8 Helpful Tips To Eat Like A Local While Traveling

When traveling, it's always a good idea to discover local restaurants offering food unique to the area you're in. What's the point of traveling 3,000 miles to eat food you can get two minutes from your house?

Whether it's locally or abroad, there's one surefire way to find the best places to eat: research.

1.  Google Maps

Google Maps
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If you're looking for something spur-of-the-moment, check out what's around you on Google Maps. But make sure you also read the reviews. Sure, most people will only review if they have a bad experience but that's why you have to read between the lines.

2: Avoid Tacky Tourist Traps

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When you're staying in a popular travel destination, the chances are high that you'll end up at a tourist trap when you're looking for a place to eat. Even though they're getting better at disguising themselves as a place to get authentic local cuisine, there are still ways to sort the tourist trap from the real thing.

If a restaurant has a large menu, a cheap/tacky interior, or has a gimmick, there's a good chance you're stuck at a tourist trap.

3: This Wikipedia Hack

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Or, you can use Wikipedia. Use the popular website to learn about the local cuisine.

From your research, find a dish you've never heard of people and search for the dish in Google Maps. If a restaurant has pictures, definitely check them out. They said that the best food spots are usually family-owned with few, if any, renovations or decor additions.

4: Restaurants with Plastic Chairs

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Plastic chairs may not be catchy, but they are a surprisingly effective way to find the best local restaurants.

5: Find Popular Places Filled with Locals

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When you're walking around somewhere new, pay attention to what restaurants are busy — especially if they're busy with locals.

Talk to the people that live in the area. Venture outside popular tourist attractions. If you see a busy restaurant and its filed predominantly with locals, check it out!

6: Take Advantage of Food Tours

Tour Guide
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If you can't decide where to eat, let a tour guide do the deciding for you.

Better yet, ask for the guide's top recommendations for places that aren't on the tour.

7: TikTok

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TikTok has become incredibly helpful for locals to highlight their favorite restaurants.

8: Reddit

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Additionally, Reddit can be beneficial as well.

Major cities will usually have their own subreddits and be filled with helpful information to find the best places to eat.

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