Here’s Why Electric Car Batteries Are Bad News for The Environment

electric car battery

The world’s transition to all-electric transportation is underway as automakers push to introduce all-new electric lineups. With the government providing funding for EV production and mandating the transition to all-electric cars, there’s no doubt that electric cars are our future. 

One harrowing factor about electric cars that we seem to be overlooking is the negative environmental impact that their batteries have on the planet. While it’s true that EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, the truth is that electric cars are not all innocent. 

Limited Lifespan

Just like any battery, electric car batteries degrade over time, and while gas-powered car batteries can easily be replaced for $100-$200, it’s not that simple for electric cars.

A Swedish car owner experienced this the hard way this week when they received a repair bill for $21,000 for their Tesla battery. Electric car batteries are not built to last; when they go out, you can expect a hefty repair bill. 

Environmental Impact

Electric car batteries are made from lithium-ion, a substance that can be environmentally harmful because of how it is mined. It takes an enormous amount of water to extract lithium-ion, and once the batteries are finally produced, there is concern about how they will be disposed of.

Currently, only 5% of electric car batteries are making it to recycling centers, raising concerns about the whereabouts of the other 95% and their impact on the planet. 

Resource Depletion

Electric car batteries are naturally sourced, which means there will be a limited supply of these materials. EV batteries require materials like lithium-ion, cobalt, and nickel, and there are worries that these natural resources may eventually be depleted as time and production go on.

Automakers are working to find alternative materials for battery production, but until they do, EV batteries are using substantial amounts of natural resources. 

While these factors may not be substantial environmental dangers, consumers must be aware of all aspects of EV production to make the best choice for themselves in their transition to all-electric transportation.

Author: Madison Cates

Title: Managing Editor - Autos

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