3-Year EV Owner’s Unfiltered Review, ‘Don’t Buy an Electric Car’

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more popular, there's no shortage of extreme opinions on both sides of the game. There are many mixed opinions because, on the one hand, the government is pushing EV ownership by offering generous tax credits and pushing automakers to produce more affordable EV models. Then, on the other hand, you have real-life EV owners who have owned an EV, driven it for years, and have honest opinions on what it is really like to drive one.

One EV owner has a solid three years of experience under his belt and has driven roughly 25,000 miles in his EV. He went to YouTube to share his honest review on whether or not you should buy an EV. Brace yourselves because he's not sugar-coating anything.

The Charging Conundrum

First off, the biggest and worst thing about owning an EV is the public charging network. This driver is in the UK, but the same is true in the US. According to this driver, reliability issues are at the top of his list. He shares stories of broken chargers, long wait times, and gas-powered car owners chilling in the EV charging spots just because.

Another annoying thing that he mentioned is that the charging network is like a fragmented puzzle. You pay through an app for public charging, and since there are so many different charging network brands, you have to download a different app for each brand.

Imagine the annoyance of realizing you don't have the right app, frantically downloading it, and then hoping it works. His suggestion? Governments should consider legislating maintenance requirements for charging stations to avoid these headaches.

Home Chargers to The Rescue

If you can invest in a home charger, this EV owner sings their praises. He said he could get home for the day, pop his car on the charger, and the next morning, he was fully charged and ready to roll. Forget the gas station! He said home chargers are one of the best perks of being an EV owner.

But here's the caveat: if you have to rely on public charging, there might be a better purchase for you than an EV. This owner's candid advice: “DON'T BUY AN EV.”

The Dreaded Range Anxiety

Range anxiety—those two words that haunt potential EV owners. Surprisingly, this long-time EV driver only experienced it twice in five years. Once when he first bought the EV and the other time during a road trip when he arrived at a charging station with only 15% of the battery left.

His antidotes to range anxiety? Avoid cars with small batteries, remember that your range varies with weather conditions, and opt for charging stations with multiple ports to increase your chances of finding an available one.

The Financial Equation

You can't have an EV review without talking about money. There are all sorts of differing opinions, and yes, purchasing an EV often comes with a higher upfront cost. But this owner says it's not all about that headline number.

There are loads of tax incentives that consumers can take advantage of that can help offset the difference.
He also warns that EVs tend to depreciate much, much more quickly than their gasoline or diesel counterparts, so he advises against buying a brand-new EV. Opt for one that's around a year or two old, and you'll be in much better shape.

Maintenance and repairs? He claims that in his experience, EVs require less of both, and his EV came with four years of free service, which has covered everything his car has needed so far.

Plus, charging at home can cost as little as $12 for a full charge, making the ongoing expenses of an EV pleasantly affordable.

If you're interested in watching his full review, you can find it on YouTube