Erick from Casa Roma was fired after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired

Erick from Casa Roma was fired after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired

Erick from Casa Roma is indirectly responsible for one of the funniest moments in Kitchen Nightmares’ history, but he was fired before the “Revisited” episode was filmed.

Gordon Ramsay’s show, Kitchen Nightmares may have started airing (and entered its almost decade-long hiatus) several years ago, but this reality television show remains a consistent favorite among fans.

This is evident in that well over 1.5 million tuned in to watch the premiere of its rebooted eighth season on September 25, 2023.

And while this new season has definitely helped to reinvigorate the show, there is just nothing quite like watching this notoriously sharp-tongued celebrity chef face off against an owner of chef that seems to have it coming.

Many memorable moments from these early-2000s episodes have gone down in Kitchen Nightmares history, but few compare to Ramsay running laps around the dining room during his 40-minute wait at Casa Roma in season three.

What happened to Erick after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired

Ramsay encountered many issues during his visit to Casa Roma, but the restaurant’s head chef, Erick, and his so-called “bad day” certainly stand out as one of the most glaring.

And it seems like Erick’s antics during Ramsay’s first visit to the restaurant may have been just what the owner, Nylah, needed to see the error of their ways.

The second time that Ramsay visited Casa Roma in season three’s “Revisited No. 3” episode, Nylah informed him that the fan-favorite villain chef was dismissed, and had actually been replaced by Chef Q (who used to work at Sebastian’s, which fans my recognize from season one of Kitchen Nightmares).

Nylah did not specify exactly what happened to Erick after he left the restaurant, and since he has not been very active on social media since, there is no real update as to Erick’s whereabouts since this “Revisited” episode aired.

The fate of Kitchen Nightmares’ season three restaurants

Casa Roma had quite the rollercoaster ride after the Kitchen Nightmares episode aired, but the restaurant eventually closed its doors for good in 2017.This was about seven years after the episode first aired.

This places Casa Roma near the top of the list for ‘Season three restaurants which remained open the longest,’ as is shown below:

Rank Restaurant Run after Kitchen Nightmares
1. Lido di Manhattan and Le Bistro Still open
2. Casa Roma Closed more than seven years after the episode aired
3. Mojito Closed more than six years after the episode aired
4. Flamangos Closed more than a year after the episode aired
5. Mama Rita's Closed +/- 9 months after the episode aired
6. Hot Potato Cafe Closed +/- 7 months after the episode aired
7. Fleming Closed +/- 5 months after the episode aired
8. Bazzini Closed +/- 4 months after the episode aired
9. Anna Vincenzo's Closed +/- 1 month after the episode aired
10. Sushi-Ko Closed before the episode aired

What happened after Gordon Ramsay’s first Kitchen Nightmares visit?

Since Casa Roma managed to stay open for a few years after Ramsay’s first visit, the celebrity chef actually made the trip down to Lancaster, California again for the “Revisited No. 3” episode, which aired in the show’s third season.

Upon his return, Ramsay was informed that quite a few things had changed at Casa Roma after his departure.  This includes Nylah’s “clearing out” of the old staff, and a 33 percent increase in business since the previous visit.

The reason why Casa Roma closed down

Unfortunately, despite being featured on Kitchen Nightmares twice, Casa Roma hit a rough patch in 2014.

Thus, the business went through a temporary closure and multiple name changes. Thereafter, Nylah ultimately decided to call it quits on July 1, 2017.

Nylah explained in a farewell message posted to Casa Roma’s Facebook page that “things have come about that can’t help but go this way”, but did not provide any further explanation as to why the restaurant was closing down.

What Nylah form Casa Roma is doing now

When Ramsay returned to Casa Roma for the “Revisited” episode, Nylah also broke the news that she had decided to buy out her son, Jeremy’s stake in the business and had become the restaurant’s sole owner.

And besides a few hiccups here and there, it seems as though Nylah was involved in the restaurant up until its eventual closure.

However, according to Nylah’s personal Facebook page she has now retired from the restaurant industry, presumably after putting away a good chunk of money from Casa Roma’s sale.

Moreover, this former restaurant owner and reality television star seems to be enjoying living a relatively slow life, surrounded by her closest friends and family.