These 12 States Offer The Most Savings on Electric Vehicles: Do You Live In One?

There’s a lot of debate about whether electric vehicles (EVs) are cheaper than gas-powered cars. Significant federal tax credits are offered by the IRS for purchasing an EV, with the maximum credit ringing in at $7,500. 

These savings look good, but there are many more factors to include than just the purchase price. You must look at the purchase price, insurance costs, repair and maintenance, and compare refueling and recharging costs. 

The Washington Post decided to break it all down, run the numbers, and find out whether refueling or recharging provides better cost advantages, and they found out the 15 cheapest states to recharge an EV. 

Washington – The Evergreen Advantage

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If you’re a Washington resident, you’ll be happy to know that by switching to an EV, your state provides the most savings. If you own a truck, you’ll see around an $80 savings per fill-up. If you own an SUV, you’ll see a $49 savings per fill-up, and interestingly, if you own a sedan, you’ll save even more than an SUV with a savings of $59 per fill-up. 

Oregon – Leading The Charge

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Oregon comes in second, but there are still plenty of savings for EV owners. If you own a truck, you’ll see an average of $71 per fill-up. If you’re an SUV owner, then you’ll see an average of $43 per fill-up, and for a sedan, you’ll see an average of $53 savings per fill-up. 

Nevada – Betting on EVs

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Are you hanging out in Nevada? You’re in luck. You’ll have some extra savings you can spend at the slots. If you’re a truck owner, you’ll see an average savings of $57 per refueling. If you own an SUV, you’ll see an average savings of $35. For sedans, there’s an average savings of $44. 

Idaho – Sparks of Savings

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If you live in the potato state, most of your energy is sourced naturally from gas and wind power, so investing in an EV would be a great environmentally friendly option. And if you do, you can expect to see significant savings per refueling. For a truck, an average savings of $57; for an SUV, a savings of $35; and for a sedan, a savings of $43. 

Utah – Electrifying Efficiency

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Utah is number five on the list, and by switching to electric, if you’re a truck owner, you’ll see a savings of $55 per refueling. On an SUV, you’ll see around $34 savings per refueling, and for a sedan, an average savings of $42. Most of Utah’s electric energy is sourced from coal-powered power plants, so an EV won’t be much better for the environment, but you’ll definitely see the savings. 

California – Pioneering The Way

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Prices in California are through the roof, and owning an EV may be one way that you can cut down on expenses. If you choose to switch to electric, you’ll see an average savings of $53 per refueling on trucks, $33 per refueling for sedans, and $43 per refueling for sedans. 

Arizona – The Grand Electric State

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Arizona resident? Get ready for big savings there, too. At number 7, Arizona residents can save an average of $50 per fill-up on a truck, $31 per fill-up on an SUV, and an average of $39 per fill-up on a sedan. Is an EV worth it? That’s your call. 

Montana – Where EVs Make Cents

Glacier National Park, Montana
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In Montana, beautiful landscapes meet affordability for EVs. Savings per refueling average $50 for trucks, $31 for SUVs, and $38 for sedans. The state’s commitment to sustainability and the wide open spaces make for a great environment for those who love the great outdoors. You get to explore, be kind to the environment, and save money while driving an EV. 

Wyoming – The Electric Range State

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Wyoming makes it into the top 10 cheapest places to refuel an EV. Residents can expect an average savings per refueling of $48 for trucks, $30 for SUVs, and $37 for sedans. Experience competitive savings as you explore Wyoming’s natural beauty. These savings only apply to refueling, so do all the math before leaping into EV ownership. 

Illinois – The EV Heartland

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Illinois is in the heart of the nation, and it’s seeing a lot of growth in electric vehicle adoption. It may be because of the significant savings that can be seen in EV ownership in this state. Truck owners save an average of $47 per refueling, $29 for SUVs, and $37 for sedans. 

Colorado – Rocky Mountain Savings

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
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Colorado is a surprising one on the list since their cost of living is so high. The state’s commitment to clean energy aligns perfectly with the EV savings you can find there. Residents can expect to save $46 per refueling for trucks, $28 for SUVs, and $36 for sedans. 

North Dakota – Charging Ahead

North Dakota
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North Dakota is another state that offers high savings for EV owners. Their savings per refueling averages out to $45 for trucks, $28 for SUVs, and $35 for sedans. EV ownership may be a great way for North Dakotans to save a buck while being kind to the environment.