As Fantom Loses Investors, Budblockz Spikes and Could Reach Top 100 Crypto in 2023

As the crypto market continues to mature, investors are constantly searching for the next hidden gem in the sea of digital currencies.

While some projects struggle to maintain investor interest, others are experiencing a surge in demand.

This is the case for the novel platform, BudBlockz (BLUNT) and the long-established Fantom (FTM).

While Fantom has been struggling to live up to its initial hype, BudBlockz has been making waves in the cannabis industry.

Let's look closely at these two coins and explore why BudBlockz may reach the top 100 cryptocurrencies in 2023.

Budblockz (BLUNT) Is Set To Explode in Profit.

BudBlockz (BLUNT) is a decentralized platform that came into the limelight in 2022 that enables cannabis farmers and enthusiasts to monitor their plants from seed to sale.

The platform uses blockchain technology to give the cannabis sector security, traceability, and transparency.

BudBlockz has seen its value increase by more than 200% in the past six months. This growth is a significant achievement for any crypto, indicating that the market is taking notice of BudBlockz.

The project has a clear vision and a well-defined roadmap, which has helped to attract and retain investors.

One major reason for BudBlockz increased presence is that the cryptocurrency addresses a real-world problem and has a clear use case.

The platform is also gaining adoption from businesses in the cannabis industry; a positive sign for its long-term prospects.

Another reason for this massive demand is the profitable nature of the ongoing BLUNT token presale. This event offers investors the opportunity to purchase BLUNT at discounted prices in preparation for its launch is when the token's value is likely to skyrocket.

With these achievements, BudBlockz has a real potential to be ranked among the top 100 cryptos by the end of 2023. The cannabis industry is expected to continue growing at a rapid pace. As more and more growers, retailers, and consumers adopt the BLUNT token, the coin's value is likely to continue to rise.

With more countries and states legalizing marijuana, the cannabis market will become more regulated. BLUNT will play a vital role in taking this industry to the next level.

Fantom (FTM) Is Experiencing Extensive Investor Outflows.

Fantom (FTM), launched in 2018, is a next-generation smart contract platform aiming to offer faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions than existing blockchain platforms. Despite its ambitious goals, Fantom has struggled to gain traction in the market.

Its value dropped by more than 80% in the past six months. This crash is partly due to the overall bearish crypto market. The project has yet to see the level of development and adoption that investors expected as well, resulting in an overall decrease in interest.

Generally, cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility, and Fantom is no exception. The coin's value can fluctuate quickly, which creates a significant deterrent for investors.

While the coin has some unique features, such as its use of a directed acyclic graph (DAG) structure and its support for smart contracts, it has yet to gain widespread adoption. Investors have limited opportunities to use the coin in real-world situations, making it less appealing.

With BudBlockz's (BLUNT) clear use case, monumental presale, and partnerships with leading cannabis companies, it is positioned for long-term success. It makes it an exciting investment opportunity for those looking for the next big thing in the crypto market.

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