Review: C7 Ergonomic Chair: Premium Comfort That Won’t Break the Bank

Nearly 13% of full-time employees work from home, and another 28% split their time between the office and home. Given those numbers and the continued resurgence of desktop gaming culture, you’d think there would be better, affordable options for cushioned comfort.

I’ve been working remotely for more than 15 years, and have learned to tolerate a workable chair that got me through the day without leaving my body completely knotted up.

Thankfully, I now have a solution – the Flexispot C7 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair.

I’ve been sitting in the chair for 9 days now – but the difference was noticeable from day one.

Specialized Comfort and Support

Now, I’ve not been ONLY sitting in the chair for 9 days, of course, but definitely been sitting in it for longer periods of time, and not twisted into a pretzel by the time I get up. In fact, not only is it more comfortable for just sitting at my desk, it’s actually helped my chronic leg pains.

On their website, Flexispot boasts about the chairs' “Arc-Shaped Motion” and “Self-adaptive Dynamic” lumbar support cushion that allows the user to be comfortable in any position. I wasn’t sure – until I sat in it myself.

In my regular chair, I would get up and it would take me a few steps to straighten up – making me feel older than my years. Thanks to the seat cushion and the lumbar support from the C7, I feel my posture has improved, making it easier to make the transition to standing – and making it less necessary. Instead of needing to stand up and walk around to relieve periodic leg cramps and neuropathy, I can stay at my desk and keep working longer (don’t tell my boss!).

The seat adjusts for height and depth – allowing you to sit straight up, or lean into your desk. The armrests adjust, up and down forward and backward — and swivel slightly to the left and right, supposedly to allow you to sit cross-legged. I can’t judge that, because I never sit that way. Although I love the freedom to lean back, stretch out and still feel fully supported.

Assembly and Construction

The C7 is built of sturdy, yet comfortable, flexible material. It easily held my weight – and should be able to hold up to 320 pounds. The site offers a 10-year warranty, for most of the chair’s elements, with only 3 years on the most-strained parts.

Putting the chair together was relatively easy. I did struggle a little with the armrests – assembling it upside down, following the instructions, I had a little trouble with the armrests – even after I realized they were marked L and R in the plastic. To be fair, there was a link to an assembly video I did not click on – a personal preference.

The casters slide well and the adjustments work relatively easily, although folks with shorter arms may struggle a bit to find the controls from a seated position.

Image Credit: Flexispot.

I found the breathable mesh that makes up the body of the chair to be comfortable, just flexible enough to maneuver, without feeling like you’re going to tear or pop something. I did not opt for the footrest, but others seem to like it.

My biggest issue, honestly, was with the headrest. It flexes and tilts a bit and is comfortable when you’ve elevated the chair’s height. But if you’re a taller person choosing to sit lower down, it tends to be too movable. My head would shift it up into a less comfortable position at times and I’d have to tug it down. But this is only a minor issue.

Overall, the Flexispot C7 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair is a very good option for desk work – and I imagine it’s perfect for gaming too. You get a solid, comfortable chair that allows you to sit for longer and improves your posture and stance. It’s not too expensive – and, in fact, will be on sale this weekend for Labor Day with a sizeable discount, and an even larger one if you also grab the premium standing desk.

Rating: 9/10 SPECS.

The chair is available for purchase on the Flexispot website.

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