The Most Embarrassing Movie Introduction Fails You’ll Ever Read About

Movies are supposed to entertain us, and our memories of them are supposed to be positive. Whether they make us laugh, thrill us, or fill us with warm nostalgic feelings, we aren't supposed to look back at movie experiences with embarrassment. However, in some cases, that happens due to the circumstances we first saw them.

1. The Exorcist

We all know what happened in 1972's The Exorcist, right? A young girl gets possessed by a demon, who does some pretty horrendous things to her body. Imagine sitting in full view of The Exorcist as a child while your parents are present.

That's what happened to u/Dreadnought13 when they were six or seven. Their parents had taken them to see 1982's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at a drive-in movie theater, and the Exorcist was playing on the next screen. While the iconic horror movie couldn't be heard, it could be seen in all its gory detail.

2. Victor/Victoria & Chariots of Fire

This one's a double whammy. When u/psionic1 was 11, they took their then-girlfriend on a date. Running short on ideas, they saw 1982's Victor/Victoria and 1982's Chariots of Fire playing as a double feature in a local movie theater. Believing two movies would be twice the fun, they took their girlfriend to see them both. What followed was what the teens believed to be the most boring five hours of their lives.

3. Rising Sun

The 1993 crime thriller Rising Sun was based on the 1992 novel of the same name. It's about police officers trying to solve the murder of a call girl during a kinky adult encounter. u/froglover215 describes how they and their mother were fans of the novel, so they went to see the movie together.

However, they didn't realize the murder caught on camera would be replayed and zoomed in on so much during the movie, meaning they had to repeatedly watch a fornication scene on a big screen with their mom.

4. Old Yeller

The classic 1957 Western drama movie Old Yeller has a very send ending in which the eponymous dog is shot dead. u/TheJedisch describes being six or seven and being taken to see it at a drive-in movie theater by their parents, and the result was an embarrassing experience for the whole family.

When the canine was killed, u/TheJedisch screamed and bawled. They were in a convertible car, meaning everyone around them could hear. Their parents were being stared at as horrible humans for putting their child through the movie, and u/TheJedisch felt embarrassed later.

5. Any Given Sunday

u/PostingAsExpected's answer tells how they and their mother love football. Therefore, they enthusiastically went to see 1999's Any Given Sunday together when it was released.

What they weren't expecting was an abundance of male genitalia on show. u/PostingAsExpected is now 40-something and still gets embarrassed when seeing such things with their parents, so it was particularly embarrassing back when they were 17.

6. Reservoir Dogs & Army of Darkness

Although u/Greedy-Loss9030 suggests they're not embarrassed about this, they should be. They say they discovered 1992's Reservoir Dogs and Army of Darkness when they found the VHS tapes while dumpster diving for adult movies.

That same day, they found the VHS of 1993's Dazed and Confused but didn't watch it. u/noflylist2k16 humorously replied, “Be a lot cooler if you did.”

7. Mars Attacks!

In 1996, u/iCantPauseItsOnline went to see Space Jam at a movie theater. Before the movie, a trailer for Mars Attacks! (which would release that same year) was shown. They didn't realize Mars Attacks! would be a comedy movie, and the trailer scared the living daylights out of them to the extent that it gave them nightmares for years.

u/Bus_Noises replied in agreement, saying Mars Attacks! made them believe aliens were coming to Earth to vaporize everyone, and the aliens' voices in the movie still unnerve them today.

8. Little Bigfoot

u/Other-Marketing-6167 shared how their mother introduced them to the 1997 movie Little Bigfoot. She rented it from a video store, but a scene in which a child gets angry and throws things at the eponymous creature (a very fake-looking animatronic) made them cry.

That's a pretty embarrassing childhood story. But, to make matters worse, when the mother saw the child crying, she said, “I guess I didn't pick a very good movie, did I,” which made the youngster feel even worse.

9. Scary Movie 3

In 2003, when u/SirGibblesPibbles was seven, they wanted to go and see School of Rock. However, their father wanted to see Scary Movie 3 and convinced them to watch it with him. Scary Movie 3 parodies 2002's The Ring, a movie u/SirGibblesPibbles was terrified of. Their dad knew this but lied about the plot to convince them to watch it.

Unsurprisingly, u/SirGibblesPibbles cried a lot during the movie, which was embarrassing for them. But it's far more humiliating for the dad because that's terrible parenting.

10. Napoleon Dynamite

u/Greedy-Loss9030 was at the home of a girl they liked when the girl's father came home with a copy of 2004's Napoleon Dynamite. They watched it together, and u/Greedy-Loss9030 laughed uncontrollably because they found the movie hilarious. The girl stared blankly, unimpressed.

Years later, u/Greedy-Loss9030 watched the movie again and had to turn it off out of boredom. They realized Napoleon Dynamite wasn't as funny as they remembered and now feel embarrassed at how they laughed loudly at every scene.

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