Examining the rumors about Vic Flores and Fiesta Sunrise from Kitchen Nightmares

Examining the rumors about Vic Flores and Fiesta Sunrise from Kitchen Nightmares

There are so many rumors surrounding Fiesta Sunrise and its owners, but very few of these rumors have any truth to them.

Fiesta Sunrise was the Mexican restaurant highlighted in the 10th episode of the second season of Kitchen Nightmares.

This eatery has gone down in history as one of only a few restaurants that closed down before its grand Gordon Ramsay makeover could even air.

But even though Fiesta Sunrise’s 15 minutes of fame seemingly ended before they even began, the restaurant has actually now garnered a second wind, thanks to the internet rumor-mill.

To be honest, it does seem like the owners and managers of Fiesta Sunrise were not completely forthcoming about their business on Kitchen Nightmares.

Particularly taking into account Vic and Yolanda’s refusal to move on from their first failed restaurant, the confusing sign on the front of the restaurant displaying the previous name, an alleged stabbing incident, two foreclosures, and the family’s seemingly endless capacity for opening new restaurants.

Separating fact from fiction

However, at this point, all that can really be proven is that Fiesta Sunrise was seized somewhere between September and November of 2008.

This was after the restaurant failed to pay its back taxes (again), and after Patti, who fans of the show will remember as Yolanda’s daughter and Vic’s step-daughter, who had fronted the money to open Fiesta Sunrise and was the owner of the restaurant on paper, had  moved on to work at a different Mexican restaurant.

The rest, including rumors of a stabbing at the restaurant, rumors that Vic passed away and more, are all still simply internet speculation, based purely on hearsay.

Kitchen Nightmares’ season 2 success rate

Fiesta Sunrise did not make it to its Kitchen Nightmares premiere, and it is not the only restaurant from this season that caved due to the various mounting economic pressures of the Great Recession.

In fact, seasons two has one of the worst Kitchen Nightmares track records so far. None of the restaurants featured in this season managed to stay open for very long, as shown below:

Restaurant Original episode air date Closure date
Handlebar September 11, 2008 2009
Giuseppi's September 18, 2008 2009
Trobiano's September 25, 2008 2008
Black Pearl September 25, 2008 2008
J Willy's October 30, 2008 2009
Hannah & Mason's November 6, 2008 2010
Jack's Waterfront November 6, 2008 2010
Sabatiello's November 13, 2008 2008
Fiesta Sunrise November 13, 2008 2008
Santé La Brea November 20, 2008 Sold in 2009, closed in 2011
Cafe 36 January 15, 2009 2009

Was there really a stabbing at Fiesta Sunrise?

One of the rumors that has been repeated over and over again whenever the “Fiesta Sunrise” episode from Kitchen Nightmares comes up in conversation is that there was a stabbing at the restaurant shortly before it closed its doors permanently.

But although some commenters have claimed to have knowledge about such a stabbing occurring, there is no news about such a stabbing available online, which does cast a large shadow of doubt over the entire claim.

After all, if a teenager really was injured in a stabbing outside of a Kitchen Nightmares-bound restaurant, local news outlets would have surely reported this news far and wide.

What happened to Vic and Yolanda after Fiesta Sunrise closed down?

Vic and Yolanda have virtually no presence on the internet outside of their brief stint on reality television, which makes it quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what this couple has been up to since Fiesta Sunrise closed.

Besides some baseless rumors that Vic may have passed away (likely brought on by this article about a different man named Victor Flores Jr., who dies in Norwalk California) there has really not been any update on what the Floreses did after they lost their second restaurant.

Patti’s new restaurant

The only member of the former Fiesta Sunrise staff who has not seemingly fallen off the face of the earth after the restaurant’s failure in 2008 is the person who made it all possible in the first place – the restaurant’s owner, Patti.

When Ramsay first arrived at Fiesta Sunrise, Patti and her restaurant and were already in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, and it is fair to assume that her credit score took some time to recover after the restaurant was seized.

However, it seems like even after all of this, Patti still did not want to leave the hospitality industry and she has now moved on to yet another Mexican restaurant called Fiesta Mexican.

This restaurant is in Orangeburg, and has fairly positive reviews on TripAdvisor, with an overall score of 3.5 out of 5.