What You Need To Know Before You Experience Meow Wolf Omega Mart in Las Vegas

OmegaMart in Vegas.

When I left the Las Vegas strip, I didn't anticipate leaving the world I knew and being transported elsewhere. But that's precisely what happened when I traveled to Area 15, specifically the Las Vegas Meow Wolf Omega Mart. Its second permanent exhibition promises a mind-blowing activity that will have you asking, “What did I just experience?”

What to Know Before Visiting Meow Wolf Omega Mart

Meow Wolf Logo in Las Vegas.
Image Credit: Sarah Gilliland.

I had a great time climbing through tunnels, enjoying secret cocktails, and trying to figure out the mystery of the Omega Mart Las Vegas, taking time away from the Las Vegas Strip to travel to a whole new world. You need a ticket to get inside the store and experience it. While you can buy experience tickets there, the lines might get long, so booking in advance is best. When I bought my ticket, I wanted much time to explore, so I left room for other things later when booking. From the outside, it looks like a regular local grocery store with the windows covered in advertisements for products “sold” in the store.

Explore What’s in Store

Grocery store in Omega Mart.
Image Credit: Sarah Gilliland.

Once inside, you'll want to look at everything—and I mean everything.  After your entry ticket is scanned, you can elevate and upgrade your experience by doing a scavenger hunt, making the experience more interactive and ‘playable.' If you're interested in art, you can also upgrade your ticket for the ‘art experience,’ which includes a deep dive into the world's art, artists, and storyline. Over 300 artists worked on this experience, so it's worth learning more about them.

In the supermarket itself, there is a lot to explore. Each item has a quippy label with commentary about marketing, consumption, and emotions. Be careful, though, there are only a few items you can buy. The others are props and interactive items to pick up and read but not to take home.

If you want to take items home, you can pick up magnets for your fridge, sweatshirts, photos, and other goodies from the shop. You can always return to the store later and buy items, so look through everything. I bought a hoodie and a magnet for my fridge to commemorate my visit.

Take a Portal to a Different World

Inside a secret room in Omega Mart.
Image Credit: Sarah Gilliland.

After walking through the aisles, I took the time to explore some different doors or pathways to walk through. I dug through walls and slots and found other places to get into the backroom of the experience. There are laser rooms, fog rooms, mirrored halls, and flashing lights behind every door. Secret tunnels, pathways, and stairs take you deep into the facility and to the company's secrets. Why do their employees keep going missing? What are they putting in their food?

Beyond the shopping aisles, there’s much to explore. There are different rooms and tunnels to walk through, including a hidden staircase, tunnels to crawl under, and other paths and staircases to check out. In the ‘backroom’ of the experience, I went through different employee files, followed clues, and tried to figure out the organization's mystery. Discovering the layers of the mystery was one of the coolest parts of the exhibit.

Spend Time Going Through Every Room

Meow Wolf Omega Mart in Las Vegas.
Image Credit: Sarah Gilliland.

When I left the supermarket, I found many different rooms and experiences to explore. The employee break room has a ‘motivational’ video training, the control rooms have buttons and steering wheels to monitor things happening in the warehouse, and there are different rooms where you play with lights and lasers.

You can spend minutes or hours going through the experience, so try everything, including pulling on levels, opening doors that might not seem like doors, pushing through panels, and pressing every button. My favorite part was climbing through the tunnels and finding myself in a new and different area. After you go through every room, there’s one last mystery to solve: where the secret bar is. If you’re 21 and older, you’ll have to try the menu of delicious cocktails, each themed for the art experience. You can sit there for 

Check Out the Area Outside the Mart

Varying designed soup cans
Image Credit: Meredith Wilshere

When I finally left the Omega Mart, I was transported to AREA 15, an experiential entertainment district offering live events, immersive activations, monumental art installations, extraordinary design elements, retail, ground-breaking technology, bars and eateries, and much more.

If you're up to it, there’s more to explore outside. Check out the area before you return to all the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip. Traveling out of Las Vegas, you should check out one of Nevada’s national parks. Enjoy your time in Las Vegas, but avoid typical tourist traps.

Those looking to experience the fun, excitement, and mystery of Meow Wolf Omega Mart should check online for ticket availability. The exhibit is open seven days a week, but hours and possible added events may vary depending on the day. Be sure to book tickets in advance and experience all that you can.

Author: Meredith Wilshere


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