25 Best Fat Anime Characters

The saga of me telling different kinds of character tropes (with a bonus of a genre article) still continues, and I do not see it will stop for a while. But for this topic, it is more emotional than usual for me. Unlike that trap article, it hits a bit closer for me and you all may see why. 

Today's topic, as you may have read from the title, is about 25 best fat anime characters. And it is a much easier one because I can say that one in three anime has at least one fat character. And they are quite easy to recognize because you know… They are fat… (It should be pretty obvious lol)

However, I can say that fat people have a bad stereotype, whether in anime or real life. I have found a lot of examples when fat people were judged and misled because of their body. And this also applies to some of these anime characters. 

You can expect this article is going to be a rollercoaster because some of the entries have a fun and easy going topic to write, while others may a bit heavy because it also relates with real life situation and makes me more emotional than I should (if you dislike this I am terribly sorry, I promise it will not happen that often). 

So yeah, be prepared for these characters, because they deserve to be on the list. So, we can start from number 25:

Best Fat Anime Characters

25. Tonpa (Hunter X Hunter)

Fat Anime Characters: Tonpa

If there is a list about the most hated anime characters, I would definitely enter Tonpa on the list because I cannot find a single thing about him to admire. Like seriously he ruins the reputation of fat people here. 

Thus I put him on the bottom of the list, so we would never see any kind of person like him. Weak, useless, foolish, you can put any insult to him and will realize that he truly deserves that kind of insult. 

24. Jirobo (Naruto) 

Fat Anime Characters: Jirobo

Fat characters in anime are often associated with brute power and raw physical strength. You will see some others on the list who fall under the same tropes. And we can start here with Jirobo. 

That was a long intro. But I do not have that much to talk about that has not been talked about in the intro. If you have watched Naruto, I am certain that you can understand what that term means with Jirobo: a strong buffoon who relies solely on his physical prowess.

23. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist) 

Fat Anime Characters: Gluttony

You can just know that Gluttony is a fat character, simply by seeing his name (seriously it is that obvious). And just like a real glutton, there is never enough food to eat for him, and he will eat anything he wants to if he is hungry. 

And when I said anything, I mean literally anything he finds. It could be a brick or even a human being. Ironically, Gluttony died after getting eaten by his brother, Pride. An eater just got eaten. 

22. Milluki Zoldyck (Hunter X Hunter) 

Fat Anime Characters: Milluki Zoldyck

Being born from an assassin family, Milluki… Does not have flashy powers like the rest of the family (and I need to make sure if I was correct. And I was. For some extent). Yes he has nen, but until this point it has not been shown. 

Luckily he is quite a smart guy, being able to use technology really well. But I guess that only makes him look like your stereotypical fat dude, with the difference that he can assassinate with those technologies.

21. Andou Reiji (Prison School) 

Fat Anime Characters: Andou Reiji

I have mixed feelings about Andre. He looks like a sweet character who actually cares about his friends' feelings. But he is also a mix between a masochist all in one. Let us not forget that he also has a wild fantasy about Meiko. 

Of course I cannot say that as “fat people stereotype”. There are some, but their existence is basically a niche. But falling under that kind of niche makes me wonder what am I supposed to do with him. 

20. Pig God (One Punch Man) 

Fat Anime Characters: Pig God

Not spoiling the manga because he already has more actions, but in the anime, Pig God did live his reputation as a pig. Just like Gluttony, there is not a single thing that he cannot swallow. 

He even ate some weird alien things in season 2 (personal opinion but that looked disgusting. Ew). I guess you have found a reason why he became a Class-S hero alongside other “monsters”. And certainly a hero that you do not want to mess with. 

19. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki (Fairy Tail) 

Fat Anime Characters: Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Man… That is not a sign of frustration or something. That is his signature phrase, alongside his charming face. And seriously, apart from that, I literally have no idea what to explain about this eccentric man. 

I guess we can all agree that he does live a positive life. He is not strong, and often gets rejected by Erza, yet he is still able to have that kind of optimism. Perhaps that is how it feels to have a really good look.

18. Aldini Isami (Food Wars) 

Fat Anime Characters: Aldini Isami

Isami has a unique case where he becomes fat only during the cold season. During summer time, he became a thin person just like his twin, Takumi. Not sure if that can actually happen in real life or not (I guess not, though). 

Hence becoming the reason why I could not put him higher on the list, since his fattiness depends on season. But hey, if it works then it works. Besides, there is no point questioning anime logic. You ended up confusing yourself. 

17. King (Seven Deadly Sins) 

Fat Anime Characters: King

Just like Isami, King mostly shows himself as a thin character. And boy he looks really good. No wonder Diane fell in love with him. But when he is in his fat form, it is a whole nother story. 

I usually dislike discussing looks, but come on. If you have seen an ugly-bastard tag on a certain “genre of anime”, then that is exactly what you get. I guess that is good for disguise, but I think it would be better if King just stayed in his normal form.

16. Zaimokuza Yoshiteru (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) 

Fat Anime Characters: Zaimokuza Yoshiteru

Zaimokuza is a Chuunibyou who has an awkward social life because he is also an Otaku. Talk about a complete package of generic fat characters that everyone can imagine when it comes to anime fans. 

Regardless, Zaimokuza is a really loyal friend who is always on Hachiman's side whenever he needs him. Persuading him can be a bit tough since he needs to be talked to with Chuunibyou style of talking. But if it is done properly, Zaimokuza can be a really great ally.

15. Majin Buu (Dragon Ball) 

Fat Anime Characters: Majin Buu

Another character who has different kinds of forms. But now, let us talk about the most adorable one. I mean, I would not want to have a conversation about a creepy pink thumb who can destroy a planet easily. 

Well technically the original Majin Buu is also a dangerous being. Like Pig God, he can gulp anything he wants to and really tanky to defeat. But at least he does not mean any harm? Just look at his innocent face. It is hard to hate him with that face. 

14. Hashida Itaru (Steins Gate) 

Fat Anime Characters: Hashida Itaru

Lab Member 003 who is also the super hacker of the team sadly depicts your stereotypical fat guys, even in real life. Daru loves anime, moe stuff, and really likes sitting in front of his computer for hours eating some snacks, doing his own things. 

We have seen quite a lot of guys who do exactly that. Luckily not everyone can hack as good as Daru. His skill in hacking is something so valuable and makes him irreplaceable as a Lab Member 

13. Ozeki Shinya (Hinomaruzumou) 

Fat Anime Characters: Ozeki Shinya

The captain of Oodachi High School Sumo Club is probably the most acceptable character to be on the list. He is a sumo wrestler after all. And they need some fat and muscle to be able to thrust each other (not in the dirty way). 

He has a problem with his confidence, but he is a really strong sumo wrestler. Thankfully this problem is slowly getting handled thanks to his teammates. Shinya eventually shows how reliable he is as a sumo wrestler.

12. Taishiro Toyomitsu (My Hero Academia) 

Fat Anime Characters: Taishiro Toyomitsu

(I have explained a tiny bit about Fatgum. Go read this article if you want to know more). Well you surely have understood why this hero is already on the list. The name “Fatgum” should be more than enough to justify his placement on the list. 

But those who have watched the series, definitely know that behind that cute name, Fatgum is a reliable hero who is able to save the day and brings smiles for all the people who need it the most. 

11. Kurita Ryokan (Eyeshield 21) 

Fat Anime Characters: Kurita Ryokan

They said that fat people have more raw power and strength because… Well, they are fat. Their body mass is still above your average human being. In Kurita's case, this made him one of the best Linemen in the series. 

Kurita is underestimated (I still have no idea why fat people get underestimated so much) because he cannot move fast and tends to rely on his power. But he has shown to his doubters that he is a force to be reckoned with.

10. Akimichi Chocho (Boruto)

Fat Anime Characters: Akimichi Chocho

Chouji's sole daughter is pretty much like her father when he was a genin. The only difference here is that since Chocho is a female, she takes her look and beauty quite seriously. I think that trait comes from her mother? Who knows. 

And also similar to her father, Chocho also got underestimated for the same reason like her father (when will they learn their lesson). But as always, the Akimichi clan slays it and shows why they are among the most notorious clans in Konoha.

9. Harunobu Nikaido (March Come Like a Lion) 

Fat Anime Characters: Harunobu Nikaido

Kiriyama Rei's self-proclaimed best friend has a really notable big belly. Nikaido is even called by Momo “Bodoro” (it is supposed to be Totoro, but you know, copyright lol). Behind that big body, he has a pretty sad story. 

It is because he has such bad health that he has that kind of body. He gets tired easily and cannot do physical activities long enough. In spite of that, he still has the spirit to become a great shogi player. What a guy Nikaido.

8. Takeo Gouda (My Love Story)

Fat Anime Characters: Takeo Gouda

Honestly can we all take a moment and try to cheer for our boy Gouda who eventually meets his soulmate? It shows that there are people who still see a person by their personality instead of appearance. And Gouda definitely deserved her. 

Another fat guy stereotype is that they are scary. That is mean, but it truly happened in real life, where fat people are being isolated because of those kinds of false accusations. Hopefully you all can find someone who sees goods inside yourself, just like Gouda. 

7. Haruyuki Arita (Accel World) 

Fat Anime Characters: Haruyuki Arita

Well, another thing about fat people is that they often get bullied (my blood simply boils by hearing this.). And that is exactly what happened to Arita before eventually helping Kuroyukihime achieve her dream. 

For this entry I want to take a moment and address to people who get bullied, it only matters of time before you eventually find yourself up there. Be patient, keep doing what you are doing, and always do your best to prove them wrong. Go for it, champs in the making.

6. Mitarashi Anko (Boruto) 

Fat Anime Characters: Mitarashi Anko

“A downgrade”. A short sentence that mostly used to explain Anko's situation in the Boruto series. Back in the glorious days of Naruto, we can see a slim and sexy Anko. But now she turns into a fat lady who loves to eat. 

Well that might be true. But if you look at the bigger picture, you can see her look happier than ever. I do not think that Anko has a problem with her weight. So yes, if you are a true Anko fan, you should be supporting her.

5. Lucky Roo (One Piece) 

Fat Anime Characters: Lucky Roo

A bit of fun fact about Lucky Roo that I have recently learned about, he is said to be one of the fastest characters in One Piece. I myself am not sure how he moves that fast with that kind of body. 

But we have seen that movement once when he killed one bandit very early in the series. Lucky Roo has certainly broken the norm of fat people being a slow human being because he is definitely far from being “slow”.

4. Ushouda Hachigen (Bleach) 

Fat Anime Characters: Ushouda Hachigen

A visored Shinigami who despite his massive body (in other words, fat), is a really gentle, polite, and also kind person. I guess this is another stereotype of fat, or rather, a big person: kind hearted but often mistreated. 

Luckily for Hachigen, his peers know exactly his value. We can expect no less from the ex Vice Chief of Kido corps. He was a massive help during the battle of upper Espada in the fake Karakura Town, and able to support some of his old colleagues. 

3. Senor Pink (One Piece) 

Fat Anime Characters: Senor Pink

Here is what happened when we saw Senor Pink for the first time: we laughed at his appearance, then after we learned about his past, we cried because of how manly he is. Not anyone has the same loyalty as he does. 

I will definitely not spoil his backstory (seriously, watch it by yourself). It kind of makes you question how you can live your life up to this day not knowing that there is also a true lifestyle, just like Senor Pink. 

2. Midoriya Inko (My Hero Academia) 

Fat Anime Characters: Midoriya Inko

Some say that Midoriya's mom becoming fat was the biggest downgrade in the My Hero Academia. But I disagree. I mean, if you look at a woman by her body, well… Screw you, I guess? Because Inko is more than that. 

She is a loving and caring mother who wants the best for her only son. Yes she could be overprotective at some point, but trust me a lot of mothers do. Inko simply shows us what a great mother she is.

1. Mitsuyoshi Anzai (Slam Dunk)

Fat Anime Characters: Mitsuyoshi Anzai

Without his contributions, there will be no Shohoku in the series. Hanamichi will stay as a sucky basketball player, and Mitsui will stay as a delinquent and not going to pursue his basketball career. It is all thanks to coach Anzai. 

I personally understand a lot the importance of a coach or trainer in sports. If you get a really good one, you will not only learn about the sport itself, but also about life. Coach Anzai did exactly that to his players. A brilliant coach who deserves all recognition for Shohoku's success.