Trump Isn’t The Only Political Leader Concerned About Electric Vehicles, European Leaders Join in The Debate

HERSHEY, PA - DECEMBER 10, 2019:President Donald Trump gestures the confident fist pump on stage at a campaign rally at the Giant Center.

Former President Donald Trump has much to say about electric vehicles (EVs). While some have deemed EVs the answer to sustainable transportation, Trump could not disagree more.

Trump’s recent visit to Michigan to visit the United Auto Workers on strike led to Trump revealing his position on the Biden administration’s EV policies. Trump attempted to convince UAW members that shifting away from gas cars would mean they were out of jobs. He told them their negotiations with automakers would be pointless if this EV revolution continued.

Trump dismissed EVs as too expensive, said they don’t go far enough, and stated that EV drivers are panicked about charging infrastructure. While Trump’s stance was strong, there appear to be European political leaders who agree with him.

Other Political Leaders Chime In 

Italian Transport Minister Matteo Salvini had much to say in opposition to a proposed European Union ban on gas cars. Salvini described this ban as a “job-destroying madness” that will only benefit China in the long run. Which, to me, sounds a lot like Trump’s sentiments.

Czech lawmaker Alexandr Vondra echoed the same thoughts when he called stricter vehicle pollution limits “gravediggers of the automotive industry in Europe.”

What is Trump so worried about? He fears this push toward EVs will hand American jobs to the Chinese since China dominates the global battery minerals and manufacturing industry.

Biden Administration's Stance

The Biden administration disagrees on all counts and believes that Trump's concerns are baseless since their policies include criteria that support North American manufacturing.

As the debate over EVs in America unfolds, it’s comforting to know that we are not the only country concerned about our transportation's future. While green transportation is attractive and honorable, we have to wonder whether or not this push for EVs is premature.

States are already beginning to tack on extra fees to EV owners, with Texas recently announcing a new $200 annual fee to make up for lost gasoline taxes.


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