Everywhere where you can watch American Housewife

Everywhere where you can watch American Housewife

American Housewife is available to stream on both Hulu and YouTube TV, but the show is also available to purchase on a number of platforms.

American Housewife is a typical sitcom which follows a not-so typical family as they find their feet in a brand new neighborhood.

Now that the show has been cancelled and its syndicated run is over, fans have to choose between streaming the show and purchasing it on an online platform.

About American Housewife

American Housewife follows the not-so typical wife and mother, Katie Otto, and the rest of her slightly chaotic family, including her husband, Jeff Otto and their children: Taylor Harrison and Anna-Kat.

This family tries to fit into the cookie-cutter norms of their new neighborhood in Westport, Connecticut.

The Otto family may not necessarily share all of the wealthy and pretentious traits of the other, seemingly-perfect families in the neighborhood, nor does Katie’s parenting style match that of her two best friends.

But their continuous silly antics and witty back-and-forths ensure that there is always a lot going on in the Otto household.

Everywhere where you can watch American Housewife

American Housewife was always fairly popular with audiences. However, some behind-the-scenes changes and a slight drop in viewership ultimately prompted ABC to drop the show in 2021, after just five seasons on the air.

This means that American Housewife fans can now no longer look forward to new episodes airing on ABC. It also means that the show can be quite difficult to find when you want to re-watch it for nostalgia’s sake.

When news first broke that American Housewife was officially cancelled, Disney Media Entertainment & Distribution swooped in to license the show for syndication.

This deal ensured that American Housewife would be broadcast over 13 different CBS-owned stations and stations from other broadcast groups, including Weigel Broadcasting, Nexstar Media Group, Cox Media Group, American Spirit Media and more for the fall 2022 television season.

However, if you would like to watch American Housewife now that this 2022 syndication season has ended, you only really have two options, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Stream American Housewife on the show’s subscription-based streaming hub, Hulu, or on YouTube TV
  2. Purchase the show from an online platform like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV or Vudu

But, before you jump into picking up a new subscription-based streaming service or purchasing the series online, it is important to consider whether it is even worth watching at all.

Watching American Housewife on Hulu

One of the simplest ways to go about watching all five available seasons of American Housewife is through the Hulu streaming service.

American Housewife is available to stream on any of the Hulu subscription plans, which include content from Disney+, since the show is now owned by Disney.

The Hulu and Disney bundle options are:

Plan Price
Disney Bundle Duo Basic (includes content from Hulu and Disney+) $9.99 per month
Disney Bundle Trio Basic (includes content from Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+) $12.99 per month
Disney Bundle Trio Premium (includes content from Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ and does not include ads) $19.99 per month

You can also find American Housewife on the YouTube TV streaming service, which costs $72.99 per month.

Where to purchase American Housewife

If you do not want to watch American Housewife through a Hulu subscription, you can also opt to purchase the show.

All five seasons of American Housewife are available to purchase on the Amazon Prime Video platform for $2.99 an episode or $19.99 per season. The show is also available on Google Play, on Apple TV via the iTunes library.

Is American Housewife worth watching?

Whenever a sitcom like American Housewife is pulled off the air so quickly, it is easy to assume that the show was just not really resonating with audiences the way that the network had hoped it would. But, in American Housewife’s case, this is not necessarily true.

Although the series faced some backlash over the years for not being unique enough or not having enough to say about the modern state of life in suburbia, it has always been fairly well-liked by audiences.

In fact, American Housewife currently has an average audience score of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7 out of 10 on IMDb. American Housewife was even nominated for a People’s Choice Award in 2017.

And, while it is often difficult to tell whether a series is worth watching before you start watching it, it is fairly safe to assume that you will enjoy watching (or even re-watching) American Housewife if you are looking for an uncomplicated comedy, with a big heart.