Fallout 4: The Best Mods to Enhance Gameplay

Bethesda’s critically-acclaimed entry into the RPG franchise, Fallout 4, is a compelling expanse in itself.

Exploring the wasteland and the Commonwealth will provide you with endless entertainment, but there is an abundance of mods out there to make that experience the best that it can be.

This guide will cover all of the best mods for Fallout 4, including graphics mods and settlement mods.

Fallout 4: The Best Mods to Enhance Gameplay

Fallout 4 Graphics Mods

Enhanced Wasteland

  • Enhances the colors of the wasteland
  • Adds vibrancy to the Commonwealth
  • It brings a heightened atmosphere to exploration

Lowered Weapons

  • Allows players to move with their gun in a lowered position
  • Adds more realism to exploring
  • Declutters the screen when traveling

Fallout 4

Enhanced Blood Textures

  • Adds realistic texture and quality to blood spatter
  • Another detailed mod to enhance the overall gameplay

Fallout 4 2

Water Enhancement Textures

  • Enhances every pool of water in-game by adding shine and depth of field
  • It brings clarity to Charles River

Fallout 4 3


  • Adds a decay filter to gameplay
  • Enhances the post-apocalyptic experience
  • Reduces color and vibrancy for a more suitable aesthetic

Fallout 4 4

Vivid Fallout

  • Specializes in terrain texture
  • Noticeably enhances landscapes
  • Adds to the overall experience

Fallout 4 5

Texture Optimization Project

  • A significant upgrade to Fallout 4 texture
  • Adds a greater sense of realism to exploration

Fallout 4 Settlement Mods

Manufacturing Extended 

  • Adds further manufacturing options to enhance the Contraptions DLC
  • New machines take junk from your inventory to make new items, generate power armor and supply endless Nuka Cola.

Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

  • Lifts limitations on settlement building
  • Allows over 100 new objects to be crafted
  • Adds new working planters and build sets

Sim Settlements

  • Allows settlers to be more independent
  • Settlers build objects and improve the standard of living themselves
  • Less frustrating and time-consuming for players

Better Settlers

  • Offers NPC variation
  • Adds over 230 new settlers
  • Improves the AI of NPCs

Fallout 4 6

Infinite Settlers

  • Adds NPCs to any settlement you build
  • Populate hotels and houses
  • It adds to the hustle and bustle of gameplay if the wasteland is getting too lonely.

Better Generators

  • It eliminates the need to build an army of generators to power your settlements.
  • Ensures each generator is producing optimum power

Clean Settlement Greenhouse

  • Protects plants and produce in the greenhouse
  • Customize greenhouse
  • Guarantees healthy crops and population survival

Fallout 4 7

Create a Settlement Anywhere

  • Allows players to build a settlement anywhere
  • Removes game’s building restriction
  • Build your perfect hillside settlement

Unlimited Settlement Objects

  • Removes object limits
  • Allows infinite crafting
  • Design your interior with as many objects as you like

Fallout 4 Gameplay Mods

Another Life

  • Allows players to become a Replicant Synth instead of staying human
  • Provides the option ‘Awaken’ in the game’s introduction
  • Choose one of 36 occupations, including Arsonist and a stay-at-home partner
  • It opens up new starting gear, weapons, perks, and locations
  • Changes the starting quests you are first given

Vault Girl Mod

  • Changes Pip-Boy into Pip-Girl
  • Three hairstyles to choose from

Fallout 4 8

Beast Master

  • Allows players to tame creatures in the wild, including Deathclaws
  • Make wild creatures your companion.
  • Rename, accessorize and delegate scavenger missions to your new beast companion
  • You can mutate your beast companion with serums

Minecraft FO4

  • It brings the visual style of Minecraft to Fallout 4
  • Adds a new location with voxel grass, dirt, wood, and more
  • Raiders become creepers from the sandbox game
  • Settlement areas allow crafting

Fallout 4 10

Be The Dog

  • Play the entirety of Fallout 4 as Dogmeat
  • Ability to choose another type of dog other than a German shepherd
  • Adds new bite attacks and dog-friendly gear
  • Recruit Dogmeat as a companion for the ultimate dog-lover’s experience in the wasteland.

Wasteland Camping

  • Allows you to camp wherever you want, instead of seeking shelter in abandoned places
  • Adds the ability to start a fire, set up tents, cook meals over the fire, and use sleeping bags to get a good night's rest.

Wearable Backpacks

  • Adds backpacks to your character
  • Provides a visual and logical place to store your inventory
  • Enhances the game’s realism

Realistic Death Physics

  • Recalibrates gravity and other force elements on dead bodies
  • Stops enemies flying a great distance after punching them
  • Retains heavy blowbacks for more powerful weapons

Atom Bomb Babies

  • Replaces Fat Man Mini-Nuke ammunition with babies, including your baby.
  • Inspired by the 1957 song Atom Bomb Baby by The Five Stars

Take Cover

  • The camera pulls back into a third-person perspective when crouching or leaning against barriers.
  • Allows players to vault over objects in this position
  • Inspired by the Deus-Ex cover style

Fallout 4 11

Looks Mirror

  • Allows the installation of character customization mirrors in any settlement
  • Access character creation screen at any point

Fallout 4 12

Robot Home Defence

  • Build on the Automatron Fallout 4 DLC
  • Create an AI companion after ranking in Robotic Expert and Fusion Core
  • Protectrons, Assaultrons, and Mister Gutsies can be built
  • Add as many robots as you like

Clean Snap’n Build

  • Adds a snapping element to construction
  • It makes building settlements much easier

Fallout 4 13Functional Weapon Racks

  • Adds a functional weapons rack
  • Display weapons

Fallout 4 14

Everyone’s Best Friend

  • Allows players to have a dog companion as well as a human companion
  • Inspired by the initial code found by Valdacil that supports the theory that this option was once possible.
  • Gamezo has compiled a comprehensive companion guide, which highlights all of the companion perks in Fallout 4 and helps you choose your perfect partner for the wasteland.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

  • One of the more popular Fallout 4 Mods
  • The patch removes game-breaking bugs
  • Initiates smoother gameplay

Fallout 4 15

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

  • Removes the lifeless eyes of every character
  • Adds to the overall look of the game

BodySlide and Outfit Studio

  • Allows players to customize character models
  • Alter body shapes down to the last detail
  • Customized outfits

Improved Map with Visible Roads

  • Improves the visuals of the Pip-Boy map
  • Adds nearby landmarks
  • It makes overall navigation much easier

Fallout 4 16

Mod Configuration Menu

  • Organizes your mod library
  • Provides a hub in the game’s pause menu to alter settings in-game
  • Adjust your settings on the go

True Storms 

  • Adds unpredictable weather events
  • Dust storms, powerful lightning, and radiation rainfall

Fallout 4 17

Armorsmith Extended

  • A popular mod amongst the community
  • Adds 16 changes to wearing apparel and armor
  • Allows players and companions to wear whatever they want

Place Everywhere

  • Designed for settlement maintenance on the go
  • Allows players to access Workshop Mode anywhere on the map
  • Provides added freedom for players