Exception Season 2: Will The Horror Anime Receive A Sequel?

Will there ever be Exception Season 2? Will the horror anime ever receive a sequel?

In the distant future, humanity has been expelled from Earth and forced to relocate to another galaxy. To search for a suitable planet, members of an exploration team are sent out. The crew is created using a biological 3D printer, however, a malfunction of the system causes crew member Lewis to emerge in a deformed state.

For the rest of the crew, Lewis poses a great danger. They desperately try to stop the monster – not only to save the mission but also to save their own lives. That's the plot of Exception, a space horror anime from Netflix that began streaming on the provider on October 13. We'll tell you here if there will be a 2nd season.

Will there ever be Exception Season 2?

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With eight episodes, the first season of Exception is relatively compact. Unfortunately, we can't say at this point whether the anime will be extended. Netflix has not announced any new episodes yet and the producers are also pausing. It's possible that the streaming service wants to wait and see how well the series is received by users or has quietly canceled it.

Another scenario would be that the plot has already been completed. In such cases, Netflix usually does not provide any information either. We will keep you posted if more information is revealed and update this article.

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