Twitter Votes on the Fantastic Four Film’s Casting Nominees – And the Results Are Spot On

Marvel fans are buzzing about Matt Shakman taking the lead on the Fantastic Four film. He's reportedly in early talks with Marvel for directing, but it's not officially confirmed.

Shakman was the director of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Game of Thrones before the critically acclaimed WandaVision.

@MCUSource reported,
“BREAKING: The cast of the new #FantasticFour will be announced on #D23Expo on September 9th!”

However, that date is inaccurate as the Marvel movie announcement is on the 10th. Nevertheless, fans are submitting their hypothetical picks for who they think should be cast in the Fantastic Four movie.

Seattle Seahawks and Marvel fan @KingdomSeahawks nominated,
“Glenn Howerton, Penn Badgley, William Jackson Harper, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be amazing for Reed. In my opinion.”

Another Marvel enthusiast, @DieselDeuce03, suggested,
“Mr. Fantastic – John Krasinski. Invisible Woman – Emily Blunt. Human Torch – Zac Efron. Thing – David Harbour.

Marvel fan, @BasherQatan, suggested,
“Mr. Fantastic: Kevin Hart, The Thing: Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson,' The Torch: Chris Pratt, and Invisible Woman: Amy Schumer.”

In addition, to cast voting, many tweeters jokingly shared photos of their favorite casts, including The Good Place and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Tweeter @DKKilday voted,
“Mr. Fantastic-Jerrod Carmichael. Sue Storm-Kristen Bell, Johnny Storm-Manny Jacinto, and Ben Grimm-David Harbour.

Marvel fan nick__e2 shared a Saving Silverman poster captioned,
“Mr. Fantastic – Jason Biggs. Invisible Woman – Amanda Peet. Human Torch – Steve Zahn. Thing – Jack Black. And finally: Doctor Doom – Neil Diamond.”

Another fan, @Davey2356, submitted his picks,
“My Casting: Penn Badgley as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic. Bryce Dallas. Howard as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman. Dacre Montgomery or Joe Keery as Johnny Strom/Human Torch. John Cena as Ben Grimm/The Thing. Cillian Murphy as Doctor Doom. Rami Malek as Silver Surfer, and Johnny Depp as Galactus.”

Tweeter @brianphamtastic demanded, “Give the fans what they want.” accompanied by a picture of Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

Another tweeter, @jayeshl_, hoped,
“If Marvel brings Chris Evans on stage and is like, “it's a multiverse, right?”

Marvel fan, @TheF95793842, replied,
“It would be totally hilarious to see Chris Evans again as the Human Torch.”

Finally, @ok_cool_hook_em voted,
“Mr. Fantastic – Joel McHale, Invisible Woman- Lady Gaga, Torch- Joe Kerry, and Thing – Shia LaBeouf.

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