Family of Beach Boy Brian Wilson Want Conservatorship for Ailing Musician

Brian Wilson

Beach Boys Legend Brian Wilson is suffering from a form of neurocognitive decline, a set of disorders collectively known as dementia, according to his family. 

However, these disorders are more than just simple memory loss and can include brain damage and will often affect behavior as well. 

Love Lost

Recently, Wilson's shared that his beloved wife of 28 years, Melinda Ledbetter Wilson, passed away at 77.

Posting to his Instagram account, he mourned the loss of his love, sharing that Melinda inspired him to make music and describing her as his “anchor.” 

Health Concerns

Wilson's family, including his seven children, have filed for a conservatorship to ensure his family can meet Wilson's wishes and needs as he continues to age. A conservatorship allows a person or entity to care for the financial, medical, and other various needs when someone is deemed unable to do so for themselves. 

A statement from Wilson's family reads, “This decision was made to ensure that there will be no extreme changes to the household and Brian and the children living at home will be taken care of and remain in the home where they are cared for by Gloria Ramos and the wonderful team at the house who have been in place for many years helping take care of the family.” 

Wilson's Legacy

In 1961, Wilson co-founded the Beach Boys, a group that would be extremely popular during the 60s and 70s for hits like “Help Me Rhonda,” “Surfin' USA,” “I Get Around,” “Wouldn't It Be Nice,” and “Good Vibrations.” 

Wilson's family ensured fans that “all of Mr. Wilson's daily living needs are [satisfied] and he has the best possible care while remaining in his home.”