something like GoDaddy Bookkeeping. 

I still think this is the best option out there for a small business eBay seller who just wants a simple solution to find their true net profit. 

When you buy the software, it is only good until January 1st of the next year, so you get the most value if you buy it in January. It looks like they discount it nicely in the second half of the year, so you don’t have to pay full price only to use it for a couple of months before having to pay full price again. 

If you’re a serious eBay seller, I’d definitely suggest looking into using this software for your bookkeeping needs. 

Nathan has been a personal finance writer since early 2018. He and his wife reached a net worth of one hundred thousand at the age of 25 and are on their way to financial independence. His favorite way to make money is selling things on eBay and has grown his eBay business to earn five figures selling part-time. He loves sharing what he learns about finance and any eBay tips he comes across. If you’re interested in becoming an eBay seller, check out his reseller Facebook group.