Hungry In Vegas? Here’s Where To Eat In Vegas On A Budget

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Las Vegas is known for its party culture and the infamous Las Vegas Strip, a tourist attraction drawing millions of people annually. However, with any great tourist attraction comes the upcharge of food. If you’re interested in planning a trip to Vegas but wary of the food costs, check out these ten budget-friendly dining experiences in the neon capital of the world. Here's where to eat in Vegas on a budget. 

Here's Where To Eat in Vegas on a Budget

From nachos to those buffets everyone loves, here's where to eat in Vegas on a budget.

1. Nacho Daddy 

Image Credit: Sergio G.

Dine in at Nacho Daddy for a plethora of nacho meals ranging from Thai Chicken Nachos, Filet Mignon Nachos, and Southern Fried Chicken Nachos. Each plate towers over with sizzling nacho ingredients, perfect for a shareable meal between two or three people. Each entree costs between $14 and $28. If you’re not feeling the nacho dishes, indulge in the irresistible street tacos, the burly burritos, or the enchanting enchiladas.

2. Lucy Ethiopian

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Image Credit: Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar.

You're in for a delightful treat if you’ve never tasted Ethiopian cuisine. Lucy’s Ethiopian sits two miles outside of the strip on Flamingo Road. The traditional Ethiopian restaurant transports the best spices and flavors from the African Country directly to the tables of Lucy’s. For appetizers, order a $4 samosa, two puffed pastries stuffed with delicious herbs, lentils, and jalapeños for the vegan-friendly option; the meat-filled pastry comes with beef.

My favorite affordable option at this fine establishment is the veggie combo. Atop a colorful plate, the chefs lay out injera, a spongy flour, then topped with eight hearty scoops of salad, lentils, beets, and other colorful veggie staples. All for $20. This meal is best split with two or more people. 

3. CrunCheese

Image Credit: Seokyung Kim.

CrunCheese has the best Korean corn dogs in Vegas. With three locations in Vegas, you won’t struggle to feast on the deep-fried Korean concoction while visiting Sin City. Each restaurant has ten choices for a base corndog, the most notable being mozzarella and hotdog, potato mozzarella, and rice cake. After each corndog simmers in the oil, the chefs plop them in a paper basket and drizzle the dogs with your sauce selection and seasonings.

Add some sweet chili to your rice cake for a sweet treat, or drench the dog with hot sauce and hot Cheeto topping for a spicy special. The potato mozzarella corndog is the priciest item on the menu, ringing in at $5.99, while the least expensive dogs, like the rice cake and traditional corndog, equals $3.99.

4. Govinda’s

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Image Credit: Steven Joseph Fogarty.

Vegas buffets are a huge factor in tourism to the Nevada city. In comparison, the Wynn offers a delectable dining experience, a $51 brunch isn’t always in the travel budget. That’s where Govinda’s comes in. The hidden buffet of Las Vegas hides in a gorgeous Hindu temple on Escondido Street. A meal here costs $15 for an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of the best Indian dishes prepared on-site.

Govinda’s has the best Roti (flatbread) I’ve ever tasted. The chefs bring out fresh bread every hour, along with stocking up on the spicy curries and the lentil soups the buffet boasts. 

5. Tacos El Gordo

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Image Credit: Julio Morgan.

Looking for a tasty authentic taco after hours of prowling the strip and spending a little too much money at Caesar’s Palace? Tacos El Gordo is your destination. The taco restaurant prepares its tortillas, guacamole, and salsas fresh daily, providing customers with the finest ingredients for a fraction of the price. Each grilled corn taco comes stacked on two tortillas with meat, cheese, and your choice of garnishments and toppings and fluctuates between $2 and $4.

If tacos don't make you drool, try any of the quesadillas, loaded fries, or tostadas, which cost more than the tacos but less than the food on the strip. Quesadillas clock in around $11, while the most expensive menu item, lengua fries, equate to $16.

6. Viva Las Arepas

Image Credit: Laura Alexandra.

Deemed the best Venezuelan food in the desert, Viva Las Arepas caters to every arepa adorer in the world. An arepa is a grilled corn patty filled with cheese, meats, or veggies native to South America. Viva Las Arepas provides customers with 14 griddled corn sandwich choices, such as a plain arepa for $1.50, arepa cheese with layers of various melted kinds of cheese for $7, and an arepa beef shredded with loads of stringy meat, tomatoes, onions, and peppers for $8.50.

Customize the corn griddle with avocado, fried egg, and cheese additions for only $.99. Besides arepas, the Venezuelan eatery advertises empanadas, pastelitos, and meat meals to share with others. 

7. 5 Dollar Cafe

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Image Credit: 5 Dollar Cafe.

Not everything in the 5 Dollar Cafe is $5, but the prices cap out at only $16 per meal. Most menu items rest in a sweet spot of $10.99, such as the breakfast bagel sandwich or the breakfast burrito. The 5 Dollar Cafe blends Thai, American, and Mexican delicacies into one menu, so if you want a side of egg rolls with your omelet, go for it!

For items under $10, opt for the special breakfast, a meal comprised of two eggs, bacon, and toast for a $5 bill, wontons for $6.99, and a Nutella Asian crepe for $3.99. The cafe stays open until midnight on the weekends, perfect for a late-night snack after a long day of gambling. 

8. Salvadoreno Restaurant

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Image Credit: Bobby Alvarado TheFoodjunkiesLV-IG.

You have to try the pupusas. Salvadoreno Restaurant proudly serves multiple variations of the national Salvadorean flatbread dish, like chicken, cheese, pork, black bean, and jalapeño and cheese for the spice hounds. Each pupusa is under $2, and most of the other traditional dishes ask $12.99 per plate, including the Camarones empanizados, or breaded shrimp, pollo encebollado, chicken with an onion sauce, and machaca, a dried beef. On the side of each main dish comes salad, rice, beans, and tortillas, ensuring you don't leave hungry.

As many restaurants do, Salvadoreno Restaurant has menu items for picky eaters: omelets, plantains, and eggs decorate the menu.

9. American Coney Island 

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Image Credit: American Coney Island.

A must-try at American Coney Island is chili and cheese. The 24-hour Detroit-originated hot dog cafeteria serves succulent sausages along Freemont Street. The simple menu contains Coney Island Hot Dogs, a Detroit staple, a sausage with chili, mustard, and onions for $3.95, a gyro sandwich with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki for $6.75, and chili cheese fries for $3.75. American Coney Island resides in the D Las Vegas Hotel, so after a day exploring all the attractions of Freemont Street, stop by the hotel for an inexpensive hotdog dinner. 

10. Ocean One Bar and Grill

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Image Credit: Oliver Bell.

Everything on Ocean One Bar and Grill’s lunch menu is $5.99. You can’t beat a $5.99 feast! Plus, the restaurant has three-for-one-for-one cocktails every single day. Twelve dollars grants you three drinks alongside your $6 calamari, Mediterranean wrap, or asada sliders.

Ocean One Bar and Grill sells salads, tacos, seafood, steaks, pasta, and flatbread on their dinner menu, with the most expensive dish, surf and turf, costing $28.99. The sweet spot for the other dishes like the Island Salmon Salad, the Wild Mushroom Pepperoni flatbread, and the Grilled Chicken Club cost under $12. 

Where To Eat Next?

Dining in Vegas can rack up thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t have to. Several restaurants on or close to the strip offer meals for under $20 that you can split between your friends and family. Let us know if you find a great place to eat in Vegas on a budget, and we will add it to our list!