Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries

Competitive Pokémon trainers must ensure their Pokémon are at their peak potential. They can ensure that by sticking to very strict plans while training their Pokémon. However, sometimes they can make mistakes, and EV Berries can help fix that.

EV Berries help trainers reduce the effort values (EVs) their Pokémon has collected. That's important because there's a limit to how many EVs one Pokémon can have.

Each Pokémon can gain a maximum of 510 EVs. Per stat, they can only have a maximum of 252 from Gen 7 and up and 255 prior to Gen 7.

That said, the most popular spread is 252/252/8. It ensures you can maximize your Pokémon's potential without wasting a single EV.

So, why are EVs important? Effort Values give your Pokémon more stat points. For every four EVs that they get in Attack, for example, they get 1 actual stat point.

They get EVs depending on what Pokémon they defeat. Without berries, you can't correct your mistakes. 

To illustrate, suppose you plan to give your Latios the standard set of 252 Special Attack EVs and 252 Speed EVS. But you accidentally let him help defeat a Tentacruel. Your Latios now has 2 Special Defense EVS – which is not part of the plan.

That's a big problem.

You have to deal with it by putting another 2 Special Defense EVs on your Latios so no EVs will go to waste. Either that or you train another one – and mind you, getting a legendary Pokémon with perfect IVs is not easy.

This is where EV Berries come in. They reduce the EVs of your Pokémon for a specific stat. You can feed your Latios with a Special Defense EV-reducing berry in the given design. Then, you can continue training as if nothing happened.

Where Are the EV Berries?

On the latest installments in the main series Pokémon games, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, here are the locations of Ev Berries:

  • Route 211 
  • Route 212 
  • Route 214 
  • Route 221 
  • Route 222 
  • Route 225 
  • Route 226 
  • Route 228 
  • Route 229 
  • Route 230 
  • Fuego Ironworks

You can also get one of each from the Berry Master in Route 208.

On the latest Generation (Gen 8) games, here are the locations of trees you can get EV berries from:

  • Route 7
  • Giant's Mirror
  • Bridge Field
  • Motostoke Riverbank
  • Hammerlocke Hills
  • Giant's cap
  • Dappled Grove
  • Rolling Fields 
  • Giant's Seat
  • North Lake Miloch

You can also get EV Berries from Max Raids, but you can only get one for each raid.

What Are EV Reducing Berries? 

EV Reducing Berries are a group of very specific berries in the game that work in the same way that Vitamins do but reverse. Each one you feed a Pokémon lowers their EVs in that particular stat. 

If your Pokémon has a lot of unexpected EVs, you can use special berries to get rid of them. Each stat has its berry, which removes EVs from that stat. Here's how they match up: 

  • Pomeg Berry — HP 
  • Keplsy Berry — Attack 
  • Qualot Berry — Defense 
  • Hondew Berry — Special Attack 
  • Grepa Berry — Special Defense 
  • Tamato Berry — Speed 

How Many EVs Do Berries Reduce? 

Again, EV Berries are like Vitamins, but they do the exact opposite. So, each EV Berry reduces 10 EVs for the stat that they reduce.

If your Pokémon has less than 10 EVs for that stat, it will reduce only that amount. Berries can't bring the count to the negatives.

How Do I Get More EV Berries? 

In Sword and Shield, you can get EV Berries from Max raids. But that is not guaranteed to it is not reliable. What you want to do instead is shake some trees.

Here's how to do that properly:

Step 1: Find a tree.

EV Berries
Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries 7

Find a location where there is a tree and press A to shake it.

Step 2: Keep shaking the tree.

EV Berries
Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries 8

The game will ask you if you want to shake the tree more or quit. Keep shaking the tree until you see that the tree is shaking vigorously.

Step 3: Quit

Choose Quit once the tree starts to shake vigorously. That guarantees that a Pokémon will appear, and it will steal some of the berries.

In BDSP,on the other hand, getting Ev Berries is just like in any other Pokémon game.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

EV Berries
Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries 9

Obtain the Key Item Sprayduck and get at least one of the EV Berry that you want to farm.

Step 2: Plant the EV Berry

EV Berries
Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries 10

Find a spot on the map with soft soil. Plant your EV Berry there.

Step 3: Wait and come back for harvest

EV Berries
Where to Find Pokémon EV Berries 11

Leave the EV Berries for 32 hours to let them grow. Then, come back to harvest them. Each plant will yield 2 – 5 EV Berries.

Repeat the process to get more EV Berries.

When Can You No Longer Use EV Berries? 

You can always use an EV berry on your Pokémon, but you may receive a notice claiming that the stat cannot be reduced further. Still, the berries will continue to work because they also boost happiness. The only time they won't work is if you use it on a Pokémon with maximum happiness and 0 EVs in a particular stat. 

How Much EVs Do Berries take Away? 

As stated above, EV berries reduce a Pokémon's Evs for a particular stat by 10.

Where Can I Buy EV Reducing Berries BDSP? 

In BDSP, you can buy EV Berries in Battle Park for one point each.