Eric Drummond – All about Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s resident geologist

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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch may remain a very perplexing show, but Eric Drummond has earned his stripes as a geologist and a reality television star.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has certainly never been a show that catered to closed-minded individuals.

But it can often be difficult to draw the line between fact and fiction when it comes to the show’s unexplained occurrences, strange energy-zones and ancient tales of hidden treasure.

Eric’s qualifications

And with all of the rumors floating around about which elements of the show may be staged or fabricated, many fans have found themselves wondering whether Eric Drummond, the resident Mystery at Blind Frog ranch geologist and prospector, is really as scientific as the show portrays him to be.

However, while the jury is still out on the legitimacy of some of the things which have been “found” on Blind Frog Ranch so far, Eric is a legitimate geologist who studied geology at New England College in New Hampshire and has more than 30 years of experience working all over the world in the hydrogeology, engineering geology and mining fields.

He is also the founder of the Greenland-based startup Red Ice Gem (which does not have much of an online presence).

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is not Eric’s first television gig

Although many of the things he experienced on Blind Frog Ranch might have been new for Eric, he is certainly adept at being in front of the cameras.

Before Eric signed on to help the team on the show, he was part of a different Animal Planet show, which was shot in Greenland. Eric’s television resume now includes the following

Show Number of seasons Air dates
Ice Cold Gold 3 2013 to 2015
Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch 2 2021 to 2022

Why Eric Drummond is involved in the project

The allure of a treasure that is reportedly worth about $3 billion is enough to get just about anybody excited to join a team, but it seems like gold is not the only Blind Frog Ranch metal which interests Eric.

According to an interview that he did with the Hollywood Soapbox, there are a couple of things beneath the surface of Blind Frog Ranch intrigue Eric, including the “natural occurrences of minerals and things like that — gold, iridium.”

In fact, when Eric spoke to about the strangest things that he had found on the ranch, he listed the iridium that the team found in season one, and the gallium that they found in season two, and did not mention anything about the traces of gold that they have found throughout the series.

So it seems like Eric finds Blind Frog Ranch just as puzzling as we do.

What Eric thinks is inside the box

There have been enough weird and wonderful finds on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch so far to write a book about.

But the biggest question, which that has been looming over the series since the beginning, is “What is inside of the box in the pond?”

And while Eric admits that the box may have moved down a couple of spaces on the team’s priority list for now, he also acknowledges that the discovery of the gallium cores inside the rocks will certainly be an interesting object of further investigation.

Hopefully, the box does not become another one of the mysteries that the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team just never returns to (see: the cave system that the team discovered at the end of season two, but has not mentioned in season three so far), so that we can get some answers about why the box was put there and what it is protecting or concealing.

Why Eric is missing from season three of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Season three of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has finally started airing. And if you could wrap your mind around the black holes and god-like faces on the sides of mountains, then you may have noticed that Eric was missing from this season’s first episode.

Eric was also missing from the lineup of short, cast-focused videos which Chad posted on his Facebook page in the last week and the season’s teaser trailer.

And until either Eric or one of the other team members speak out about his absence, questions about why he left (or was asked to leave) so suddenly after his successful LIDAR cave-finding mission in the previous season will likely remained unanswered.

Moreover, we just cannot help but wonder whether Eric’s scientific approach interfered with the more spiritual, “invisible realm”-type methodology that the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team have started to explore in this new season.