10 Things People Enjoy More as They Get Older

As a general rule, the perception is people become less fun as they get older – they have less energy, less enthusiasm for life, and generally enjoy themselves less than they did as youngsters. But why should that be the case? The older generation can do plenty of things to enjoy themselves — even if those things seem boring to young people.

1. Doing Nothing on a Weekend

When we're young, weekends provide opportunities to squeeze in as much as possible; seeing friends, having a few drinks, partying, going to the movies, and so forth. However, as we get older, sometimes there's nothing better than spending a weekend doing nothing – which is why u/Puzzleheaded_Menu164 answered with “A weekend where nothing is happening.”

Many people agreed, with u/smellz45 responding, “Those are the best.”

2. Sleeping

u/BeatenStick gave a straightforward answer, “Sleeping.”

This is so true. When we're young, we generally try to fit as much into our days as possible, staying up as late as we're allowed and avoiding going to sleep whenever possible.

There was widespread agreement in the replies, with u/ Lakusta_Kustik replying, “UGH I LOVE SLEEPING! growing up sucks.” and u/Old_Barracuda_6490 doubling down on the idea, saying, “On a Friday night!”

3. Silence

That old saying “silence is golden” isn't applicable when we're young — in fact, young people (children especially) generally love making as much noise as possible. As we age, we appreciate a bit of quiet, as u/Mikeronni confirmed when they answered, “Silence.”

Users flocked to agree, with u/Miss0verkill replying, “The older I get, the more I'm bothered by noise. Especially things like people talking loudly or listening to music so loud it feels like they are trying to share it with all the neighbors.”

4. Friendship

The question prompted a lovely, wholesome answer from u/nvrhomicidethyself, who suggested, “Friendship.”

Once we reach adulthood, we've generally established who our real friends are. If those friends are still around when we're elderly, we know those people are true gems. With that in mind, we should cherish the friends we have in our senior years.

5. Being Out in Nature

u/Significant-Ad7390 answered, “Being out in nature.”

There were no replies to this one at the time of writing, but we think u/Significant-Ad7390 is correct. Youngsters often take nature for granted – especially in modern times, when they prefer sitting inside with their faces buried in digital media – but it's vital to embrace it. Being out in nature is good for the soul, mental well-being, and for health in general.

6. The First Coffee of the Day

u/Chemical-Routine9893 answered, “That first cup of coffee,” prompting u/JacksonvilleNC to reply, “I am always awake way before my family….I love fixing my coffee and reading during that time.”

A good cup of coffee sets the tone for a good day. It wakes you up, hydrates you, tastes great, and prepares you for the day ahead — even if, as an older person, the day in question comprises doing nothing.

7. Listening

u/OkChocolate768 answered, “Listening instead of talking,” prompting u/SuperAthena1 to reply, “Excellent answer, very true.”

Young people have a lot to say. However, as we age, we learn the importance of hearing instead of being listened to. Prioritizing and absorbing the opinions of others is something that comes more with the wisdom of aging. Listening enhances your ability to understand things and makes you a better communicator. It also makes the experience of speaking to you more enjoyable for other people, which is incredibly important.

8. New Experiences

As we age, our life experiences increase, and it becomes more and more challenging to find new things to do. Therefore, when we try new things, we get more joy from them. u/GloomyCamel6050 said it succinctly by answering, “Trying new things and having new experiences.”

Trying new things can surprise you. You may find you enjoy doing something that you never expected to enjoy. So join a new class, try a different activity, go to unexplored places – there's a good chance you'll love doing it.

9. Being Alive

u/gitlinuxpro answered, “Being alive.” It prompted a straightforward reply from u/sweet_sweet_back, who said, “This.”

As youngsters, the idea of not being around anymore doesn't even enter our heads. We have our whole lives ahead of us and feel invincible. When we get older (and, inevitably, closer to our demise), our mortality dawns on us, and it's only fitting that we should begin to appreciate the simple privilege of being alive.

10. Everything

u/readsalotkitten is relishing getting older, as they replied, “Literally everything.”

u/ditchdiggergirl agreed wholeheartedly, providing plenty of detail in her reply: “This is my answer too. I find my ability to take pleasure in things only increases with time. Big things, small things, details I might have once overlooked, simple pleasures, valued connections, all sorts of things that younger me didn’t know were treasures. No more taking things for granted – now I’m conscious of gratitude for what I have. No more anxiety that I might be doing it wrong, no more worrying about how others see me, no more FOMO. I can take things at face value now and appreciate them for what they are. And yet my capacity for enjoying the bigger experiences remains undiminished.”

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