Every Mark Hamill Cameo in Star Wars

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Mark Hamill Appeared in 6 Star Wars Saga Films but He Had a Few Secret Cameos in the Films as Well

Here's a list of every time we can find Mark Hamill has done a voice-over cameo in the wider Star Wars canon.

Our favourite one is the voice-over that Hamill did in The Empire Strikes Back – he announces “The first transport is away!”

This is quite a cool Easter Egg from Rogue One – Hamill is the announcer in the Rebel base that says they are going to Scarif base. He is credited on IMDB as William Patrick which Hamill appears to use as a pseudonym which is made up of the first name of both his brothers:

william patrick mark hamill

Mark Hamill has publically acknowledged he has a cameo in every sequel as well.

He voiced Boolio, a mine overseer at the Sinta Glacier Colony in The Rise of Skywalker. Boolio was given screen credit as ‘Patrick Williams' – which can be found on IMDB. The character was portrayed physically by creature performer Aidan Cook.

In The Last Jedi, Hamil voiced and played the character who was a gambler in the Casino on Canto Bight called ‘Dobbu Scay'. Hamill wore a motion capture suit to play the part.

A good bit of Mandalorian trivia is that Hamill, himself played the voice of the bartender robot in the Cantina in the fifth episode called “The Gunslinger”, the droid, EV-9D9. A cooler bit of trivia is the same robot appeared in Return of the Jedi – in Jabba's palace.

EV-9D9 mandalorian hamill
Hamill has also confirmed he took a turn doing lines for The Force Awakens and also Solo – but the character names have yet to be confirmed.

Here's Hamill credited as William M. Patrick in the Solo film as doing an ‘additional voice'.

Hamill credited as William M. Patrick in the Solo film

Hamill did confirm that he has no part in Ewok Adventure and Caravan of Courage.

So while Hamil has had a few parts in the Star Wars films, he's a fair way away from catching up to the actor who has played the most cameo roles – Warwick Davis.

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