Manipulative Ex and His Mom Try To Win Her Back, but Her Mom Isn’t Having It

After almost two years together, he cheated on her. At first it was hard to believe, but when she was confronted with undeniable proof, she broke up him.

He Wouldn't Stop Coming Back

He cried, went to his knees, and begged. He said he really loved her and wanted to be with her; he cheated because he was frustrated. Lately, he was feeling like she wasn't giving him enough attention.

So OP ignored him and blocked his number and blocked him on social media. Her ex tried using his family's phones to reach her, so she blocked them, too. He even visited her house, but she had a locked gate and dogs kept him from being able to get inside.

When the dogs stopped him, he slumped in front of their street and cried while demanding to see her. She had already told her parents she had broken up with him, so her mom frantically called her to say that her ex was making a scene outside their house.

OP immediately went back home and confronted him. He told her he couldn't live without her and that he'd kill himself if she wouldn't get back together. Now, this is where she agrees she did wrong: She laughed at him and said he could try and left him outside.

He Tried

It was quiet for 2-3 weeks, so she thought he had finally left her alone. Then one day, she got a call from an unknown number. When she answered it, it was his mom crying. She demanded whatever her ex did, she should forgive him because her son was in the hospital right now after trying to kill himself.

OP was surprised and worried because she didn't want him back anymore. So she turned to her parents for help.

Her dad said the ex was pitiful, but hoped OP would be able to find a way to support her ex for awhile, even if it meant lying to him. On the other hand, her mom said her ex was crazy and never to see him again. Her friends told her he's manipulative. Her relatives advised her to forgive him.

She does care about him and doesn't want him to die, but she also doesn't want to get back together because she knows her worth.

Social Media War

She texted his mom, saying she was no longer in contact with him but wished for his fast recovery. And things got worse.

His mom sent her nasty messages filled with swearwords. But she ignored her ex's mom because she knew his mom must be going through a lot with her son in the hospital after a suicide attempt. OP ended up blocking her ex's mom as well.

She woke up the next day to a series of messages and message requests. To her utmost dismay, her ex's mom posted their story filled with half-truths on social media, accompanied by pictures of him in the hospital, and tagged her. She also screen-shotted the text messages between her and OP from the previous day.

OP was turned into a villain overnight. Most of her message requests were her ex's relatives cursing her. Some were random strangers rebuking her. Even worse, some of her relatives scolded her, saying she should've taken their advice and gotten back together with him.

Thankfully, the post didn't go viral, but so many people she knew and friends of friends saw it. Her mom told her to go on a social media detox and offered to handle the situation. OP agreed, so Mom went to Facebook and added context to the ex's story, saying that it was convenient the story left out they broke up because he cheated on OP (and included the receipts).

The hate died down a bit, and she also received some support, but the damage had been done.

No Regrets

This is where things get even more complicated. Following the social media flame war, OP's ex's employer was considering letting him go because the stunt his mother pulled was bad for their PR. His mom messaged her mom asking that she take the post about her son being a cheater down. She also said she'd delete her own post too.

OP's mom found it incredibly convenient that they wanted to be civil now. It was only after the ex's job was on the line that his mom wanted to drop the issue.

But the posts are still up.

OP still gets some hate messages, but she believes she can handle it. Her parents are no longer speaking terms; her dad feels the whole issue is being blown out of proportion. Worse, her ex is still contacting her, still asking her for things.

What do you think? Was her mom right to refuse to take down the post?

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