Fumez the Engineer Launches London-Based Rum Brand

Although a dry January may be part of several new year's resolutions, February 2023 is fast approaching. After a month of committing to a teetotal lifestyle, an alcoholic tipple will be a well-earned treat on the 1st of next month.

The London-based music producer, Fumez the Engineer, is more than happy to oblige after his long-awaited launch of the premium rum company F28 on the 9th of December. The launch was celebrated in a ‘Christmas Extravaganza' at Nottingham's Sky Bar with many special guests in attendance.

With exclusive insight from Fumez himself, we will take a sneak peek at F28, its bona fide mix of Caribbean spices, and what direction this brand will take in the future.

F28 was brought into creation by a team of young entrepreneurs desiring to introduce the authentically crafted taste of the Caribbean to life for the next generation of drinkers. Made in the UK and infused with classic and contemporary flavors, F28 was signed off and sealed in a glossy thin-necked bottle.

Exclusive insider information provides that the packaging was designed to be clean and portray the clear message of a stylish and sophisticated brand. A quick look at the website shows that this paid off. Due to the considerable care filtered into quality control, Fumez and his partner Renatus Ahadome have designed a drink, which reviewers have described in the following quote – “Rum has never tasted this good.”

Rum Runner's Paradise

You will want to know the story behind the F28. For instance, why Rum? And what is the tale behind the name? In our conversation with Fumez, he explained that his generation gravitated toward vodka. The idea for launching a rum brand came about because Fumez wants to change the game and crown rum as the drink of choice, at the same time fusing the alcoholic trends to create a flavor reminiscent of vodka.

He saw a gap in the market, a space to fill in terms of the younger generation. But what about the name? Where does that derive? As of today, that remains a secret! The producer and his team have sworn to remain elusive until they have reached a certain number of sales globally. After that, the rest will be history.

When it comes to a drink, however, flavor is the most vital component, much more important than a name. F28 boasts two flavors: Blanco and Salted Caramel. Blanco is a pure rum that provides an excellent spirit to your mixer or a fantastic base for your margarita or any cocktail combination you might fancy.

The Salted Caramel, on the other hand, is Fumez's personal favorite, and can be enjoyed as a short. He described the variation as “greatness digested.”

Fumez, who never stands still for too long, is already looking toward the future. That will include the launch of a new F28 Pineapple flavor early this year, something to look forward to after you have completed dry January.

The team is looking into an exceedingly busy new year as they plot a market takeover, made possible by an aggressive marketing plan. F28 aims to become a household name, an alcohol brand that will go down in history.

F28 is undoubtedly a brand to keep your eye on throughout 2023 and your beverage of choice for celebrating the new year. If you are a connoisseur of all things alcoholic, you do not want to miss out. Everyone who attended the launch party gained a considerable amount of joy, and Fumez is teasing another launch party in London for F28's Pineapple flavor.

We will end on that note with the music producer and entrepreneur describing F28's Nottingham launch as “Amazing! We all had an enjoyable time; F28 made sure of that. Everyone was in a good place, on a brilliant wave.”

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