Everything you need to know about new episodes of Love It or List It

Everything you need to know about new episodes of Love It or List It

It might be some time before there are any updates about new episode of Love It or List It, but the show has likely not been cancelled.

Love It or List It pits home renovation and real-estate against each other and challenges homeowners to choose between loving their current homes or listing them on the market.

The show has always been among HGTV’s top performers, but right now it seems like fans will have to wait a while for updates about new episodes.

All about Love It or List It

Love It or List It, featuring the expert designer, Hilary Farr and real-estate agent, David Visentin, started airing in 2008 and has now become an HGTV fan-favorite both in Canada and the United States. This, in turn, has paved the way for multiple spin-off shows.

The show follows Hilary, who heads up the “Love It” side, as she attempts to renovate and improve homeowners’ current homes, to make them much more practical.

David, on the “List It” side, tries to entice the owners to sell their current homes, so that they can move into a newer, better home.

Everything you need to know about new episodes of Love It or List It

Although fans in the United States have been watching along as homeowners choose between loving it or listing it for more than a decade on HGTV, Love It or List It, and the show’s two hosts, originally hail from Canada.

And though this does not really change anything about the show, it does make things a bit more complicated behind the scenes.

For instance, while the first few episodes of Love It or List It’s most recent season aired on the same day on both HGTV (in the United States) and HGTV Canada (just an hour later), the series broke this pattern with the episode that first aired on May 15, 2023, and has not provided any updates or new episodes for fans in the United States since.

And with Hilary filming episodes for her own show until quite recently, it may be some time before Love It or List It has new episodes to air.

Love It or List It has consistently been a high performer and Discovery confirmed in a 2022 press release that the show was still bringing in about 18 million until very recently.

So, it is unlikely that the show has been cancelled entirely. But with everything about Love It or List It’s future currently still up in the air, there is nothing left to do but to wait for an official update from the show’s creators.

When did Love It or List It move back to Canada?

Longtime Love It or List It fans may know that the show moved to Raleigh–Durham in North Carolina briefly in 2015.

However, after the COVID-19 pandemic halted filming and production for this show, just like many others, its creators made the executive decision to move all of its filming and production crews back home to Ontario, Canada.

As a result, all of the Love It or List It seasons which have been filmed since 2021 have, once again, been filmed in Canada.

Hilary Farr is busy with her new show

While the hosts of some other HGTV shows often provide behind-the-scenes details for upcoming episodes on their social media pages, the only thing that Farr’s Instagram page reveals, is that she has been hard at work designing for her new HGTV show, Tough Love with Hilary Farr.

Tough Love with Hilary Farr follows Farr as she attempts to transform the homes and lives of several families who have gotten in over their heads.

This show has already gained a loyal following and was renewed for a second season, which started airing recently on September 4, 2023.

Some Love It or List It spin-offs to track down in the meantime

Until the Love It or List It team reveals more details about if and when fans can expect new episodes of the show to start airing in the United States, watching one of the show’s spin-offs may be your best bet.

Love It or List It Vancouver (or “Love It or List It, Too”, as it is known in the United States) also airs on HGTV and should prove well worth the watch to fans of the original.

The show also has a British version, called Kirstie and Phil's Love It or List It, an Australian version called Love It Or List It Australia, and a version focused on vacation homes, which is aptly titled Love It or List It Vacation Homes, but these versions are often more difficult to find in the States.