‘Episode II Was a Decrease to Da Series’ as Decreed by Brian Delaney, Star Wars Fan.

episode two disgrace

We were amused to spy this comment on G+. We think the author was trying to suggest that Episode II: Attack of the Clones was a disgrace to the Star Wars franchise.

Was it? 

We’ve covered how the haters are gonna hate like Brian here and yes, it is part of the prequel trilogy, a much maligned set of films. 

But we thought we should cover off four areas of what we think there is to love about Attack of the Clones and address some of the parts which do let the site down just a tad. Just a tad….

1. Yoda turns out to be a total bad ass.

I dunno about you, but in the theatre where I saw Attack of the Clones people began cheering when Yoda and Count Dooku started to battle. Yoda was flipping around and using the Force like he invented it. This was great spectacle and showing Yoda in this light increased his standing in the Star Wars realm amongst fans. The prequels are great because they showed how great a Jedi the little green guy was.

2. Jango Fett and his young son, Bobby something, or was it Bibba?

Everyone loves Raymond Boba Fett. He’s become a bit of a cult figure for fans. Attack of the Clones gave us an insight into the character's origin and gave him a bit of life. To learn that the Clones were derived from Jango Fett and that his son was Boba was great story telling. 

The prequel also gave us a great fight between Jango and Obi-Wan Kenobi. What’s not to love about that?

3. The Battle of Geonisis

Admit it Brian Delaney, you loved it when our would-be gladiators were rescued by Yoda and his newly assembled Clone Army. We got to see Mace Windu, Kit Fisto and Ayala Secura (she later appeared as a voice over in The Rise of Skywalker) and a few other Jedi in action. 

aayla secura revenge sith
Ayala in Revenge of the Sith about to get 66-ed. 
We also got to hear C3PO suggest that the Jedi dogs should die and of course, we got that classic shot of Boba Fett resting his father's helmet against his head.
4. There was some awesome foreshadowing of Anakin's character arc!

  • When Anakin is willing to risk the entire mission to bring down Dooku during the battle of Geonosis just so he can go back to rescue his love Padmé. 
  • Anakin's bitter “she would do her duty” in reply to Obi-Wan's question of what Padmé would do in his place – it's loaded with all the implications of their relationship and their conflicting priorities – personal and for the world. 
  • When Anakin massacres the sand people in response to their causing the death of his mother. It was without mercy – a way that Vader would go on to be renown for.
These are only 4 points of interest which we think are great things about Attack of the Clones. Yes, the movie had some faults but this author's overall satisfaction with the movie is quite high, largely due to a fun last hour (excluding that robot factory scene).

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