10 Excellent Miniseries to Get Your Binge On For the New Year

Looking for an excellent miniseries to captivate your attention longer than a movie but shorter than a show? You've got company. Here are ten top-voted responses received after a Redditor asked for the best miniseries to binge.

1. It's a Sin (2021)

Its a Sin 2021
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It's a Sin is a British drama miniseries on HBO Max. It's set in London and follows a group of gay men moving to London in 1981. The series depicts the impact of the fast-developing HIV/AIDS crisis in the United Kingdom over a decade of friendship. 

2. I May Destroy You (2020)

I May Destroy You 2020
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I May Destroy You features a primarily Black cast and is a British black comedy-drama set in London. It follows a woman and young writer, Arabella (Michaela Coe), rebuilding her life after being raped. It's available to stream on HBO Max

3. Olive Kitteridge (2014)

Olive Kitteridge
Image Credit: HBO

Olive Kitteridge is an HBO miniseries featuring Frances McDormand as the title character. Kitteridge is a strict but well-intentioned retired schoolteacher living in the fictional seaside town of Crosby, Maine. Her husband (Richard Jenkin) is a local pharmacist, and their son is a podiatrist. The series documents Olive's twenty-five years of jealousy, grief, and depression. 

4. Time (2021 – Present)

time 1
Image Credit: BBC

Time is a three-part BBC television drama following a newly imprisoned Mark Cobden (Sean Bean), who is way out of touch with prison life. He meets a compassionate prison officer, Eric (Stephen Graham), who does his best to protect inmates under his watch. However, a seriously dangerous inmate discovers Eric's weakness; he must choose between his family and principles. 

5. Clickbait

Click Bait
Image Credit: Netflix

Clickbait is a drama miniseries documenting the dark side of social media when a father (Adrian Grenier) goes missing but reappears in a viral video online. In the video, he's holding a sign that reads he will die once the stream receives five-million views. Nick's sister (Zoe Kazan) and wife (Betty Gabriel) go to the police and work to stop Nick from being murdered on a live stream. 

6. Ghosts (2021 – Present)

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Ghosts is an American sitcom adapted from the British show of the same name. It follows a married New Yorker couple, Samantha (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), inheriting a beautiful country house. However, they soon discover the home is falling apart and occupied by spirits who died there and are bound to the property until they can reach the afterlife. 

7. Escape At Dannemora (2018)

Escape Dannemora
Image Credit: Showtime

Escape at Dannemora is a crime drama on Showtime based on the true story of the Clinton Correctional Facility escape in upstate New York in 2015. It follows the search for two convicted murderers who escaped with the help of a correctional officer with who they were sexually entangled.

8. Band of Brothers (2001)

Image from the series Band of Brothers
Image Credit: HBO Enterprises/Warner Bros. Television.

Band of Brothers is a war drama based on historian Stephen E. Ambrose's non-fiction book. It dramatizes the history of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. The story follows the battalion from U.S. jump training to participating in European events until Japan's surrender and the end of WWII. 

9. The Night Of (2018)

The Night Of
Image Credit: The Night Of

The Night Of is an eight-part crime drama on HBO Max following a Pakistani-American student Naz (Riz Ahmed). After partying in Manhattan, he and a woman he met at the party spend a night together. However, he wakes up to discover she's been stabbed to death. He has no recollection of events and is charged with her murder. 

10. Dracula (2020)

Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

Dracula is a drama-horror TV series on Netflix based on Bram Stoker's 1897 novel of the same name. It follows Count Dracula's (Claes Bang) origins in Eastern Europe to his battling Van Helsing's descendants and beyond.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of excellent miniseries to get your binge on. Also, check out these backward TV series that aged horribly.

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