25 Fun Fashion Trends From the 90s That Are Making a Comeback

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The 1990s hosted the rise of grunge music, hip-hop, reality TV, and blockbuster movies, but this artistic and innovative decade also gave us some fabulous fashion trends that we're still head over heels for. Lucky for us '90s enthusiasts, many of the top trends from that era are coming back into style, so you can rock your rose-pink eyeglasses and chunky platforms once again! People are adopting these iconic '90s trends into modern fashion, giving them a new spin but maintaining their funky charm.

1. Overalls

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0/Wiki Commons.

Once upon a time, overalls were reserved for farmers, but we saw them become a fashion statement in the '90s. This trend was executed in many ways, from cozy with a sweater to saucy with nothing but a bandeau underneath. We love to see this trend come back because overalls are super comfy, and the pockets are huge!

2. Swirly Patterns

Image Credit: Maria Escote.

These quirky, marled patterns look like different paint colors haphazardly mixed together. This unique pattern was huge in the '90s and was used on everything, from red carpet dresses to jeans to jackets and more. The swirly prints have a groovy vibe reminiscent of the '60s and '70s, too.

3. Slip Dresses 

Slip Dress
Image Credit: H&M.

The purpose of the slip dress is to prevent dresses from being see-through or riding up, but in the '90s, celebrities decided they were cute enough to be worn on their own. Before this, a slip dress in public would've been a scandal, but the '90s made the slinky slip dress a-okay as an outfit.

4. Crop Tops

Crop Top
Image Credit: Forever 21.

Nowadays, it feels like every shirt you see is cropped, but we can thank the '90s for this trend. In particular, oversized crop tops were very popular, allowing people to show off their tummies but still look casual. And crop tops aren't just for ladies; men look cool in them, too!

5. Plaid Flannels

Plaid Flannel
Image Credit: Ralph Lauren.

The lumberjack look will always be a classic. Whether you wear the flannel as a comfy layer over another top, as an oversized dress, or as a button-down top, plaid shirts are a must-have wardrobe item. The '90s brought this trend to life, but it's still going strong.

6. Velvet

Image Credit: American Eagle Outfitters.

This luxurious and smooth fabric had its moment in the sun in the '90s. It wasn't just a velvet hair tie or sweater here and there; Hollywood stars were wearing full velvet pantsuits and floor-length gowns. But can you blame them? This material is irresistibly soft.

7. Pleather

Pleather Faux Leather
Image Credit: Zara.

As people began to be more conscious about animal cruelty in fashion, the rise of pleather came. This artificial leather isn't quite as comfortable as genuine leather, but people embrace the shiny appearance and sleek looks of pleather jackets, pants, and tops created in the '90s.

8. Faux Fur

Faux Fur
Image Credit: Kate Spade.

People turned away from genuine animal fur to rock dramatic faux fur jackets. Some did this to be friendly toward animals, while others enjoyed fake fur's artificial and somewhat tacky look. Faux fur looks were popular among everyone from rappers to actors to socialites and are reentering the fashion sphere.

9. Plaid Skirts

Plaid Skirt Ralph Lauren
Image Credit: Ralph Lauren.

Catholic schools aren't the only ones who appreciate a modish plaid skirt. In general, the '90s embraced plaid, and skirts were one of the trendiest articles of clothing to sport this Scottish pattern. Any skirt can be plaid, including flowy, floor-length, and short mini skirts.

10. Bandanas

Gigi Bandana
Image Credit: Revolve.

Many '90s celebs wore bandanas as headbands, bracelets, neck accessories, armbands, hair ties, or even a back pocket accessory. This versatile piece of fabric can be functional as a rag, but the '90s showcased how this classic item could also be a fabulous accessory, perfect for laid-back looks.

11. Animal Prints

Image Credit: Nocturne.

The '90s animal print trend stayed strong in the '00s and fizzled by the '10s, but now we're seeing it again. With prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra, and even cow, people were obsessed with bringing out their wild side. We saw animal prints on everything, including hats, scarves, pants, dresses, jackets, and more.

12. Horizontal Stripes

Striped Shirt Old NAvy
Image Credit: Old Navy.

Horizontal stripes are prevalent today, but they were everywhere in the 1990s. People sported strips on sweaters, button-downs, tank tops, T-shirts, skirts, pants, hats, and more. But the striped rugby shirt was a staple in many wardrobes and seen in practically every '90s teen sitcom.

13. Sequins

Sequined Dress HM
Image Credit: H&M.

We're unsure if we want this trend to return, but we love looking back at the glitzy and glamorous sequin looks from the '90s. We would specifically like to shoutout Michael Jackson and Cher for their dazzling sequin looks! This sparkly trend was at every awards show and is creeping back into popularity.

14. Choker Necklaces

Image Credit: Swarovski.

Choker necklaces started their comeback in the 2010s but were everywhere in the '90s. Now, they're seen as a more casual and cheeky accessory, but back in the day, the likes of Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Drew Barrymore, and even Jared Leto wore them to high-end events and red carpets.

15. Tinted Glasses

Tinted Glasses
Image Credit: Ray Ban.

Sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses can be fashion statements but also functional. On the other hand, colorfully tinted eyeglasses are pure fashion. People wear eyeglasses with yellow, red, blue, purple, green, and pink tints, creating a too cool for-school look we adore.

16. Tracksuits

Adidas Tracksuit
Image Credit: Adidas.

Tracksuits are made for and worn by athletes, but they also have a place in street fashion and sometimes even on the red carpet. These sporty outfits have a matchy-matchy vibe that can be lame but also chic and stylish. In our opinion, no one does the tracksuit better than adidas with the iconic stripes down the arms and legs.

17. Oversized Jeans

Oversized Jeans
Image Credit: Abercombie & Fitch.

Skinny, low-rise jeans dominated the '00s and '10s, much to the despair of most people who aren't a size 00. But oversized jeans are comfy and more inclusive, so we love looking back on this ‘90s trend and are thrilled it's made a comeback. Plus, baggy, high-rise jeans and a little crop top are a match made in heaven.

18. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants
Image Credit: Levi's.

Many women complain about having no pockets on their pants, but ladies in the '90s were fortunate enough to have cargo pants in style! These heavy-looking pants have an edgy look that can be sporty or grunge, depending on the styling. And who doesn't want ten convenient pockets on one pair of pants?

19. Scrunchies

Image Credit: Maison De La Soie.

Scrunchies have also made a decent comeback, which brings us joy. Thin little hair ties are bland, but scrunchies are a playful and perky accessory that makes pulling your hair back fashionable. These dynamic hair bands come in all colors, patterns, and materials, from corduroy to velvet to checkered to tie-dye and beyond.

20. Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes
Image Credit: Macy's.

Most of us don't find heels comfortable or easy to walk in but love adding a few inches to our height. Platform shoes are a marvelous solution, lifting you up without breaking your ankles. This shoe style dominated in the '90s, and we're happy to see it again with platform sandals, sneakers, boots, clogs, and more.

21. Baby Tees

Baby T
Image Credit: Urban Outfitters.

Baby tees are slightly different from crop tops because they're always fitted. Instead of a T-shirt with a scissored-off bottom, baby tees look like shrunken shirts, offering a snug and racy fit. We loved seeing celebs like the Spice Girls rock adorable and hot baby tees everywhere they went.

22. Corsets

corset top
Image Credit: Killstar.

We know what you're thinking: aren't corsets a Victorian throwback? Yes, but in the 1990s, people wore corsets as tops, creating sassy and spicy outfits. These fitted tops were sultry and worn with everything from jeans to mini skirts to sweatpants. Some might think they're scandalous, but we think they can be elegant and flirty.

23. Layers, Layers, Layers

Clueless Alicia Silverstone
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

We don't mean getting bundled up for winter weather when we say layers. In the '90s, people layered tank tops over long-sleeved shirts and put slip dresses over sweaters; it was a wild time. Layering shorts over leggings and T-shirts over long shirts was also popular, and people are bringing this back.

24. Tie-Dye

Tie Dye
Image Credit: Revolve.

If you went to summer camp as a kid, you've probably tie-dyed something, but in the '90s, tie-dye was more than a camp activity; it was a hot trend. People wore tie-dye dresses, pants, hats, tank tops, and more, so it wasn't just hand-dyed Hanes T-shirts. And this dreamy, colorful style is back in action!

25. Board Shorts

Board Shorts
Image Credit: Hollister.

Board shorts are like swim trunks or basketball shorts, as they have similar silhouettes. But board shorts are more fitted around the waist and come in vibrant and fun patterns. These sporty shorts were popular in the '90s, with guys and girls wearing them for relaxed looks, and some people are embracing them again.

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