Controversial Equinox Marketing Receiving Massive Backlash “It’s Not You, It’s January”

Equinox, the luxury gym chain with 41 locations across the United States, is under fire on social media for preventing new members from joining their fitness center network, blocking new memberships only for only a single day – January 1st. The marketing campaign, boasting “We don't speak January” as a tag line, immediately polarized users on Twitter.

The campaign's official messaging included phrase like “It's not you, it's January,” “January is a fantasy, delivered to your door in a pastel covered box,” and “Your life doesn't start at the beginning of the year.”

Some users admired the unique marketing strategy while others weren't afraid to take aim at what some perceive as a terrible way to advertise to potential customers.

User patjrogers didn't hold back in his assessment of the gym chain, responding directly to the company's official Twitter account:

Some users took a shot to Equinox's clientele, declaring none of its members cares about their fitness anyway:

Some people took this opportunity to point out how Equinox is perceived by the public, viral marketing campaign or not:

Other users applauded Equinox for their latest marketing effort, declaring it very much on-brand for the luxury gym brand:

Another Twitter user was a fan of their campaign, even though they acknowledged that the gyms themselves are just “okay.”

Of course, there are Twitter users like sh0o0bz who threw their hands up in the air and said, “Who cares?”

Inevitably, there were users like oliveluver who saw an opportunity for comedy and described their own (ficticious) journey of trying to sign up for an Equinox membership on January 1st:

This particular user theorized that as a whole, Twitter must be bored and looking for a villain if it's come to ganging up on a gym's marketing team:

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