Everything we know about First Wives Club season 4

Everything we know about First Wives Club season 4

First Wives Club has not yet officially been renewed for season four, but there is still hope that the series will return.

In this day and age, figuring out whether a popular television show will be cancelled or renewed for another season can be as difficult as planning and executing a heist.

However, unlike with the expert heists that the ladies of BET+’s First Wives Club pull off so effortlessly, they may not have much control over whether the show returns for a fourth season or not.

The First Wives Club season 4 details

Now before you get too excited about watching what Dr. Bree (played by Michelle Buteau), Hazel (portrayed by Jill Scott), and Jayla (played by Michelle Mitchenor) get up to in season four – it is important to establish that the series has not been officially renewed just yet.

The bright side of this is that even though First Wives Club has not been officially renewed, it has also not been officially cancelled. This means that there is still hope that our favorite witty, leading ladies could be back on the small screen soon.

In fact, perhaps the biggest indication that First Wives Club may be returning to BET+ as soon as possible (even though the fourth season may be a little behind schedule), is the fact that Shea William Vanderpoort (the First Wives Club director) responded to a comment from a fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) stating “I need more seasons too”, with a simple “Agreed”.

So, if the director is ready for another season, and the show’s viewership numbers have stayed consistent through the years, it truly will be just a matter of time before First Wives Club is renewed for a fourth season.

When will First Wives Club season 4 start?

Obviously, we will not know First Wives Club season four’s exact release date until the show’s renewal is officially announced.

However, some patterns do emerge when you look at the past announcements and releases for the series, as outlined below:

Season Renewal announcement Initial release date
Season 1 September 2019 September 19, 2019
Season 2 November 2019 July 15, 2021
Season 3 September 2021 November 17, 2022 to December 15, 2022

It might seem like all hope is lost, since there has been nothing but radio-silence for almost a year since season three’s emotional finale aired.

But there was an almost 2-year break between season two and season three’s announcements, so this kind of delay is not necessarily out of the ordinary for the show.

If the show’s renewal is announced by BET+ by the end of this year, it is likely that fans can expect to see season four premiering by the second half of 2024.

Why BET+’s silence may not be such a bad sign

While total radio-silence from a show’s network typically implies that the show has already been written off, traditional cable networks and streaming services alike have a lot to deal with this year.

And even though the WGA strike (which lasted 148 days) in September, the SAG AFTRA Strike lasted a total of 118 days and actors only entered a tentative agreement with the studios and networks a few days ago in November 2023.

And since actors were also not allowed to promote any of their film and television projects for most of the year, the lack of updates about First Wives Club’s fourth season is not really concerning.

Examining First Wives Club’s viewership numbers

First Wives Club has never been one of BET+’s biggest viewership draws. However, First Wives Club was one of only a few series which were selected back in 2019 to help launch the streaming service, and it has remained somewhat of a cult-favorite since.

And according to ShowBuzzDaily, re-runs of the show were still bringing in over 400,000 viewers on BET in June of this year.

The availability of the First Wives Club cast

Whilst friendship and a general sense of ‘women supporting women’ has always been at the heart of what First Wives Club is about, a few rumors have started circulating that things on the set might not always be as friendly.

One of the First Wives Club producers, Scott Rudin, was implicated in some serious sexual assault allegations before the third season of the series even started airing.

And of course, it is still not clear exactly why Ryan Michelle Bathe’s character was written off the show so suddenly.

However, all the remaining cast members, including Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau, RonReaco Lee and Michelle Mitchenor seem to enjoy working on the show. So they will likely be able to return for another season.