The 21 Best Envelope Wallet Systems To Help You Control Expenses

Today I’m going to show you how to use an envelope wallet system to organize your money and your budget. In fact, I used an envelope wallet system to help get myself out of debt. Let me show you some stylish wallets that are easy to use.

dave ramsey wallet with debit card slots
The 21 Best Envelope Wallet Systems To Help You Control Expenses 24

What is the Cash Envelope System?

It is a system designed to help you take control of your spending. The idea is to pay with cash instead of using credit cards and appoint a certain amount of money for different categories of expenses.

Thanks to the system you can train yourself to stick to your budget. Don’t have a budget yet? The easiest way to create one is by using a smartphone app. Check the 6 best budget apps to track your money.

How Does the Cash Envelope System Work

In contrast to paying by credit cards, paying with cash makes it easier to set limits. When you swipe the credit card you don't see how the money disappears from your account and how much you have left.

Paying by credit card is easy and pain-free. But if you pay by cash, you can feel the pain of parting with your hard-earned money. You look into your wallet and can clearly see the difference: how much money you have spent and how much is still there. 

It's a good idea to search online and assess how different systems fit your lifestyle and needs before you decide to buy. 

The Best Cash Envelope Wallets

If you're looking for a great way to manage your money, a cash envelope wallet is a great option. This type of wallet lets you divide your cash into different categories, making it easy to stay on budget. Plus, it's easy to find a cash envelope wallet that fits your style. Here are some of the best cash envelope wallets on the market:

budget binder cash envelope in blue

1. Budget Binder Cash Envelope System

Looking to get your finances in order? The Budget Binder Cash Envelope System is the perfect solution! This complete money organizer set includes an Azure Leather Binder with 6 Rings, 12 Clear Cash Envelopes, and 12 Budget Sheets.

This system is a great way to keep track of expenses, savings, and budgeting. The binder and cash envelopes are made from high-quality materials, and the budget sheets are easy to use. With this system, you'll be able to get your finances on track in no time!

red designer envelope

2. Designer Envelope System 

The Designer Envelope System is a wallet designed to hold everything you need. Thought to serve specifically for the cash envelope system. It has 8 envelopes for cash management, slots for credit cards, and pouches for coins, coupons, and receipts.

You’ll also find here a place for your checkbook and check register holders.

thirty one wallet

3. Thirty-One All About The Benjamins

A faux leather wallet with a poly satin lining and a zipper closure. The Thirty One wallet contains twelve credit card slots and two slots for bills as well as an ID window.

black savvycents wallet

4. Savvy Cents Wallet  

The Savvycents wallet is practical and stylish. Various compartments will easily fit all your cash from different categories. A stretchy snap secures all the cash pockets.

There are slots for your credit cards, coupons, discount cards, driver’s license and so on. A convenient zipper closes the whole wallet together. Coins can be thrown into a zipper pocket in the back.

brown rfid blocking wallet

5. RFID Blocking Wallet 

This cash system wallet is made of genuine leather.  Inside, there are 2 huge compartments where you can easily fit several envelopes with cash.

There's one large zippered pocket for all your change, 17 card slots, and a pen loop. This huge wallet will even hold your passport, checkbook, or your iPhone.

Thanks to RFID protection, all your data stored on RFID chips will be safe. The RFID Blocking Wallet also has a wristlet, which can be very handy, especially when your hands are full. 

blue lavemi rfid wallet

6. RFID Blocking Real Leather 

If you like the luxurious feel of pebbled leather, this wallet is for you. The advantage of this kind of texture is that it looks even better with time. 

Thanks to a detachable wristlet strap you can carry it around without a bag. Its 17 credit card slots, 3 big currency pockets, and a pen loop make it very functional.

You can throw in there your iPhone, a checkbook, your passport, and a pen. Of course, there's also an appropriate place for change – the zipper pocket inside will hold it safe. This wallet is also RFID protected (meaning that it protects your credit cards).

pink leather wallet

7. Eurlove Wallet  

This Eurlove cash system wallet has a really cute, inviting design. Two large compartments are ideal for envelopes with cash.

The wallet is big enough to hold your mobile phone. The premium quality zipper opens and closes smoothly and is very durable.

black soligt all in one wallet

8. Soligt 

What makes the Soligt wallet stand out is a binder note which can hold pre-punched envelopes and budget sheets (there are 12 of each in the set).

What's more, at the bottom of the sheets you can find a website address, where you can get new sheets to print. With one smooth pulling, you can zipper up all your cards, coupons, envelopes and coins.

This capacious envelope system wallet will hold them all. 

green cash envelope

9. Budget Keeper

The material of the Budget Keeper cash system wallet, Ole'flex fabric, not only makes it unique but also smooth and light-weight. The best thing about the material is that it’s water-resistant.

Though after opening the wallet unfolds like an accordion, it’s very slim and netty when you close it. As a bonus, you will receive 4 Budget Keeper cash envelopes with this wallet.

all in one cash envelope wallet system

10. Anconkton

The Anconkton functional envelope system wallet is available in 4 different colors: blue, black, brown and purple. 

This durable wallet made from quality leather is ideal for cash budgeting. It has 2 large compartments, 1 zipper pouch, 12 card slots, and even a binder note. It also comes with 12 patterned envelopes. 

96 cash wallet system

11. Legacy Living

This is a set of 48 cash envelopes and a purse organizer. The enjoyable colors of the envelopes allow you to easily identify the categories of your expenses.

The great thing about the Legacy Living is that you can write on the envelopes. That's very convenient because you don't have to wait until you come home to make an update on your budget.

upkeep cash envelope wallets

12. Upkeep Designs

A set of 15 envelopes that have many benefits. They are made of plastic, so waterproof and durable, easy to close, and lightweight and they will fit in most standard wallets. With Upkeep Designs, you get 30 budget sheets and 30 stickers. 

cash budgeting wallet pink

13. Cash Envelope Wallet

The Cash Wallet is the perfect way to stay on top of your finances and budget for the year ahead. This complete money organizer set includes 12 tabbed cash envelopes, 12 monthly budget cards, and 1 yearly budget planner sheet.

With this system, you'll be able to easily track your spending and make sure you're staying on budget. The cash envelopes are great for separating your expenses into categories, and the monthly budget cards help you keep track of your progress month-to-month.

The yearly cash budgeting planner sheet is a great way to plan out your finances for the year ahead and ensure you're on track to meet your financial goals. Whether you're looking to save for a big purchase, reduce your debt, or stay on top of your finances, the Cash Envelope Wallet is the perfect tool.

cash wallet brown

14. Brown Cash Wallet

Looking for a complete money organizer set? Look no further than the Brown Cash Wallet! This all-in-one budget system comes with 12x tabbed cash envelopes, 12x monthly budget cards, and 1x yearly budget planner sheet to help you keep your finances in check.

The RFID blocking wallet also ensures your information stays safe and secure. Plus, the removable cash envelopes make it easy to organize your bills and coins.

pink soul mama budget binder

15. Soul Mama Budget Binder

Soul Mama Budget Binder's zipper envelopes are perfect for budgeting and cash organization. The glitter PVC makes these cash envelopes stand out and look chic, while the A6 size is just right for carrying around in your purse or wallet. The brown vinyl printed stickers add a touch of personality to your savings binder and help you keep track of your spending goals.

Skydue money binder

16. SKYDUE Budget Binder

SKYDUE Budget Binder is an all-in-one money management tool. It includes 10pcs zipper envelopes, 12pcs expense budget sheets, and 24 rose gold sticky labels, which can be used for your daily expenses, bills and other small things.

This binder will help you to organize your finances:

  • Save time & money by tracking expenses easily.
  • Keep a clear view of what you have spent in each category to make better spending decisions.
  • Get more control over your finances with the SKYDUE Budget Binder.
blue budget binder with cash envelopes

17. Budget Binder With Envelopes

The Budget Binder With Cash Envelopes is a great money-saving binder that helps you organize your finances. The budget binder comes with cash envelopes for each month of the year, and it has a section for important papers. This budget binder is perfect for managing your finances, planning, and saving money!

blue binder wallet

18. Blue A6 Binder

This helpful binder comes with 12 clear envelopes, a budget binder and envelopes for budgeting, mini binder pockets, and a cash envelope wallet. It's perfect for organizing your finances and keeping your money safe.

black slim leather wallet

19. Hiscow

The most masculine wallet in this collection. Outside and inside the wallet is made of Italian full-grain calfskin. Flawless leather and precise stitching.

Four huge compartments are ideal for dealing with a lot of envelopes. It will also fit all of your credit cards and your checkbook. You can slide the wallet into your shirt or vest pocket.

clear loose bags to save money

20. YoeeJob Budget Binder

Budget Binder Envelopes: Keep your budget organized and in check with these clear PVC envelopes. The zipper pouch is perfect for cash, while the loose-leaf bags are ideal for receipts, coupons, and other small items.

nxpoy budgeting

21. Budget Binder With Zipper Envelopes

Keep your budget organized and in check with these clear PVC envelopes. The zipper pouch is perfect for cash, while the loose-leaf bags are ideal for receipts, coupons, and other small items.
Organize your budget, and save money on the go!

These envelopes are perfect for keeping your financial records organized. Ideal for personal or business use. The binder is made of high-quality PU leather material, which is waterproof and easy to clean. It comes with a pen holder, a zipper closure, and an inside pocket.

How to Start a Cash Envelope System

You need to decide on what categories are you going to pay in cash. Are there areas where you still overspend? Do you spend too much money on entertainment, cosmetics or clothes? These problematic fields could be your cash-only categories. 

Let's say you waste too much money on groceries. You love fancy snacks and good drinks. How will the envelope system help you here? To take control, you allocate, let’s say, $120 in your budget for groceries in the forthcoming week. You withdraw $120 and put it in the envelope labeled “groceries.”

During the week, you collect all the recipes or note down each amount of money you've spent on food. When the money's gone from the envelope, there's no more grocery shopping this week. 

The same happens with money for other cash-only categories: you withdraw the amount you need and put it into their assigned envelopes. 

The Benefits of the Cash Envelope System

  • Easier to track your spending
  • It impels you to spend your money in an intentional way
  • Curbs overspending
  • It helps you be more accountable
  • It is a visual representation of what you have
  • Helps you build new, healthy spending habits
  • It lets you feel the pain of spending money
  • Your identity is protected

What Categories Should be Included in the Envelope System

The categories you should choose for the envelope system depend mainly on where your weak points are. The areas in which you tend to overspend could become labels in your envelope wallet system. For example, there could be such categories as:

  • Groceries
  • Health
  • Clothing
  • Eating out 
  • Car maintenance
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Haircare/Beauty.

Tips for Choosing a Cash Envelope Wallet

The basic question that appears when choosing a cash envelope wallet is: How many envelopes should you have? 

People are usually most comfortable with using 5-7 cash envelopes. Under 5 is usually not enough to include all the categories that cause you problems. On the other hand, having more than 7 categories may lead to chaos. 

You should also bear in mind that always having all of your money on you is not safe. You may lose your wallet or it might get stolen and you are with no cash.

If that bothers you, choose a cash system wallet with detachable categories. In the morning take with you only the categories you are going to use that day. Focus on the size of the wallet. When it turns out too bulky it will quickly discourage you from using the whole system. 

Pay attention to the closure of the wallet. For some people, a stylish folding type of wallet is secure enough, others might want a zipper to be sure nothing falls out. You may want to have a zipper pocket inside to hold all your coins. But be careful: too many zippers may cause your wallet to be too bulky. 

Take Control Over Your Spending

Things don’t have magical power. Having an envelope system wallet won’t give you control over your spending. But having one that matches your needs and using it correctly can make a big change in your financial life. 

If you want to be sure that the cash envelope system is something for you, try to use regular mailing envelopes for a month or so.

After you get convinced the tool is helpful and you gain an idea of how you want to use it, go through the list of wallets from this post and choose the one that suits your character and lifestyle. 

Month after month you will be better at budgeting and you’ll see how nice is the feeling of having control over your finances. You’ll be on your way to pay off debt, reach your financial goals and make your dreams come true.