Elfen Lied Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Elfen Lied is an anime series produced by Arms Corporation and was made based on Lynn Okamoto's seinen manga series and premiered while the manga was still in publication. The anime follows the source material through the first 7 volumes, with several alterations to the story, and concludes with an exclusive ending. However, ever since then, the fans have been asking for Elfen Lied Season 2.

In an interview, director Mamoru Kanbe expressed his disappointment in having to ‘condense' to story into 13 episodes and felt that more were needed to include significant plot details that would have made the series more emotive.

Elfen Lied is one of the most violent anime series ever made, but it has left a great legacy and even inspired recent hit anime shows. The series also ended in a cliffhanger.

Elfen Lied Plot

elfen lied season 2

Lucy is a special breed of human referred to as “Diclonius,” born with a short pair of horns and invisible telekinetic hands that lands her as a victim of inhumane scientific experimentation by the government. However, once circumstances present her an opportunity to escape, Lucy, corrupted by the confinement and torture, unleashes a torrent of bloodshed as she escapes her captors.

During her breakout, she receives a crippling head injury that leaves her with a split personality: someone with the mentality of a harmless child possessing limited speech capacity. In this state of instability, she stumbles upon two college students, Kouta and his cousin Yuka, who unknowingly take an injured fugitive into their care, unaware of her murderous tendencies. This act of kindness will change their lives, as they soon find themselves dragged into the shadowy world of government secrecy and conspiracy.

Elfen Lied Season 2: Will It Return?

Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date

elfen lied season 2

17 years after the finale, Arms Corporation still has not came out with an official statement about Elfen Lied Season 2. The anime itself hasn't officially canceled either, so fans have been left hanging for quite a long time.

One of the possible reasons why the anime is not yet renewed is that the studio was filed for bankruptcy back on 2020. The studio was then closed on August 2020. Known as Dandelion, Corporation then changed its name to Triple X. However, they are no longer operating due to the bankruptcy.

Our only hope now is that to get Elfen Lied to get picked up by another studio. The other possible reason is the lack of material. The manga series of Elfen Lied finished its serialization on 2005. We all know that anime series are often created to drive more sales to the manga. With no more manga to sell, the interest for an anime series could die just like that.