Frustrated EV Owner Shares ‘Proof That Electric Cars Are a Scam’

woman upset in electric car

We've all heard how electric vehicles are the cars of the future. Governmental policies have been implemented in places like California, where gas-powered cars are being forced out, and EVs are being pushed as the only option. 

We hear that EVs will save us money, are better for the environment and more convenient since you can charge them at home, and are the future of transportation. 

But is this true?

One EV owner took to YouTube to prove how EVs are a scam, and he refutes each myth about EV ownership being pushed. 

Take a look at his case for yourself:

EVs Are Not Cheaper

The average EV costs $60,000, which is $12,000 higher than gas-powered cars. So, right off the bat, they are more expensive. Of course, the analysis doesn't stop there. We know that you have to factor in maintenance, electric costs to charge, and tax credits that EV owners receive.

Several EV owners have reported that public charging stations cost more to recharge a car than it costs to fill a car up with gas. One EV truck owner used a level 2 charger to charge his pickup. After 2 hours of fast charging, he was shocked to see that the price was more than it had ever cost him to fill up his ICE trucks before. 

Thought you'd save money? Mach1 Services says, “a bigger or long-distance vehicle could cost between $22.50 to $45” to charge on a level 2 public charging port.

I don't know about you, but if I'm buying an EV, then I expect it to cost significantly less than $45 to charge it up. Especially once you consider that you're only getting 250-300 miles of range on that charge– if you're lucky.

If you think you'll save money by getting a home charger, Home Advisor says that it costs anywhere from $545-$1,375 to get an electrician to set up and wire them into your garage. And that's a significant amount of money that needs to be included in the overall cost of an EV. 

The Issue of Gas Taxes for Road Repairs

When you buy gas, it helps pay for the road tax. What's going to happen when we're all electric?

Don't worry. We're going to pay for it one way or another. Either our roads will be in worse shape because there's no funds to pay for repairs, or they'll figure out another way to tack on extra costs, which will be more cost that we have to put into the calculation for EV ownership. 

And one last thing that he didn't mention?

The cost of maintenance is higher, insurance is higher, and the cost of parts to repair is higher. 

So how, again, are EVs cheaper than gas cars?

He closes his video with this statement, “In the end, the myth of cheaper electric cars is just that–a pipe dream.”