28 Famous Voices That Echo in Our Memories

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We’ve all been watching an animated movie and thought, “Wait, I know that voice.” For the most part, we recognize our favorite Hollywood stars from their faces. However, some of the best actors and celebrity personalities are most recognizable by their distinct and unforgettable voices. Check out 28 famous people who have one-of-a-kind voices we all recognize.

1. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey smiles on the red carpet
Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.

Jimmy Carrey's voice is unmistakable. Depending on his role, his tone can be frenzied or boisterous, or just profoundly odd. With his vocals at his back, he's able to channel exasperation and mania into all of his kookie characters. 

2. Eddie Murphy

Image Credit: Amazon Studios.

Eddie Murphy is an all-around charismatic guy with more acting range than he's even given credit for, and his expressive voice is a huge part of his appeal. You'd know his voice anywhere. 

3. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Image Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment.

Morgan Freeman is one of the most recognizable and comforting voices in Hollywood. His voice has this booming but soft and wise quality that works so well in his roles, whether he’s playing a no-nonsense cop or God.

4. William Shatner

william shatner
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William Shatner also has an authoritative but welcoming voice that makes him perfect for a range of roles. He narrates several shows, such as The UnXplained, but his voice also elevates many of his characters in TV shows and movies.

5. Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried
Image Credit: Netflix.

One of the most well-known and unique voices you’re probably familiar with is Gilbert Gottfried’s, which is a high-pitched and somewhat squeaky tone that imprints on your brain. He’s probably best known for voicing Iago in the original Aladdin movie.

6. Christopher Walken

The Dead Zone Christopher Walken
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Christopher Walken is an iconic actor who also has a bold and booming voice that is somehow cozy and inviting. I think his charming voice is one of the reasons he’s such a compelling actor, as he delivers lines with an emotional intensity and soft authenticity that is hard not to love.

7. Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal
Image Credit: Disney+.

Kristen Schaal is one of the most notable voice actors of all time, as she has one of the strongest voices. Her voice is very young and powerful, so she often voices children, such as Louise on Bob’s Burgers, bringing such characters to life.

8. Sean Connery

Dr. No, Sean Connery
Image Credit: United Artists.

Sean Connery not only has a distinct sound to his voice, but his strange way of saying things captures people’s attention. He always plays a strong and confident man, which is the exact vibe his voice delivers.

9. Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher
Image Credit: TriStar Television.

Some people may find Fran Drescher’s voice annoying, while others adore it. Her voice has a high nasally sound and sharp delivery, so every line she says is burned into your brain. And, of course, her delightful cackle is a big part of how memorable her sound is.

10. David Attenborough

David Attenborough in Madagascar (2011)
Image Credit: BBC.

David Attenborough’s voice is so well-known and iconic that it almost seems like we’ve all known it all of our lives like it’s the voice of Father Nature. He’s best known for his many narration gigs where he educates viewers about everything from worms to glaciers.

11. Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman Die Hard
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

Alan Rickman also had a very distinct voice that would send shivers up and down your spine. His low, contained voice is why he was so fantastic at playing complex and unlovable characters, from Snape in Harry Potter to Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

12. Patrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton
Image Credit: Joe Lederer/Netflix.

Patrick Warburton's voice is unforgettable, as it’s supremely low and has a booming quality that grabs your attention. He’s known for playing a variety of animated characters and is excellent at capturing the strong, dumb guy tone.

13. Shohreh Aghdashloo

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Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Shohreh also has an attention-grabbing voice that you can’t help but notice. Her voice is raspy and scratchy in an interesting way that pulls you into every word. It makes her an excellent villain, but she’s also adept at making it feel wise and worn.

14. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen in Take This Waltz
Image Credit: Mongrel Media.

From his boisterous laugh to his low tone when speaking, Seth Rogen has an unforgettable sound that makes him instantly recognizable. He sounds like your childhood teddy bear came to life, with a jolly and goofy tone that will make you smile.

15. Whoopi Goldberg

Sister Act (1992)
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Whoopi Goldberg has a memorable voice that reminds many people of their childhoods. It’s a slightly raspy but very heartfelt and pleasing voice that makes you feel right at home but can also make you cackle with laughter.

16. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator (1984)
Image Credit: Orion Pictures.

The sound of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice is somewhat recognizable but paired with his accent, it’s impossible to mistake for someone else. It’s the voice of some of our favorite protagonists and will always be an iconic sound.

17. Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge in A Cinderella Story (2004)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures.

Jennifer Coolidge is a beloved actress who has a funny and unique way of speaking. Her voice can sound snobby, silly, and stupid all at the same time, often capturing the vapid personality of the characters she portrays.

18. H. Jon Benjamin

Image Credit: Netflix.

H. Jon Benjamin is one of the most famous voice actors alongside the likes of Seth MacFarlane. The difference is that Benjamin rarely warps his voice in shows like Bob’s Burgers and Archer, so his genuine voice is the one we all know and love.

19. Megan Mullally

Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally
Image Credit: Conaco.

Megan Mullaly is a brilliant and lovely comedian and actress who has a lovable and memorable high-pitched voice that makes her characters larger than life. The high-pitched voice can be annoying and shrill, but she can also make it more endearing and sweet, showing her impressive range.

20. Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman
Image Credit: Universal Studios.

Megan Mullally’s husband, Nick Offerman, also has a recognizable and lovable voice. His voice has a deep and comforting but authoritative tone, making him sound almost the complete opposite of his wife. Offerman’s voice is smooth and almost vintage, with an old-timey and familiar sound.

21. Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Barack Obama may not be a Hollywood actor, but he has one of the most recognizable voices in the world. His deep sound and slightly nasal tone are very affirming and comforting, which may be one of the reasons he’s such a successful politician! It’s one of those voices that you recognize in an instant and need no time to identify.

22. Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow
Image Credit: Matt Squire/Netflix.

Lisa Kudrow is best known for playing Phoebe on Friends, but she’s also done some voice acting, showcasing how distinct and pleasant her voice is. She’s been in shows like BoJack Horseman and House Broken, as well as movies like Boss Baby and Hercules.

23. Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes
Image Credit: Team Coco.

Another lovely lady who has a beautifully distinct voice is Wanda Sykes. She has a powerful and commanding voice that can also be cozy and comical when she wants to achieve a more relatable tone. Her voice has impeccable range, going from silly to sincere in a moment, and you can recognize it anywhere.

24. Natasha Lyonne

Russian Doll Natasha Lyonne
Image Credit: Universal Television.

Natasha Lyonne is another actress with a wonderfully raspy voice that many people enjoy. The scratchiness and softness of her voice give her character even more depth and make her seem edgier without being aggressive or villainous.

25. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks in The Terminal (2004)
Image Credit: DreamWorks Distribution.

Tom Hanks, one of America’s sweethearts, has a recognizable voice that has brought life to some of our favorite characters. Perhaps the most notable is Woody in Toy Story, but his voice in his life-action roles is just as impactful and welcoming while still being realistic and relatable.

26. Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack
Image Credit: Joe Lederer/Netflix.

Joan Cusack has a distinct way of talking that makes her voice so memorable and lovable. It has a unique flair to it, almost like a lisp, but not as noticeable, which gives her a warm and inviting vibe. She’s also voiced some of your favorite characters, including Jessie from Toy Story!

27. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

Owen Wilson has a soft and somewhat nasally voice that captures innocence or perhaps ignorance. It’s often the voice of a confused gentleman, and his classic “wow” will always be iconic. When it comes to voice acting, such as in Cars, you recognize his voice in a heartbeat.

28. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay e1695310224712
Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com.

Gordon Ramsay is not a Hollywood actor, but he’s still one of the most memorable voices in show business. Maybe it’s because you hear him yelling all the time or saying some of his favorite insults, but it’s hard not to recognize his voice the moment you hear it.

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